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Luxury villas with green life standards in istanbul city RG-412

Luxury Villas With green life standards in Istanbul City - Rg-412

Property Details
Luxury villas with green life standards in istanbul city RG-412
Price $221,716

Luxury Villas With green life standards in Istanbul City - Rg-412

vip complex project with full modern facilities in maslak RG-394
Price $322,000

Vip Complex Project With Full Modern Facilities In Maslak - Rg-394

country life at the city center of istanbul RG-314
Price Call Us

Country Life At The City Center Of Istanbul - Rg-314

apartments for investment in maslak istanbul RG-298
Price $301,928

2 Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Maslak, Istanbul - Rg-298

unique exclusive and private villas in sariyer RG-258
Price $1,251,000

Exclusive Villas With Luxury Facilities In Sariyer - Rg-258

a healthy life near the green valley of istanbul RG-249
Price Call Us

A Healthy Life Near The Green Valley In Istanbul - Rg-249

best living and investment project in maslak RG-221
Price $576,000

Best Living And Investment Project In Maslak - Rg-221

a life like a dream in the center of istanbul RG-233
Price $224,000

A Life Like a Dream In Maslak, Istanbul - Rg-233

luxury project with guarantee of government in istanbul RG-236
VIP Project

Luxury Project With Guarantee Of Government In Istanbul - Rg-236

Property Details
luxury project with guarantee of government in istanbul RG-236
Price $244,000

Luxury Project With Guarantee Of Government In Istanbul - Rg-236

opens the gate of paradise near bosporus RG-147
Price Call Us

Opens The Gate Of Paradise Near Bosporus - Rg-147

elegant hotel concept in center of istanbul RG-082
Price $182,000

Elegant Hotel Concept In Center Of Istanbul - Rg-082

Things to Consider While Buying Property in Sariyer

Sariyer is an important district of Istanbul, located on the European side in the north. It is surrounded by Besiktas and Kagithane from the south, Eyupsultan from the west, the Bosphorus from the east, and the Black Sea from the north. Sariyer is a district rich in natural and historical values. In addition to the existence of forests, water resources have also been important for Istanbul for a long time. The beaches of Sariyer, especially on the Black Sea coast, become a tourist attraction during the summer months. Especially in the coastal areas, establishments such as hotels, motels, restaurants, and bars attract the attention of Istanbulites throughout the year.

Things to consider while buying property in Sariyer start with determining the budget. Decide on the net amount you intend to buy a house. This will give you the chance to move more comfortably while choosing.

First of all, a target should be determined whether it is rental income or to maintain or increase the value of the future residence. Accordingly, the project products to be selected can be determined.

Although some regions are good in terms of location, there is a possibility of encountering some problems in the apartment or its immediate surroundings. For this reason, the immediate environment where the residence is located should be examined.

Convenience in terms of transportation routes and transportation opportunities, which constitute a part of our daily time, are important features for housing. At the same time, socialization is of great importance for the life of the individual. And proximity to social living areas is one of the details that should be considered when buying a house

If you are considering buying a house for investment purposes, research the value of the house in the long and short term.

When buying a home, it is very important to work with a professional real estate agent because the firm must fully understand your needs to offer you the best options.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Sariyer?

According to the information shared in the 2021 real estate regional report;


Average m² price: 


14.500 TL (1090 USD)

The price may vary according to the exchange rate.

The average prices for 100 m² flats in the region vary according to the features of the house and the location it is located. On average, the selling price for a 160 m² residence in the region is 2.100.000 TL (141.538 USD).

The minimum price for a 160m² house: 

The maximum price for a 100m² house:

991.251 TL (75.090 USD) is 

1.836.201 TL (141.370 USD)

The price may vary according to the exchange rate.

How are the Prices of Properties in Sariyer Determined?

Some criteria are useful in influencing real estate values in Sariyer, as they are in any other region of Istanbul. To communicate in the primary headings: The region and address where the residence is located is the first and most crucial title. The location of Sariyer, a valuable area of Istanbul, is reflected in the pricing as a positive. After then, the house’s attributes are discussed.

Prices of houses in Istanbul, as well as the properties of the dwelling, are affected by factors such as the age of the building, the façade of the flat, the floor it is placed on, and the quality of the building materials.

The house’s potential is the most important aspect in deciding the price in the area. Transportation facilities, accessibility to social areas, house views, indoor and outdoor parking are all examples of housing amenities.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Sariyer?

Istanbul is a special and precious city that hides a different history in every corner. Sariyer, on the other hand, has the distinction of being a precious part of it. This region not only promises its buyers a peaceful life at the intersection of history and nature but also makes its buyers smile with its other features. The advantages of buying a property in this region for the buyer are listed as follows;

  • Opportunity to live in nature,
  • Having an A+ socioeconomic status,
  • Owning real estate with high investment value
  • Being within walking distance of markets, cafes, and social areas,
  • Having a quiet area away from the noise,
  • Living in a safe area,
  • Having enough green space
  • Possibility to swim in the sea
  • low earthquake risk

What are the Features of Properties Located in Sariyer?

The properties in Sariyer have their characteristics. It is possible to see the reflection of the unique structure of the region in the properties located in the region. The general characteristics of the properties in the region can be listed as follows;

  • Wide usage areas of the properties,
  • Residences designed by the high living standards seen throughout the region,
  • Sea view of many houses in the region,
  • Proximity to popular centers of the city,
  • Having a calm, quiet, and peaceful environment
  • Potential with profitable potential at the investment point,
  • Presence of residences with suitable features for both investment and settlement

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Sariyer?

Sariyer, one of the districts of Istanbul, which has always been the center of attention throughout history, and which has many historical and valuable places on it, attracts investors from many segments with its features. The list we will create to ask to buy property in this region contains quite a variety of items.

  • Right to acquire citizenship in Turkey: The purchase of 250,000 USD worth of real estate in Sariyer gives foreign citizens the right to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey. The right of citizenship is acquired by establishing other necessary official conditions of the investor.
  • Value for Money: When the right residence is chosen in Sariyer and the right investment is made for the purpose, the value of the money will be multiplied upwards. The district risk level is low in protecting the value of money.
  • Owning the house of your dreams: In Sariyer, stylish, dazzling residences with features that meet all your expectations are offered to their buyers.
  • The advantage for investing: Sariyer has always been a region suitable for investment with its history, location, and peaceful environment.

What are the Property Types and Options in Sariyer?

In this context, the variety of property shaped in the region is as follows:

  • Detached residences: A variety of peaceful, stylish, and modern detached houses that can meet all expectations.
  • Villas: Elegant villas with gardens, pools, appreciated for their design.
  • Apartments of various sizes: Convenient and stylish apartments with options such as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1
  • Mansions and mansions: Magnificent mansions and mansions, which are the historical heritage of the region from past to present.

All this variety of residences offers its investors a peaceful life at the intersection of the green of nature and the blue of the sea.

Who are the Properties in Sariyer Suitable for?

Sariyer is a region suitable for living for many groups. These groups can be listed as follows:

  • People who love peace and nature,
  • Families,
  • Pensioners,
  • Newly married couples,
  • Businessmen,
  • Investors

What are the Living Standards Like in Sariyer?

Sariyer is one of the districts with the cleanest air in Istanbul. Air quality is one of the important factors that increase the standard of living. With this aspect, Sariyer offers quality living conditions for the people living in the district. It is a risk-free district in terms of earthquakes. Because it is both far from the fault line and has solid ground. This feature creates trust in the people living in the district. In addition to its social facilities in the district, there are businesses with all kinds of conventional facilities. Social opportunities are various. Along with a magnificent view and fresh air on the beach, opportunities for sports or recreation are possible. There is a unique view for those who live in the coastal areas or the higher parts. Public services are easily accessible. There is generally a decent and high standard of living in the district.

What Are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Sariyer?

Although the region has its characteristics, there are other exemplary districts with common points in Istanbul. These counties can be listed as follows:

  • Cengelkoy: Cengelkoy, located between Vanikoy and Beylerbeyi in Istanbul, is similar to Sariyer in terms of its settlement structure and nature.
  • Kuzguncuk: Kuzguncuk is a district located in the Uskudar district on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In terms of its location, the Sariyer coast is similar in terms of settlement structure and living standards.
  • Kadikoy: Kadikoy is similar to Sariyer with its historical structure and demographic structure. New housing projects are also developing rapidly in a similar structure in both districts.
  • Besiktas: It is the rooted district of Istanbul, which is similar to Sariyer in terms of living standards and style.

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