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Things to Consider While Buying Property in Levent

Levent is a developed and luxurious neighborhood of the Besiktas district. Levent neighborhood is adjacent to such luxurious and developed districts as Etiler, Akatlar, Maslak. It is also called Levent in the areas around the Levent neighborhood. The Levent district is divided into sections(1.Levent, 2. Levent, 3. Levent, 4. Levent, lastly 5. Levent). Levent continues to expand and develop with its new area called the fifth Levent. Levent subway station is located in the district. There is also a large shopping mall in the district. In Levent, where people of high status live, offices are also located. A large part of the business ecosystem concentrated in Istanbul is developed in the Levent region. A budget of billions of Turkish liras has been created for the fifth Levent project. In other words, it can be said that a huge investment has been made in the region. The consulates of the countries of Israel and Spain are located in this district.

What are the Price Ranges of Properties Located in Levent?

The average price of housing units in the district is $ 1796 per m2. The price of an average house (100m2) is 171.700 dollars.

Average unit price: 1796 USD

Average price: 171.700

Min Max unit price:1287 USD – 2146 USD

Average gross area (m2): 100

How are the Prices of Properties in Levent Determined?

Levent house prices vary depending on the location of the houses. Factors such as the region of Levent, the distance to the subway the distance to shopping malls, and the services available around the house affect housing prices. In addition, issues such as the size of residential buildings(m2), the number of rooms and bathrooms, and the quality of the material used are other factors affecting the prices of houses in Istanbul Levent.

What are the Benefits of Buying Property in Levent?

Levent district is one of the most developed neighborhoods of Istanbul. The region, which is one of the largest centers of luxury life, is very developed in terms of service. The neighborhood, consisting of people with high social status, has a safe and high-quality atmosphere.

The benefits of buying property in Levent are stated below.

  • Turkish citizenship and residence permit: Housing investment in the region allows obtaining Turkish citizenship and residence permit. A housing investment worth at least $ 250,000 allows foreign residents to obtain a residence permit and Turkish citizenship.
  • Value for Money: Levent never loses its value because it is one of the most developed and valuable settlements in Istanbul. And the investment that will be made here will be more than worth it.
  • Living costs: Levent is a region where people of high social status live. Because of that, the cost of living is higher compared to other districts. But this difference also represents quality. The services in the region are also of high quality compared to other regions.
  • Return of Investment: Thanks to the popularity of the region throughout Turkey, the region doesn’t lose its value. In investments to be made, it gains more than its value at this rate. As Istanbul grows, the demand for the region increases.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Levent?

You can find a list below of the property features in Levent.

  • Walking tracks
  • Children park
  • High-quality materials in house
  • Car park
  • Balconies
  • Shops

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Levent?

The reasons to buy a property in Levent are listed below.

  • subway bus stations
  • Luxury facilities
  • One of the popular districts of Istanbul
  • Turkish citizenship
  • Shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes
  • economy

What are the Property Types and Options in Levent?

Property types and options in Levent can be found below.

  • 1+1.2+1,3+1,4+1,4+2,5+1,5+2,6+1,6+2 flats and dublex apartment options.
  • Commercial types
  • Villas with private balconies and gardens.

Who are the Properties in Levent Suitable For?

As we mentioned earlier, the Levent district is one of the most developed areas of Istanbul. Levent region is an economically developed region. The skyscrapers located in the district include the offices of many domestic and foreign companies. So, it can be said that white-collar employees usually work here. That is why living in Levent is generally suitable for white-collar workers and people of high social status. In Levent, where there are suitable house options for people living alone, there are also house options for people living with their family. In addition, the area has a safe environment. The area with plenty of green areas and parks is suitable for families. In addition to all this, Levent is a great opportunity for domestic and foreign companies that want to open an office in Istanbul. Because there is already a business ecosystem. In other words, Levent is very suitable for foreigners who want to invest and settle in Turkey. The fact that regions such as the neighboring Etiler have entertainment venues is also the reason for the preference for single living people.

What are the Living Standards Like in Levent?

Levent, one of the most luxurious areas of Istanbul, is rich in services. It has a developed transport network with a subway station and bus options. The skyscrapers located in the district show that the heart of business life beats here. Although there are many buildings in the district, there are also plenty of parks and green spaces.

What are the Other Counties that have Properties Similar to Levent?

  • Basaksehir: Basaksehir is a popular choice for both local and foreign settlers. Basaksehir district is also a district where offices and representative offices of companies such as Levent are located. Again, the district receives huge investments, like the Levent region.
  • Etiler: The Etiler neighborhood is also located in the Besiktas district. Etiler is similar to Levent with its luxurious lifestyle. Levent is the region where business life is concentrated, while Etiler is the region where entertainment life is concentrated.
  • Besiktas: Besiktas district is a beautiful district where different atmospheres can be created in each region. Living costs in Besiktas are suitable for everyone. The lifestyle in the district is also suitable for everyone. From the point of view of transportation, the district also provides many options for settlers.
  • Kadikoy: Kadikoy is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. The district, which is famous for its entertainment venues, offers many options to citizens in this area. Living costs in Kadikoy are suitable for everyone. The lifestyle in the district is also suitable for everyone. From the point of view of transportation, the district also provides many options for settlers. The coastline of the district is also one of the most important locations in Istanbul.

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