Luxurious Apartments and Villas in Kucukcekmece, Istanbul - RG-459

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  • An outdoor pool
  • Cinema Room
  • Fitness and GYM
  • Garden
  • Generator
  • Green Views
  • Indoor Car Parking
  • Kids Play Ground
  • Landscape
  • Marmaray Station
  • Metro station
  • Parking
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool
  • Tennis court
  • Turkish Bath
  • Volleyball Court
  • Walking Tracks
  • Water Purification System

What is Tema Istanbul 2 Project (RG-459) in Istanbul, Kucukcekmece?

Tema Istanbul 2 is a large-scale luxurious housing project located in Kucukcekmece, aimed to create modern houses that provide comfort and peace to you and your family. With its lush greenery, its meticulously designed landscapes, the different social and cultural activities awaiting you along with its beautifully designed homes, Tema Istanbul 2 is a project like no other. Inside, you will find yourself in a world of green where the smell of flowers and the chirping of birds accompany your morning walks. Built with low story architecture in mind, this project will make you forget you were even in Istanbul.

Tema Istanbul 2 is designed to keep %80 of the project space as greenery. This means up to 3 kilometers of walking tracks, bike paths, and many other recreational spaces including an 800 meter ‘green corridor.’

This awe-inspiring project built by a partnership of Artas Insaat, Mesa Mesken Sanayii, and Kantur-Akdas Partnership will have apartments ranging from 80 square meters, all the way up to 196 square meters, with room configurations from 1+1 to up to 4+1. Tema Istanbul 2 is a huge project containing 2.280 units as well as 70 villas, all designed uniquely, that will be built in an area encompassing 1,5 million square meters. Together with 37 square meters of personal landscape given per apartment owner, Tema Istanbul 2 keeps your standards of living high. There also exist other projects made by the same companies such as Project Mesa Cadde (RG-399) or Project KOZ Mesa (RG-406).

Where is the Location of the Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459) Project?

The project is located in the Kucukcekmece district of Istanbul, in the Halkalı area. This location is important as it is close to many different transportation lines that let you go from one side of Istanbul to the other, and even change continents.

The compound is also right next to the Tema World project, which is a large-scale park designed to be a living, organic structure. It will have restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, disabled-friendly playgrounds, street entertainments, waterworks shows, festivals, and yearlong celebrations. Tema World aims to welcome more than 10 million visitors a year when it opens.

What are Important Locations Near Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459) Project?

The project is located near major landmarks and amenities which includes (but are not limited to):

  • Right next to Tema Park
  • Nearby TEM Expressway
  • A few minutes away to Basın Ekspres Highway
  • Close to E-5 Highway
  • In proximity to North Marmara Highway
  • In proximity to Marmaray Metro Line

Tema Istanbul 2 is in a location that is close to multiple hospitals and medical centers, educational institutions, local amenities, along with many different transportation lines that is sure to help escape the dense traffic of Istanbul.

What are the Features of the Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459) Project?

  • Built on 1.5 million km² (1.500.000 km²) of total space
  • %80 of the project area is comprised of greenery
  • Units that range from 80 km² to 196 km²
  • 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1 and villa options
  • Indoor parking
  • Different sports facilities such as walking tracks, bicycle paths, indoor and outdoor swimming pools suitable for both adults and children, gyms, football and volleyball fields, tennis courts, saunas, and more.
  • Social amenities such as cafes, restaurants, cinemas, and game centers.
  • Top-quality modern construction keeping in line with all the standards.
  • Units include embedded kitchens, an en-suite bathroom and dressing room, balconies, and 37 km² of landscape space per unit owner.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property from Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459) Project?

  • Suitable for obtaining Turkish Citizenship
  • Built by a partnership of established companies (Artas Insaat, Mesa Mesken Sanayii and Kantur-Akdas Partnership)
  • Is in close distance of multiple very important highways and metro lines
  • %80 greenery rate
  • Luxurious apartments with many public amenities and social facilities
  • Top-quality construction in line with earthquake regulations
  • Many different types of units; from 1+1 to 4+1 to even villas.
  • Discounts for cash payments
  • Down payment option that can be configured to up to 18 months of installments

For Whom is Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459) Project Suitable for Purchase?

  • This project is very suitable for medium to large-sized families thanks to its spacious units and landscape space given to homeowners.
  • Tema Istanbul 2 is also very suitable for small families and newlywed couples with its versatile flat options, luxury facilities, and social spaces.
  • This project is extremely suitable for single homeowners as there are smaller unit options. 
  • Investors and any businessman searching for a great investment opportunity will also find this project suitable, as, with its many features, the project also offers to obtain Turkish Citizenship privileges.

Is Project RG-459 Suitable For Families with Children? 

Yes, with many transportation lines allowing for easy travel and spacious living space options, as well as a peaceful living environment make this project great for families with children.

Is Project RG-459 Suitable For Single People?

Yes, with many flat options including easy to clean, low maintenance 1+1 and 2+1 apartments, this is a great project for single people to live in.

Is Project RG-459 Suitable For Who Wants to Be Turkey Citizen?

Yes, purchasing some of the bigger units makes you eligible for Turkish Citizenship.

What Kind of Services Does Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459) Provide?

  • Walking Tracks
  • Bicycle Paths
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools
  • Children’s Pools
  • Football Field
  • Volleyball Field
  • Tennis Court
  • Gym
  • Sauna
  • Parking
  • Turkish Bath
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Cinema
  • Kindergarten
  • Security with CCTV
  • Green areas
  • Relaxation areas
  • Children playgrounds
  • Multi-activities centers

What are The Price Ranges of Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459)?

For detailed information about the prices, you can contact the Realty Groups sales team that is ready to support you 24/7.

What are The Payment Methods of Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459)?

  • %10 Discount for Cash Payments
  • 18 Months Fixed Installments with %30 Down Payment

What is life like in Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459)?

Tema Istanbul 2 features green areas like no other project. As such you will be in an atmosphere that makes you forget you were ever in Istanbul. With its modern architecture and the peaceful living atmosphere provided within, you and your family will live happily and comfortably. And thanks to the many transportation lines close by, you will no problems with the dreaded traffic of Istanbul. All this plus versatile high-quality apartments means a project that is attractive to homeowners and investors alike.

What Are the Other Property Projects That Have Green Areas Like Tema Istanbul 2 (RG-459)?

Here are some of the projects similar to Tema Istanbul 2:

  1. Semt Bahcekent (RG-404)
  2. Avrupa Konutlari Atakent 4 (RG-230)
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