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Luxury apartments compound in eyup istanbul RG-470
Price $144,000

Luxury Apartments Compound in Eyup, Istanbul - RG-470

Government guaranteed flats in eyup sultan istanbul RG-465

Government Guaranteed Flats in Eyup Sultan, Istanbul - RG-465

Property Details
Government guaranteed flats in eyup sultan istanbul RG-465
Price $135,496

Government Guaranteed Flats in Eyup Sultan, Istanbul - RG-465

Brand new residences in the heart of istanbul RG-435
Price $117,766

Brand new Residences In The Heart Of Istanbul - Rg-435

Elite apartment complex in the heart of istanbul RG-403
Price $97,616

Elite Apartment Complex In The Heart Of Istanbul - Rg-403

comfortable living in a dynamic region of istanbul RG-330
Reasonable prices

Comfortable Living In A Dynamic Region Of Istanbul - Rg-330

Property Details
comfortable living in a dynamic region of istanbul RG-330
Price $91,000

Comfortable Living In A Dynamic Region Of Istanbul - Rg-330

golden horn view from your apartment in istanbul RG-317
Reasonable prices

6 Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Istanbul - Rg-317

Property Details
golden horn view from your apartment in istanbul RG-317
Price $230,045

6 Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Istanbul - Rg-317

city center project with reasoanable prices RG-294
Price $86,000

City Center Project With Reasoanable Prices - Rg-294

government guarantee apartments in city center RG-292

Landscape View Apartments in Eyupsultan, Istanbul - RG-292

Property Details
government guarantee apartments in city center RG-292
Price $165,000

Landscape View Apartments in Eyupsultan, Istanbul - RG-292

best prices in the area with modern design RG-210
Price Call Us

Strong Investment In Istanbul Center With Prestige - Rg-210

Things to Consider While Buying Property in Eyupsultan

Eyupsultan is one of the precious regions of Istanbul. The history it contains and the values ​​it possesses have reached from the past to the present without losing their importance. This situation has made it popular with the same magnificence since the past. The district has an important place in Islamic culture. This region, which hosts monuments and tombs of many important people, amazes its visitors with its peace and spiritual pleasure. Eyup, also known as Eyupsultan; includes many historical buildings, including Pierre Loti Coffeehouse and Eyupsultan Mosque, which was built in 1458.

The district, which mostly appeals to the conservative segment, has recently attracted attention with its appreciation in the real estate sector. The real estate in Istanbul, sector in the region attracts great attention from many segments, especially foreign citizens.

Things to consider while buying property in Eyupsultan start with deciding on the budget you will allocate for the purchase of real estate to be used as a residence or for investment purposes. This will allow you to find the option that best fits your needs and budget.

Making a pre-selection in line with your needs and taste is vital. Decide what your expectations are from the real estate you are considering and make a pre-selection among the options you have reached within this scope.

Transportation and social life are important. Transportation has a very important place in today’s world. Vehicles and routes are very important when going to work, school, or social activity. Therefore, research the transportation possibilities in detail.

Investment potential should be taken into account. Check the investment value of the real estate you are considering in the near and long term.

Working with experienced and reliable companies plays an important role. Buying real estate is a complicated process from start to finish. Get professional help during this process. Thus, you will minimize the possibility of experiencing possible mishaps.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Eyupsultan?

Real estate prices in Eyupsultan, one of the precious regions of Istanbul, vary from region to region. In addition to external variables such as the location of the real estate and its environmental characteristics, internal variables such as its technical characteristics and width in m² also affect the price. The average price per square meter in Eyupsultan by districts is as follows:


Average m² price:


5.619 TL (406,76 USD)


4.387 TL (317,57 USD)


6.392 TL (462,72 USD)


10.274 TL (743,73 USD)

Rami Yeni

4.279 TL (309,76 USD)


5.703 TL (412,84 USD)


4.999 TL (361,88 USD)

Mimar Sinan

9.689 TL (701,39 USD)


10.497 TL (759,88 USD)

Gokturk Merkez

15.664 TL (1133,92 USD)

Prices vary according to the exchange rate.

According to the evaluations made for Eyupsultan, the prices for the housing market for sale have increased by 3.65% in the last month and the average residential square meter prices are expressed as 5.073 TL. The cost recovery period is calculated as 25 years.

How are the Prices of Properties in Eyupsultan Determined?

Real estate prices in Eyupsultan vary depending on various reasons. The location of the real estate you will buy is the factor that has the most impact on the price. The price may increase or decrease with the effect of the environment. Factors such as having a distinguished environment or suitable conditions for investment can be given as examples of the effect of the location on the price. The technical or design features of the real estate are other factors that affect the price. Details such as how many square meters it has, how many rooms it has, what is used as building material are evaluated under the title of features of the house. It is one of the important factors that have an upward or downward effect on the price. As an example of these features, which we can call the additional features of the real estate in addition to the features for your needs; Features such as parking, swimming pool, the playground can be given. The possibilities of real estate are very effective in the price. This feature can be expressed as the opportunities it has in fields such as education, health, and transportation. Proximity to public transport and important routes can be given as an example of this item.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Eyupsultan?

Eyupsultan is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul. Although this situation is a great advantage on its own, the district also has many other advantages.

  • The opportunity to live at the point where the impressive texture of history and the refreshing effect of nature meet,
  • A large real estate catalog where you can find new housing projects, modern and old historical buildings, and traditional architecture,
  • Proximity to facilities such as school, hospital, security forces,
  • Having an A+ socio-economic status,
  • Being a region with enough green space and nature,
  • Being near markets, cafes, shopping centers, and social facilities
  • Living in a quiet area away from noise and chaos,
  • Easy access to public transport and proximity to various routes,
  • Living in a safe and peaceful area,
  • Owning a real estate with high investment value and never losing value

What are the Features of Properties Located in Eyupsultan?

Eyupsultan promises a peaceful life where history and nature meet. In addition, many more features of properties in the real estate sector meet the expectations of those who are considering investing. It is possible to list the advantages of buying a property in this region for the buyer as follows;

  • The residences in the region are located at the junction of the historical texture and the colors of nature,
  • It has wide usage areas in general,
  • They have a modern structure designed for needs,
  • They are close to the popular spots of Istanbul,
  • They have a quiet and peaceful environment away from the noise,
  • They have features suitable for both investment and settlement.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Eyupsultan?

Reasons for living in Eyupsultan can be listed as follows:

  • Right to acquire citizenship in Turkey: The purchase of 250,000 USD worth of real estate in Eyupsultan gives foreign nationals the right to become a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, with the creation of other necessary official conditions.
  • Historical atmosphere: It makes you feel like you are living in a historical area with its historical diversity.
  • Owning the house of your dreams: The region offers a variety of stylish, dazzling real estate that satisfies your expectations.
  • Opportunities it has: Opportunities such as health and education, which are of great importance, are very close to you.
  • Social sharing areas: It has areas where you can have a pleasant time.

What are the Property Types and Options in Eyupsultan?

Eyupsultan includes many types of residences. The property diversities in the region are as follows:

  • Detached houses: They have a garden with a modern and stylish design.
  • Villas: Stylish and modern designed villas with garden, pool, and parking area.
  • Flats of various sizes: Stylish flats with options such as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, to meet all your needs.

Who are the Properties in Eyupsultan Suitable for?

Eyupsultan appeals to many groups regarding suitability for living. These groups can be listed as follows:

  • People who love history and nature,
  • Conservative families,
  • Nuclear and extended families,
  • Pensioners,
  • Newly married couples,
  • Students

What are the Living Standards Like in Eyupsultan?

Eyupsultan is a region with a peaceful environment where interpersonal communication is highly developed. It has an effect that draws you in to live with the poetic effect of history and the peace of nature that fills your soul. It opens its doors to you with its potential that can offer you all kinds of possibilities.

What Are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Eyupsultan?

Neighborhoods that are similar to Eyupsultan, which has unique features in every aspect, can be listed as follows:

  • Fatih: Fatih has common features with Eyupsultan. It has historical texture and peace that penetrates the soul of the people.
  • Uskudar: Uskudar, one of the districts of Istanbul that brings together the history and the present, is another district that shares common features with Eyupsultan.

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