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Apartments with a Lake View in Istanbul RG-461

Lake View Apartment & Commercial in Avcılar, Istanbul - RG-461

Property Details
Apartments with a Lake View in Istanbul RG-461
Price $204,000

Lake View Apartment & Commercial in Avcılar, Istanbul - RG-461

Empire Istanbul project (RG-377 RG-377
Price $93,173

Luxury Residential Project In The Heart Of Istanbul - Rg-377

affordable apartments beside metrobus line in avcilar RG-364
Price $106,000

Apartments For Sale Nearby Metrobus Stations in Istanbul - Rg-364

one of the best residential projects in avcilar area RG-360
Price $159,001

One Of The Best Residential Projects In Avcilar Area - Rg-360

investment in the most potential area of istanbul RG-228
60 Months Installment

Investment In The Most Potential Area Of Istanbul - Rg-228

Property Details
investment in the most potential area of istanbul RG-228
Price $98,836

Investment In The Most Potential Area Of Istanbul - Rg-228

ready properties next to istanbul university RG-243
Price $186,403

Ready Properties Next To Istanbul University - Rg-243

sea views near the new canal of istanbul RG-159
Price Call Us

Sea views near the new canal of istanbul - Rg-159

Things to Consider While Buying Property in Avcilar 

Avcilar, district of Istanbul, is a residential area located on the European side. The county has a surface area of 41.85 km2, consisting of ten neighborhoods with a population of 436,897 people. 

Avcilar properties offer a lifestyle in the city combined with luxury apartments. Here are the things to consider while buying property in Avcilar, Istanbul. 

  • Identify your Requirements: Decide what you want and need from a residential project while buying property in Avcilar. Knowing your requirements from a residential complex and location will result in a more stress-free buying process. 
  • Investment Growth: Most of the residential projects in Avcilar have high investment valuations and great rental returns. 
  • Research Projects: Avcilar has a variety of real estate projects ranging from modern apartments to duplex flats. To find the perfect home that fits your expectations, it’s best to do extensive research while buying property in Istanbul Avcilar. 
  • Costs: Buying a house in Avcilar, Istanbul comes with additional fees in the process. Knowing these fees before while property in Avcilar will make the entire buying process clearer and prevent surprises. 
  • Real Estate Agency: Choosing a reliable real estate agent is critical when buying property in Avcilar, Istanbul. The agency you contact must be honest and capable of assisting you in finding the ideal home. The right agent will also ensure a stress-free property purchase. 

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Avcilar?   

The average price of a 90 square meter property in Avcilar ranges between US$75,000 and US$202,500. 

Average Unit Price 

1,541 USD 

Average Price 

138,750 USD 

Min. Max. Unit Price 

833 USD – 2,250 USD 

Average Gross Area (m2) 


How are the Prices of Properties in Avcilar Determined? 

Property prices in Avcilar are mostly determined by the type of property. Property space, location, and facilities are among the other elements that influence the price. 

Larger flats with numerous bathrooms and terraces, as well as the view from the house, will cost more than a typical flat. The price of the property will be affected by the social spaces provided by the residential complex, such as the sports fields, swimming pool, and fitness center. 

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Avcilar? 

The benefits of buying a property in Avcilar are explained below. 

  • Turkish Citizenship and Residence Permit: A residency permit in Turkey is available to any foreigner who owns a home in Avcilar. Furthermore, individuals from any country can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Avcilar for at least US$250,000. 
  • Value for Money: Properties in Avcilar offer good value for money thanks to their newly built residential complexes.  
  • Living costs: Life in Avcilar, Istanbul is fairly modest and affordable when compared to property prices and living expenses in European countries. 
  • Return on Investment: Cheap properties in Avcilar make the county a popular option for potential investment returns. 

What are the Features of Properties Located in Avcilar?   

You can find a list of the property features in Avcilar below. 

  • City, garden, lake, and sea view 
  • 24/7 security system 
  • Spa and gym 
  • Playground for children 
  • Swimming pool 
  • Smart home system 
  • Cinema room 
  • Parking garage 
  • Walking tracks 
  • Storage room 

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Avcilar? 

The reasons to buy a property in Avcilar are listed below. 

  • Social areas and entertainment facilities 
  • Spacious living areas 
  • Easy access to Metrobus and other transportation hubs 
  • Shopping malls and education centers nearby 
  • Increasing rental rates 
  • Turkish citizenship 

What are the Property Types and Options in Avcilar? 

Property types and options in Avcilar can be found below. 

  • 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 4+2, 5+2 luxury apartments 
  • 1+0 to 3+1 duplex flats 

Who are the properties in Avcilar suitable for? 

Properties in Avcilar are suitable for the following people. 

  • All types of families 
  • Investors 
  • Working professionals of any age 
  • Anyone who wants to be a Turkish citizen 

What are the living standards like in Avcilar? 

Living standards in Avcilar provide modern living at a good location close to the city center. Homeowners that want easy access to social areas will like it. The proximity of this new and very safe county to the sea encourages buying property in Istanbul.

Residential units and the social spaces provided by the complexes create a peaceful living atmosphere for families with children. Owners and their loved ones will be able to wake up to breathtaking views of the sea and relax in the Turkish bath, social rooms, and entertainment facilities. 

What are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Avcilar? 

Other counties of Istanbul that have properties similar to Avcilar are included below. 

  • Kucukcekmece: Neighboring Avcilar, Kucukcekmece is a pleasant county that has similar properties at affordable prices. 
  • Esenyurt: Located on the European side of Istanbul, the county of Esenyurt had a massive residential development over the last decade and has various affordable properties. 
  • Buyukcekmece: A wide range of property types can be found in Buyukcekmece and its neighborhoods. 
  • Topkapi: Real estate in Topkapi keeps transforming every day, resulting in affordable residential complexes in the heart of Istanbul. 
  • Pendik: Pendik is located on the Asian side of Istanbul and is usually preferred by families and the working class. 
  • Beylikduzu: Beylikduzu is another county that has similar properties to Avcilar, ranging from duplex apartments and luxury flats.  


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