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Panoramic Sea View Apartments in Ortakent, Bodrum - RG-1001

Things to Consider While Buying Property in Ortakent

Ortakent is a neighborhood of Bodrum county in Mugla province and is transformed into a town with the merge of Ortakent and Yahsi villages. The neighborhood has a population of 8,530 people.

Ortakent has some of the best beaches in Bodrum along with many hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants. The things to consider while buying property in Ortakent, Bodrum.

  • Identify your Requirements: Identify what you need from a villa and its location while buying property in Ortakent. Knowing your requirements from a house in Ortakent will result in a stress-free buying process.
  • Investment Growth: Most of the villas in Ortakent have excellent investment returns and great rental incomes.
  • Research Projects: Ortakent has a variety of residential projects ranging from private pool villas to luxurious residences. It is best to conduct extensive research to find the perfect home while buying property in Ortakent.
  • Costs: Buying a home in Ortakent has some additional costs. Knowing these costs before buying a property in Ortakent will make the entire process easy and hassle-free.
  • Real Estate Agency: It is crucial to work with a trustworthy real estate agent while buying property in Ortakent. The agency should be reliable and experienced enough in order to find an ideal match that fits your expectations.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Ortakent? 

The average price of a 240 square meter property in Ortakent, Bodrum ranges between US$267,464 and US$280,376.

Average Unit Price

1,141 USD

Average Price

273,920 USD

Min. Max. Unit Price

1,114 USD – 1,168 USD

Average Gross Area (m2)


How are the Prices of Properties in Ortakent Determined?

The prices of properties in Ortakent, Bodrum are mostly determined by the property type. Other important factors that determine the price are the size of the villa, the location, and the property features.

The social spaces offered by the property complex, such as the fitness center, swimming pool, and sports fields also determine the prices of properties in Ortakent.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Ortakent?

The benefits of buying a property in Bodrum Ortakent are explained below.

  • Turkish Citizenship and Residence Permit: Turkish residency permit is available to any foreign investor who buys a property in Ortakent, Bodrum. Another important benefit includes obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreigners and their families when you buy a property in Ortakent for at least US$250,000.
  • Value for Money: Properties in Ortakent provide high value for money thanks to their sophisticated, luxurious villa complexes with sea views.
  • Living costs: Living costs in Ortakent, Bodrum are fairly inexpensive compared to expenses in European cities.
  • Return on Investment: Luxury villas with breathtaking sea views in Ortakent make the area a popular choice for investors all around the world.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Ortakent? 

You can find a list of the property features in Ortakent below.

  • 24/7 security system
  • Sea view
  • Private garden
  • Walking tracks
  • Private swimming pool
  • Elegant bathroom
  • Smart home system
  • Fully fitted kitchen
  • Terraces
  • Car park
  • Outdoor sitting area

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Ortakent?

The reasons to buy a property in Ortakent are listed below.

  • Spacious living areas
  • High-quality material
  • Beaches nearby
  • Easy access to transportation, schools, shopping centers, and hospital
  • The town center and the coastline
  • High-value rental investment
  • Turkish citizenship

What are the Property Types and Options in Ortakent?

Property types and options in Ortakent can be found below.

  • 4+2 triplex villas with panoramic sea views

Who are the properties in Ortakent suitable for?

Properties in Ortakent are suitable for the following people.

  • All types of families with children
  • Foreign investors
  • Working professionals and businessmen
  • Anyone who wants to be a Turkish citizen

What are the living standards like in Ortakent?

Residents of Ortakent villas in Bodrum will enjoy luxury and high-quality living conditions. Ortakent is a well-known town in Bodrum, Turkey, where many foreigners are happy homeowners.

Ortakent’s natural beauty, clean air, beautiful views of the Aegean Sea, and beaches provide a comfortable standard of living. Residents of Ortakent’s villas will be surrounded by crystal clear water and beautiful nature.

Each villa is tastefully designed for elegance and relaxation, with a private pool and garden in each resident’s outside sitting area. Furthermore, the proximity of a school, hospital and commercial area creates a convenient lifestyle in Ortakent.

What are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Ortakent?

Other counties of Bodrum that have properties similar to Ortakent are included below.

  • Yalikavak: Villas in Yalikavak provide a quiet and peaceful setting in Bodrum, Turkey.
  • Yahsi: Yahsi is a part of Ortakent that offers a beautiful beach and stunning sea views.
  • Gumusluk: Villa in Gumusluk, Bodrum is a great choice for those who want to live in a stylish atmosphere.
  • Gundogan: Gundogan has similar villa alternatives that are more affordable just like Ortakent.
  • Golturkbuku: One of the most popular bays in Bodrum, Golturkbuku is mostly preferred by foreigners who are looking for top-notch luxurious villas.

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