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Things to Consider While Buying Property in Lara

Things to consider while buying property in Lara Antalya include lots of factors. Lara is one of the most natural districts of the city while hosting several tourism attractions.  So, the county hosts domestic and foreign people every year.

Properties in Lara are preferred by Turkish and foreign real estate buyers thanks to its privileged position in the Mediterranean region in Turkey. The important things you need to know while buying property in Lara are listed in detail.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Lara?

The average square meter unit price of the properties for sale in Lara Antalya is 378 USD as of the end of 2021. Also;

  • Average Gross Area: 125 m2
  • Minimum – Maximum Unit Price: 199 USD – 811 USD/m2
  • Average Property Price: 47 thousand dollars

How are the Prices of Properties in Lara Determined?

The prices of properties in Antalya Lara are determined as follows:

  • The fact that the house in Lara, which you are considering buying, is located close to the center of Antalya, increases the price.
  • Being close to schools, health institutions, shopping centers and public vehicles will increase the sales value of the house. Apart from this, whether the district and neighborhood where the flat is located are quiet or not also directly affects the sales value of the house.
  • Some of the physical features of the house you are considering buying in Lara are among the factors that determine the sales value of the real estate. Factors such as the age of the building, its facade, its size, the floor on which the flat is located, the number of rooms, bathrooms and balconies, heating facilities, sheathing status, whether there is an elevator, benefiting from sunlight, compliance with earthquake regulations and the view directly affect the sales value of a house.
  • Whether the property in Lara you are considering buying has facilities such as social facilities, playground, gym, pool and parking also plays an important role in determining the price of the house.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Lara?

Whether it’s investment properties to purchase or a luxury villa for sale, Lara offers unique properties. The benefits of buying property in Lara are as follows;

  • Not a busy urban life of its central location, Lara coastal area is home to one of Turkey’s calmest beaches.
  • Recent housing projects have pushed the real estate market to become the most active in the region.
  • The population of Lara increases considerably during the summer months as vacationers and tourists flock to the region. This increases the value of the houses.
  • Many different types of property appeal to every buyer. You can also find villas with private swimming pools, landscaped gardens and many apartments with magnificent sea views in Lara.
  • Lara is built around historical ruins, so it stands out with a nostalgic ambiance.
  • British, German and Russian tourists prefer this place and often look for properties for sale.
  • It is always a lively area with modern bars, restaurants and shops.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Lara?

Lara is located in the southeast of Antalya and is one of the most beautiful towns of the city.

  • So that, the properties located in Lara are very popular due to the beach, cliffs, Mediterranean sun and magnificent nature they offer.
  • Homes are newer compared to houses in the central areas of the city.
  • In addition, the lease amortization period is known as an average of 2hundred months.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Lara?

Buying property in Lara offers plenty of benefits. For instance;

  • The value of your property in Lara will increase day by day.
  • You will earn a profit while renting your property in Lara Antalya.
  • Thanks to its proximity to ancient ruins, bays and beaches, you will be able to travel especially during summer.
  • Besides, you can find all types of properties, from villas to apartments.
  • Lara is 730 kilometers from Istanbul and 550 kilometers from Ankara. You will be able to manage your business in Turkey easily.
  • The distance between Lara and Antalya Airport is approximately 15 kilometers which is a big advantage.

What are the Property Types and Options in Lara?

Lara also has a wide range of options in terms of property.

  • Luxury villas
  • Hotels
  • Pensions
  • Timeshare properties
  • Various types of flats
  • Bungalows

Who are the properties in Lara suitable for?

Turkish and foreign investors can invest in Antalya by buying property in Lara real estate.

  • The most striking feature of this region; the prices are much more affordable compared to Antalya in general! Therefore, especially retirees prefer to invest in real estate in this region.
  • Russians, Ukrainians and Germans especially prefer Lara.
  • Furthermore, it is also a favorite of those who come to Antalya from different cities.

What are the living standards like in Lara?

The longest beach of Antalya, the first city that comes to mind when tourism is mentioned in Turkey, is in Lara. Thousands of visitors come to Lara at all times of the year. Because;

  • It is very easy to reach Lara, which is very close to the city center. In addition, transportation to tourism centers such as Kemer, Tekirova, Belek and Side, which are the other holiday resorts of the city, is easily provided from the district.
  • You can easily choose the most suitable one for your holiday in the town where there are many accommodation options.
  • Lara hotels offer an enjoyable holiday with its sea, sand and nature as well as nightlife.
  • Visitors who are interested in water sports can also participate in activities such as diving, sailing and water skiing.

What Are the Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Lara?

Lara is located in the south of the Republic of Turkey, in the province of Antalya in the Mediterranean Region. Located in the Muratpasa district, Lara is 4 kilometers from the county center and 18 kilometers from the Antalya city center.

The other counties that have properties similar to Lara are;

  • Muratpasa: Muratpasa, which is the neighbor of Konyaalti, is very similar in terms of the coastline.
  • Konyaalti: Konyaalti, which is the neighbor of Muratpasa, is very similar in terms of the coastline.

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