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Things to Consider While Buying Property in Kumluca

Things to consider while buying property in Kumluca county which is located in Antalya include lots of factors. Kumluca is one of the most natural districts of the city while hosting several tourism attractions.  So, the county hosts domestic and foreign tourists every year.

Kumluca has a surface area of approximately 1.3 km2 and consists of 41 neighborhoods. Properties in Kumluca are preferred by Turkish and foreign real estate buyers thanks to its advantageous position in the Mediterranean region in Turkey. The things you need to consider if you want to buy property in Kumluca are listed in detail.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Kumluca?

The average square meter unit price of the properties for sale in Kumluca Antalya is 282 USD as of the end of last year. Also;

  • Average Gross Area: 150 m2
  • Minimum – Maximum Unit Price: 207 USD – 568 USD/m2
  • Approximate Return on Investment Period: 25 years

How are the Prices of Properties in Kumluca Determined?

The prices of Properties in Kumluca are determined as follows:

  • After calculating the value by comparing properties in Kumluca, you will be able to find the accurate value of the property you are interested in. However, pay special attention that the houses compared need to have similar characteristics.
  • The simplest method you can use to calculate the value of a house in Kumluca is to examine the monthly rental prices. Indeed, a house with a high rental price has a higher value, and a house with a low rental price has a lower value. 214 monthly rental price is calculated for housing value calculation in Turkey.
  • After consulting a trustworthy real estate company, you can learn about the regional values of properties in Kumluca.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Kumluca?

The prices of houses for sale in Antalya, Kumluca district have increased by about 55% last year. Kumluca county which offers several properties for sale in Antalya offers many remarkable advantages. for instance;

  • The province of Antalya is one of the regions most affected by the pandemic process. Kumluca district, on the other hand, has always managed to be a favorite of tourists due to its natural beauties, but this interest has reached higher levels in the pandemic.
  • The properties in Kumluca promise an investment guarantee due to increasing housing prices.
  • Although Kumluca district center is not by the sea, the district is close to important seaside settlements and tourism centers. Some of these have become very popular in recent years. It attracts great attention from domestic and foreign tourists.
  • Kumluca district has very important beaches, coves, islands, and historical cultural heritage. The important routes and accommodation points of the Lycian Way, which is also considered one of the top 10 walking routes in the world, are located within the borders of Kumluca.
  • Kumluca District is 96 km from Antalya center, 54 km from Kemer, 17 km from Finike, 45 km from Demre, 92 km from Kas, and 185 km from Fethiye.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Kumluca?

Kumluca, located in the west of Antalya province, 95 km from the city center, is home to many properties.

  • Considering the amortization periods, as of the end of December 2021, the neighborhoods with the fastest ROI in Kumluca were Merkez, Adrasan, Mavikent, Haciveliler, and Yazir.
  • Buildings are generally short-storied. Moreover, there are many residences in the form of villas.
  • House sales are usually made in dollars, as it is one of the foreigners’ favorite regions in Turkey.

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Kumluca?

Purchasing a house in Kumluca which is one of the natural counties in the Mediterranean region promises plenty of benefits in the long run.

  • Thanks to the developing Turkish economy, the value of your property in Kumluca will increase gradually.
  • You will earn a profit while renting the property you buy.
  • Kumluca district, which is close to the city center, provides easy transportation in Antalya.
  • Thanks to its proximity to ancient ruins, bays, and beaches, you will be able to travel especially during summer.
  • You will be able to find all types of homes ranging from villas to apartments for sale.

What are the Property Types and Options in Kumluca?

Property types and alternatives in Kumluca are various as follows;

  • All types of villas that have big green gardens and pools
  • All types of apartments for sale
  • Bungalow houses
  • Duplex apartments and twin villas

Who are the Properties in Kumluca Suitable For?

Turkish and foreign investors can invest in Antalya real estate and buy property from Kumluca. Also;

  • Those who prefer luxurious living in nature
  • People who want to make a profitable real estate investment in Turkey
  • Single and married people among Turkish and foreigners


What are the Living Standards Like in Kumluca?

Kumluca is a small county and its general livelihood is greenhouse cultivation. It takes 1 and a half hours by public transportation to the center of Antalya. Living conditions in Kumluca are particularly suitable for students. Kumluca is also very safe due to friendly native people.

What Are the Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Kumluca?

Kumluca is surrounded by:

  • Akdeniz from the south,
  • Kemer from the east,
  • Elmali and Finike from the west,
  • Korkuteli from the north.

That is, the houses in its neighboring counties mentioned above have properties similar to Kumluca.

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