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modern apartment complex with proximity to antalya beaches RG-658
Price $76,942

Modern Apartment Complex For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-658

marvelous sea view apartments in Antalya city RG-657
Price $101,661

Sea View Apartments For Sale in Antalya - Rg-657

apartments far away 500 meters only from the sea in antalya RG-655
Remaining Only 9 Apartments!

Apartments For Sale in Muratpasa, Antalya Close to Sea - Rg-655

Property Details
apartments far away 500 meters only from the sea in antalya RG-655
Price $91,000

Apartments For Sale in Muratpasa, Antalya Close to Sea - Rg-655

apartments for sale in a residential complex in kepez antalya RG-654
Price $40,000

Apartments For Sale in Kepez, Antalya - Rg-654 RG-652

Mountain View Apartments For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-652

Property Details RG-652
Price $100,000

Mountain View Apartments For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-652

fully furnished detached villa with sea view in antalya RG-650
Price $202,000

Fully Furnished Detached Villa With Sea View In Antalya - Rg-650

luxury apartments in a residential complex in antalya RG-651
Price $151,000

Luxury Apartments For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-651

affordable spacious apartments in kepez antalya RG-649
Price $47,000

Spacious Apartments For Sale in Kepez, Antalya - Rg-649

modern affordable apartments for sale by installments RG-648
Price $43,000

1 Bedroom Modern Apartments For Sale in Kepez, Antalya - Rg-648

commercial premises for sale in konyaalti antalya RG-653

Commercial Premises For Sale In Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-653

Property Details
commercial premises for sale in konyaalti antalya RG-653
Price $904,000

Commercial Premises For Sale In Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-653

affordable apartments for sale in konyaalti antalya RG-647

Cheap Apartments For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-647

Property Details
affordable apartments for sale in konyaalti antalya RG-647
Price $57,000

Cheap Apartments For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-647

luxurious apartments for sale in the center of antalya RG-646
Price $74,000

City View Apartments For Sale in Muratpasa, Antalya - Rg-646

modern apartments in sarisu konyaalti antalya RG-645
Price $55,000

Ready Apartments For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-645

luxurious apartments for sale in dosemealti antalya RG-644
Price $80,000

Luxury Apartments For Sale in Dosemealti, Antalya - Rg-644

an approved villas project for turkish citizenship in antalya RG-643
Remaining Only 10 Villas!

An Approved Villas Project For Turkish Citizenship in Antalya - Rg-643

Property Details
an approved villas project for turkish citizenship in antalya RG-643
Price $200,000

An Approved Villas Project For Turkish Citizenship in Antalya - Rg-643

spacious apartments duplexes for sale in kundu antalya RG-642
Price $100,000

Duplex Apartments For Sale in Kundu, Antalya - Rg-642

luxury detached villa in kundu antalya RG-641
Price $433,000

Luxury & Detached Villa in Kundu, Antalya - Rg-641

luxurious modern villa with its own social facilities RG-640

Luxurious & Modern Villa With Its Own Social Facilities - Rg-640

Property Details
luxurious modern villa with its own social facilities RG-640
Price $1,120,000

Luxurious & Modern Villa With Its Own Social Facilities - Rg-640

apartments in a residential complex in liman konyaalti RG-639
Price $77,000

Apartment Complex For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-639

detached house with its private swimming pool in antalya RG-638
Price $195,000

Detached House With Its Private Swimming Pool in Antalya - Rg-638

a commercial shop for sale in muratpasa district antalya RG-637

A Commercial Shop For Sale in Muratpasa District, Antalya - Rg-637

Property Details
a commercial shop for sale in muratpasa district antalya RG-637
Price $524,000

A Commercial Shop For Sale in Muratpasa District, Antalya - Rg-637

commercial shop for sale in konyaalti antalya RG-636
Price $578,000

Commercial Shop For Sale In Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-636

luxury detached villas for sale in kundu antalya RG-635
Price $317,000

Luxury & Detached Villas For Sale In Kundu, Antalya - Rg-635

modern detached villas for sale in konyaalti antalya RG-634

Modern & Detached Villas For Sale In Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-634

Property Details
modern detached villas for sale in konyaalti antalya RG-634
Price $426,000

Modern & Detached Villas For Sale In Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-634

luxury apartments for sale by instalments in antalya RG-633
Price $200,000

3 Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Kundu, Antalya - Rg-633

luxurious apartments for sale in konyaalti antalya RG-632
Price $77,000

Luxurious Apartments For Sale In Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-632

spacious apartments for sale in kepez antalya RG-631
Price $45,000

Spacious Apartments For Sale In Kepez, Antalya - Rg-631

duplex flats for sale with instalments in antalya RG-630
Price $107,000

Duplexes For Sale & Features At Center Of Antalya - Rg-630

apartments for sale in hurma konyaalti district in antalya RG-629
Price $77,000

Sea View Apartments For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-629

apartments for sale in a residential complex in antalya RG-628
Price $97,000

Apartment Complex For Sale in Alanya, Antalya

luxury apartments in konyaalti in a modern residential complex RG-627
Price $83,000

1 Bedroom Modern Apartments For Sale in Konyaaltı, Antalya - Rg-627

modern apartments in a residential complex in lara antalya RG-626
Price $145,000

Modern Apartments For Sale in Lara, Antalya - RG-626

elite apartments for sale in goksu antalya RG-625
Price $83,000

4 Bedroom Luxury Apartments For Sale in Goksu, Antalya - Rg-625

new brand apartments for sale in liman konyaalti antalya RG-624
Price $65,000

New Apartments For Sale in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-624

apartments for sale in konyaalti with a swimming pool RG-623
Price $80,000

Apartments For Sale with Swimming Pool in Konyaalti, Antalya - Rg-623

furnished villa beside the sea with pool tennis court RG-622
Price $261,000

Furnished Villas By The Sea With Quality Facilities - Rg-622

apartments in the center of muratpasa district antalya RG-621
Price $83,000

Apartments For Sale At The City Center Of Antalya - Rg-621

luxury apartments away 700 meters from the sea in antalya RG-620
Price $181,000

Luxury Apartments For Sale in Antalya Close to Sea - Rg-620

affordable luxury apartments in muratpasa antalya RG-619

Elite Apartments for Sale in Antalya at Affordable Prices - Rg-619

Property Details
affordable luxury apartments in muratpasa antalya RG-619
Price $121,000

Elite Apartments for Sale in Antalya at Affordable Prices - Rg-619

cozy apartments for sale in muratpasa antalya RG-618
Price $38,000

2 Bedroom Apartments For Sale in Muratpasa, Antalya - Rg-618

flats with sea views in antalya RG-542
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Privileged Life In Front Of The Sea In Antalya - Rg-542

luxurious villas for sale in antalya RG-541
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Luxurious & High-Quality Villas For Sale In Antalya City - Rg-541

live the elite life in the charming antalya RG-540
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Live The Elite Life In The Charming Antalya City - Rg-540

different kind of comfort at a project in antalya RG-539
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Reasonable Prices For Luxury Apartments In Antalya - Rg-539

cheap flats for sale in antalya RG-656
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Luxury Apartments With Sea View In Antalya - Rg-656

Things to Consider While Buying Property in Antalya 

Antalya is the Turkish Mediterranean beach capital. Antalya’s real estate market has transformed it into one of the most fascinating cities in the Mediterranean, thanks to its diverse terrain, active economy, and beach vistas. It’s also one of the area’s fastest-growing cities, attracting visitors from all over the world to enjoy the fantastic blend of beautiful beaches and traditional Turkish culture. The Beach Park, which includes Aqua Land (a waterslide fan’s dream) and Dolphin Land, as well as the historic town center and Hadrian’s Gate, will be a hit with the whole family.

There is a list of topics to consider while buying a property in Antalya below.

  • Why you should buy a property: When you decide to buy a home, you will have a lot of questions. You may be wondering if you will live there permanently or if you will rent it. Perhaps you’ll resell it. You might consider the property as a potential investment. All of these possibilities will help you make your final decision, which will impact the property’s location, budget, and logistics. Furthermore, not every neighborhood is made equal. While certain locations are better suited to family living, others are better suited to retail malls.
  • Do your own research: Purchasing a home is a multi-step procedure. You’re going to conduct your search at times and seek advice from a professional real estate agent. You will also see web marketing ads asking you to acquire a villa with a view of the Mediterranean beaches, which are known for their sunny days all year. However, the best result comes from going to the site on your own, verifying whether the promises are real, and knowing whether or not what you’ve been taught is correct. Look at one, two, or even a hundred homes until you discover the right one, explore multiple offers, broaden your possibilities, and do your math before committing to a purchase.
  • Make sure about the details: Some deals appear to be ideal, and they appear to be so, but they may not be. Yes, there are such prices in some parts of Antalya, particularly in new living centers and rising neighborhoods, which are quite affordable; however, you should be aware that some of those properties lack the necessary paperwork (unfinished) such as planning permission, which could land you in legal trouble. Some contractors build unlawfully and then sell the homes to foreigners and inexperienced persons in the field.
  • Deal with a professional real estate agent: The real estate industry in Antalya is seeing unprecedented growth, prompting a slew of new firms to enter the market. Even though fantastic offers awe us every day, don’t believe everything you hear. Check your real estate agent’s credibility and make sure they have the proper contacts to assist you in obtaining a fully legitimate sold deal.
  • Specialized lawyer for more safety: Hiring a private lawyer will assist you in determining the property’s status and ensuring that all relevant procedures are carried out legally without incurring additional costs. On the contrary, you may be able to prevent additional financial costs as a result of human error. The lawyer will also assist in expediting military cleansing routines and reducing potential delays, as well as the ability to inspect every aspect as you desire.

The pricing range of property for sale in Antalya varies based upon the market values, such as location and view, quality of construction techniques and materials, the level of available services, and proximity to social amenities. According to (Endeksa) statistical website, the annual average price for buying a house in Antalya is around 551 428 Turkish lira. (37.293USD) Antalya Province for sale residential average square meter unit price  November 2021 is 4447 TL (300 USD).

Similar concepts of construction and property projects in Antalya can also be found in other provinces with metropolitan centers like Ankara, Izmir, Sakarya, and Bursa.

How are the Prices of Properties in Antalya Determined? 

The cost of a property project in Antalya is determined by several factors. The most important ones that are directly related to those figures are listed below:

  • Location: It is well known that prices rise near the city center, landmarks and tourist attractions, transportation hubs, and social facilities, then fall as you travel away and towards suburban areas, before rising again when you opt for Sea view and landscape properties.
  • The location of the property in construction: In normal structures, flats on lower floors are usually more expensive. In newer structures, higher levels have higher pricing, especially if they have beautiful views. Property prices in Antalya are influenced by factors such as whether the units are well-ventilated and illuminated, as well as whether they are exposed to sunshine.
  • Property type: Certain homes are in higher demand than others. Some areas have a higher concentration of in-complex flats, while others have a higher concentration of luxury villas with sea views or commercial stores near the Metro Station. Villas for sale in Antalya are likewise constructed to meet high standards of luxury and comfort.
  • The architectural design of the property: The price is also affected by the property’s exterior design and the quality of construction processes and materials. The appraisal process is also heavily influenced by the interior design and layout of spaces.
  • Investment Returns: The prospect of expected financial returns participates in price determination, especially for coveted areas with proximity to the city center.
  • Property Age: In Antalya, the newer the property is the more it leans towards the high end of the pricing range, due to multiple considerations.  

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Antalya?

Purchasing a property in Antalya is becoming increasingly appealing. Since the city exudes attractive social, economic, and geographical characteristics, it appeals to a wide range of persons looking to buy a property, profit from rental investments, or pursue other alternatives. There are countless benefits of buying a property in Antalya:

  • Location Advantages: Antalya is recognized for its unique beaches along the Konyaalti area, as well as the sandy beaches found across the city. The popular “Beach Park” and the Konyaalti promenade can certainly compete with European beaches; it is not only a beautiful part of the city with large green areas, parking spaces next to lovely cafes and restaurants, jogging and cycling lanes, basketball courts, and children’s playgrounds, not to mention how friendly, open, and welcoming the people are.
  • Nature Elements: With numerous national parks lining the 640 km long coastline and lying on the Taurus Mountains, Antalya can make you feel as if you are in paradise. National parks, too, offer diverse flora and fauna, awe-inspiring you with their natural beauty. Moreover, the unspoiled bays, golden sand beaches, and crystal blue waters entice you to swim throughout the entire coastline, highlighting the Mediterranean beaches and unique bays hidden among natural wonders. Some bays and beaches are hidden within the pine forests, and some can only be accessible by boat, not to mention how their alluring beauty creates magical images. But that’s not all; there are also Waterfalls, Canyons, Mountains, Lakes and Ponds, Caves, and Highlands to be discovered.
  • Economic Aspects: In recent years, Antalya has experienced the strongest population growth in Turkey. It has seen a large surge in immigration from other cities, depending on regional development. Tourism, agriculture, and various forms of industry are the city’s economic backbones, which have helped Antalya climb to eighth place in terms of population and national income. Antalya is Turkey’s most popular tourist destination. Tourism accounts for the majority of the economy, with roughly 35% (6-7 million tourists per year) of visitors from outside the country arriving in Antalya. This trend is aided by the tourism industry’s increasing diversification, which now includes areas such as hunting, winter sports, and trekking.
  • Metropolitan privileges: The multi-dimensional transportation channels and high-quality infrastructural facilities are among the other aspects that promote the decision to buy a home in Antalya. In addition, the location is convenient to a variety of public services such as healthcare and educational institutions, as well as entertainment and amusement parks, as well as local retail malls and worldwide brand stores.
  • Stable Living Expenses:  Antalya offers the same level of luxury and modern living experiences at nearly half the price of other prominent European towns. Apart from the flexible market values that can fit any budget depending on where and how you choose to live in Antalya. Especially for foreign residents who can take advantage of the favorable exchange rates between the US Dollar and the Euro.

The aforementioned characteristics combine to make Antalya one of the most straightforward answers to the age-old question of where to purchase a house in Turkey. Being surrounded by beautiful scenery, close to main life facilities, engaging with a nice social milieu, and having a stable economy that results in average expenditure levels sounds like the sanctuary we all imagine.

What are the Features of Property Located in Antalya?

Antalya has had great success in the real estate market, and it has become a hotspot for people looking to invest in real estate or buy their ideal home. The majority of sales and rental investments are made in the city’s most desirable locations, which are determined by the qualities that this portion of Turkey has to offer, such as:

  • The area of the property: You can choose from the available residential flats within the same project in Antalya. From standard-size studio apartments to mega-sized luxury villas with complete private facilities, there is something for everyone. The quality of your life is decided by the opportunities that are available to you. This includes deciding on a neighborhood, property attributes, and location, among other things. In major housing complexes in Antalya, the average size of a property is around (125 m2).
  • The property views: The property’s view is another key aspect in Antalya’s market. This factor has a significant impact on the unit’s market value. Sea and city views are always in high demand, as they are associated with luxury living and high social standards.
  • The way of life: Antalya can accommodate everyone due to its diverse geographical shapes, social life models, and flexible cost of living patterns. The city is provided with social, medical, and educational services, and the urban fabric mixes affluent neighborhoods with new rising centers of residential suburbia. Because of the immense strength of transportation networks that link the entire civilian system together. 

What are the Reasons to Buy Properties in Antalya?

Antalya has grown quite popular among both local and international property buyers, according to real estate investment statistics. Many factors contribute to this city’s popularity as a leader in Turkey’s housing initiatives, including:

  • Always in development: Every year, a slew of projects begin all over the city for a variety of reasons, including the improvement of existing transportation facilities, the establishment of new ones, and the urbanization of newly emerging neighborhoods in the property project games, particularly in the city’s rising areas, connecting all parts of the city to the city’s major shopping and nightlife centers.
  • The steady growth of the economy: With so many strategies in place to help Antalya establish itself in the Turkish market, we’ve concluded that now is the ideal time, particularly for property investors, to begin investing in this growing market.
  • Lucrative sales: Yes, it may primarily affect investors and real estate brokers, but if you hold the home for more than four years, you will save on capital gains tax, which is a significant benefit for anyone looking to buy property in Antalya. The expanding market, along with the financial incentives to buy, entices everyone to participate.
  • Never get bored: The dynamic markets in Antalya provide you with a business chance to invest in a variety of ways by verifying prospective growth projections. Anyone who purchases property in Antalya will most likely see the value of their property improve in the short term. Antalya’s history spans about nineteen centuries, and it has been ruled by the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. It is where Christian and Islamic cultures first emerged. As a result, the residents of the area have their own cultural and historical landmarks. Approximately 90% of museums and historical sites are open to the public most of the year. Aspendos, Olimpos, Mira, Patara, Perge, Phaselis, and Side are just a few of the ancient cities and ruins around and inside Antalya. Each of these is a significant historical site. Kaleici is regarded as a virtual ancient museum under the sky in Antalya’s city center.

What is the Material of the Properties in Antalya? 

The construction materials in Antalya are listed below.

  • Gum: It is a substance formed by pulverizing gypsum stone. This substance, which is used in mold extracting during construction works, hardens when combined with water. It comes in different forms such as Gypsum Plaster Materials, Drywall Materials, and plasterboard Profile Materials used in the internal and external parts of the residential units
  • Paint: Paints Used for both, interior and exterior walls, have unlimited color options and content features with today’s technology
  • Glass: Glass, made by mixing silica sand with potash melting it at high temperature, fragile, transparent, hard, and waterproof material
  • Cement: This is among the powder group construction materials, gains binding properties when combined with water. Different types have varying levels of solidification depending on the conditions. It is one of the most used materials in the construction industry
  • Iron – Steel: It is among the structural components of buildings. It is put into the concrete to prevent slipping in reinforced concrete structures. It’s also used for creating sold Interior and external security doors 
  • Natural Stones: Natural stones are composed of minerals. The ones suitable for use in construction are called natural building blocks. It can be used in the foundation, wall, floor, or roof coverings of the construction. Used also in Bathrooms and kitchen main surfaces
  • Gas Concrete: Gas concrete, which has a multi-purpose and wide usage area, has compressed air pores. It is quite light compared to other building materials
  • Ready-Mixed Concrete: It is a building material that takes the shape of the desired mold by mixing water and cement. It has high compressive strength and is very durable
  • Heating, Cooling, Ventilation: All of the products must be designed according to climate conditions and meet the heating and cooling needs of people in their living spaces. Heating and air conditioning are examples of this
  • Roof: The roof, made of wood, steel, and reinforced concrete, is to protect the upper parts of the building from negative effects such as wind, snow, and rain
  • Plastic and PVC: It is used in the construction industry, in areas such as plastic flooring and plumbing. Also in double glazed PVC Windows
  • Brick and Tile: It is used in wall construction by being attached to binders
  • Insulation Materials: Glass-wool, Rock-wool, EPS, and XPS insulation materials are used in areas such as thermal insulation, water insulation, sound insulation, roof insulation
  • Aluminum: It is among the preferred construction materials, as it is very light and easy to process. Aluminum, which is the most used metal in Istanbul’s housing projects after iron and steel, transmits heat and electricity at a high level and has a very high boiling point
  • Elevator:  With the development of the construction sector, it is available in all-new generation apartments. It has become an industry in its field
  • Lighting: With the development of the building sector, lighting products, which have developing technology, are also among the construction materials
  • Wood: Wood is among the organic-based building materials, is useful and natural. It is one of the oldest building materials

What are the Property Options in Antalya? 

The variety of Antalya’s property market is one of its most distinguishing features. Depending on design, affordability, practicality, and quality criteria, there are a plethora of possibilities to choose from. 

Property options in Antalya are as follows:

  • Apartments and Flats are placed within fully serviced housing compounds, or stand-alone towers as well as independent residential buildings. Those units could be economy studio apartments or even luxury fully serviced. Cheap property is also available, but the quality differs too. 
  • Detached Villas and house properties. With views over the city lights, landscaped green spaces, lakes, or direct access to the beach. Those properties are usually designed with high-end luxury aspects in mind. First-class finishing, inclusive facilities, and top quality decorations
  • General-purpose business centers and home office towers that satisfy modern corporate environments. These are located inside the city center near dynamic life hubs and transportation channels
  • Shopping Centers with extraordinary locations contain all-purpose commercial units and attentively designed stores. Mostly situated by main roads and social attraction spots, opposite vital highways, and intersection traffic points. 

Who is Suitable for Owning a Property in Antalya?

Based on the previously detailed characteristics of Antalya city, mainly manifesting in the conformable lifestyle and versatile opportunities, Antalya property projects cater to all types of homeowners and potential investors. 

The following groups of people tend to head towards Antalya for purchasing real estate that can be classified into:

  • Real Estate Investors: The reputation of Antalya has raised in the last few years of being a great investment choice in the Real estate world. Thanks to the promising local economy, sophisticated modern construction projects, and wide range of prices that may conform to every budget. 
  • Business people and standard workforce: One of the most prominent incentives that push people to move to Antalya is the versatile job opportunities and fertile grounds suitable for small, medium, and large size businesses, especially in the tourism sectors.
  • Balanced Lifestyle Seekers: With the combination of beautiful nature, refreshing weather conditions, adaptable living costs, and decent social standards, all families would be able to choose Antalya as their new area of residence where they do not have to compromise quality living standards in the account of financial aspects.
  • Luxury and Retirement Resorts Seekers: Antalya hosts elite real estate projects that satisfy special tastes. Deluxe villas are just a few steps away from dazzling gold beaches, exclusive penthouses with 5-star hotel services, and more. Those types of real estate draw the attention of VIP life seekers and retired civilians dreaming about spending quality time with their beloved ones away from the crowds.
  • People who seek for being Turkish citizens: According to the Turkish civil laws, foreigners from white-listed countries can apply for Turkish Citizenship after meeting a certain criterion. Buying properties in Turkey is one of the most used approaches to comply with the constituted requirements of the application  

Are Properties Located in Antalya Suitable for Who Wants to Be Turkey Citizen? 

Yes, properties located in Antalya are suitable for those who want to be Turkey Citizens. To be fully compatible with the present legal requirements of the application process, various financial concerns and ownership obligations should be taken into account. Turkish citizenship is one of the most sophisticated titles in the world, as it comes with a slew of benefits, including:

  • Ability to visit more than 116 countries for Personal, more than 155 for Business passports visa-free. Besides the potentiality of including EU countries shortly
  • Besides owning such a prestigious passport, it provides safety of guaranteed investment returns 
  • Quick Citizenship and Passport issuance process, down to 3 months only 
  • Multi-nationally and Wealth disclosure-free authorizations
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Quality Education for the whole family 
  • Pension system benefits 
  • Safety, democracy, and freedom

What is the Advantage of Property Buyers in Antalya?

On many levels, the city’s vibrant texture attracts a great number of people, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of such a life. Here are some of the benefits of living in Antalya:

  • Lovely culture and wide options:  The Turkish Riviera is Antalya, where the Taurus Mountains, which are covered in pine trees, sweep down to the pure blue sea. Antalya is warmed by sunshine for around 299 days of the year, and it is capable of restoring your soul’s love of nature. It also provides such an experience to conduct your activities such as swimming and water sports, sailing, trekking, mountaineering, and golf in a variety of ways. In March or April, Antalya offers a variety of activities, including skiing at Saklikent and swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea. Whatever your requirements are, you will find them all met here. Apart from the warm, sunny atmosphere and the extensive range of leisure facilities, Antalya is distinguished by a balanced expenditure of money, high standards of lodging, and a diversity of possibilities. There are almost 1,000 classed hotels along the 600-kilometer-long shore, with a total capacity of 500,000 beds. The people are charming and hospitable, the food has its distinct flavor, and shopping offers a wide range of options, not to mention the rich culture and interesting history that await exploration.
  • Just enjoy the ride: When you visit Antalya, you will have the opportunity to go throughout the world in one location. In Antalya, you will be exposed to a variety of activities such as skiing in Saklikent Ski-Center, safari travel in Beydaglari, hunting in certain seasons, and the Tahtali Aerial Cableway, which uniquely combines two classic holiday destinations, sea, and mountains at a height of 2,365 meters above sea level, not to mention the highest peaks such as Kizlar Sivrisi (3086 meters) and rivers such as Esen, Demre, Aksu, Kopru, Manavgat, Alara, and Sedir.
  • Always in the mood: Antalya is known for its warm sun rays, pure air, calm vacation locations, and a long, beautiful beach with a Blue Flag distinction. The longest natural sandy beach in Turkey is Patara, while Phaselis and Adrasan beaches are known for their natural beauty and ancient ruins. Within the city limits, the Konyaalti beach is known for its pebble beach and has also been awarded the Blue Flag. Konyaalti beach has recently transformed and is now a popular hotspot for beach clubs and bars. In addition, the sandy beach of Side Incekum in the west is well-known. Antalya provides you with a fantastic vacation opportunity.
  • Safe life: Antalya is regarded for being Turkey’s most congested and multicultural city, as well as one of the safest and most expat-friendly locations in the region. Because of the dependable and efficient security systems in place, as well as the nature of the people that live there.
  • Economy and business society: Antalya is a center of international connections, investment, and tourism in Turkey, taking into consideration social, touristic, and geographical factors. Job seekers, businessmen, and investors all flock to this hotspot to take advantage of its benefits.
  • Transportation and amenities: Modern, high-quality transposition networks serve every point of the city, especially the Touristic, Educational, Medical, and social institutes.  
  • Every type of life quality: We can call it the all-size home model because of the wide range of alternatives afforded by Antalya’s total living experience. The cost of living and everyday household expenses such as food, transportation, and utilities (water, gas, and electricity) vary depending on the budget of each family. Living in a public Turkish neighborhood is more cost-effective than living in a professionally serviced residential compound near popular shopping areas and lively metro stations.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Antalya?

According to real east market analysis, as per Antalya’s neighborhoods, the average price of buying a property is shown in the table below: 


Average Area

Average Price


130 m2

17.656 USD


145 m2

41.542 USD


120 m2

42.017 USD 


135 m2

23.206 USD


160 m2

41.990 USD


124 m2

31.713 USD


182 m2

51.446 USD


150 m2

31.765 USD


115 m2

21.127 USD

Those parameters aren’t set in stone, to say the least. Some values may be affected by underlying factors such as foreign currency fluctuations, seasonality, and urbanization plans. The social standards of each location, as well as its closeness to key living amenities and transportation options, all influence pricing levels.

What are The Payment Methods to Buy Properties in Antalya?   

Payment arrangements and financing procedures for purchasing a home in Antalya are often extremely flexible and straightforward. They usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Advanced down payments of corresponding installment plans: The amounts and time frames are usually changeable based on commercial formulas. Long-Term/Short-Term, as well as annual installments, are also among the used patterns.
  • One-time cash payments: Those types of financial terms are usually accompanied by competitive discounts. They are more applicable for affordable pricing modules 

What is Lifelike in Antalya?

Antalya is a seamless blend of modernity and fascinating traditions, inspired by the location of the area and the rich history that dates back to ancient times. The unique combination of Eastern civilization and the openness of Western life persuade every tourist not to leave the city. Antalya is a place where you can easily follow the sacred rituals without feeling uncomfortable; you can dance with your loved ones on the beach while listening to your favorite music. All of this is accompanied by strong business prospects, high-quality healthcare, and well-thought-out educational programs. Many residential projects try to provide a wide range of alternatives and amenities, including location, landscape, design, and price range.

What Are the Other Cities That Have Properties Similar to Antalya?

We can name other cities in Turkey resembling the Antalya experience like:

  • Istanbul: Istanbul‘s real estate market is the most active in Turkey, with major property and infrastructure developments being created daily.
  • Alanya: Between the cities of Antalya and Mersin, Alanya is one of the most beautiful and vibrant places in the southern Mediterranean region.
  • Bursa: Bursa, formerly Prusa City, is a Turkish city in northwest Turkey. The city’s appeal has grown in the Turkish and international real estate markets.
  • Izmir: After Istanbul and Ankara, Izmir, the “Pearl of the Aegean,” is the third-largest city in terms of population. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Izmir, you’ll be able to enjoy your social life while also furthering your career in such an investment environment.
  • Sakarya: Sakarya, formerly Adapazari, is a city in northwestern Turkey, near the Black Sea and Istanbul. The city is known as one of Turkey’s most important agricultural and industrial hubs.
  • Bodrum: When requirements such as having a decent life by settling for a long time and having investment profitability are considered, Bodrum, in western Turkey, is a vital and ideal location for international real estate buyers.
  • Mersin: Mersin is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations, and ex-pats are flocking to live there. The appeal of the city has spread throughout the real estate market, especially in the last ten years.

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