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luxury complex in alanya with proximity to beaches RG-598
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Luxury Alanya Complex With Proximity To Beach - Rg-598

exclusive luxurious apartments for sale in oba alanya RG-589
Price $95,000

4 Bedroom Luxury Alanya Apartments For Sale - Rg-589

affordable apartments in a compound in alanya RG-581
Price $51,000

Cheap Apartments For Sale in Alanya, Antalya - Rg-581

special residential project in oba alanya RG-576
Price $50,000

Special Residential Project In Oba, Alanya - Rg-576

buy apartments in alanya center RG-537
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Apartments Close to Beach For Sale in Alanya, Antalya - Rg-537

Things to Consider While Buying Property in Oba, Alanya

Oba is a prestigious and decent neighborhood close to the center of Alanya. It has a beach marked with the prestigious “Blue Flag” award, which indicates that it is safe to swim in the resorts. There are historical and cultural museums near the city that you can visit outside the coast. There are also picnic areas with many different concepts near the town of Oba, where you can go with your family and friends. You will never get bored in this town. It allows you to participate in various activities. If you want to shop, you can go to the shopping centers and easily buy what you want with the stores for all your needs. If you want to try different dishes, you can try local cuisine and quality restaurants with different tastes.

 The infrastructure of the city in terms of urban planning is well developed. For families and children ports, fields, parks, and equestrian centers offer you fun moments.

That’s why families are keen on buying a property in Alanya district of Antalya city. However, there are lots of things to consider before buying a property. Here are the things to consider when investing in real estate in the region are as follows:

  • How much budget do you have: Decide on the budget you intend to buy a house on.
  • Make a preliminary assessment before buying the house: Search for housing alternatives that suit your taste and meet your needs.
  • Research the sale price of the house in the market: The price of other houses of the same property should be compared with the properties of the house.
  • Proximity to transportation and social life areas: At the same time, socialization is an important factor for an individual’s life. Proximity to social living areas is also among the details to be considered when buying a house.
  • Research the investment potential: If you are considering buying a house for investment, research the value of the house at the investment point.
  • Realty Estate Agency: If you are considering buying a property, it is very important that you work with a professional real estate agent, so you can have a healthier process.

What are The Price Ranges of Properties Located in Oba?

The price ranges in the region may differ depending on the type of house and its features, as well as its location. However, the average prices of houses in the region can be expressed as follows.

Average Unit Price

130 £

Average Unit Area

43 m

Average Price


Min. Max. Unit Price

530 TL – 5.740 TL ( 39,17 USD – 424,21 USD)

Average Age Of Real Estate In The Market


Average Time To Market

120 days

Prices may vary according to the exchange rate.

How are the Prices of Properties in Oba Determined?

The price of a house is evaluated and calculated based on many factors. However, the location of the house can be expressed as the most effective factor in determining its price. In fact, this location can cause serious price differences depending on not only the neighborhood but also the neighborhoods it belongs to and the street where the house is located. In addition to this, the fact that Oba district is a very popular and suitable place for the family is also effective in determining the housing prices.

Another important factor can be expressed as transportation opportunities and rich route options. The fact that the house you will buy is in a newly built building, has a bright (south) facade facing the street, has an open view, and has features such as a gym, social facility, swimming pool, parking lot are also important in shaping the price.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Oba?

The advantages of buying a property in Oba, Alanya are listed as follows:

  • Turkish Citizenship and Residence Permit: Foreigners who purchase a property in Turkey for at least $250,000 will be entitled to a residence permit and Turkish citizenship in Turkey.
  • Profit: due to its great location and incredible potential, the summer properties you will buy from Oba have many investment opportunities that will bring you good income.
  • Potential: with a magnificent blue flag registered beach located in the summer area, it will offer you wonderful holiday opportunities both financially and with your family.
  • Luxury and modern properties: With its distinguished properties, it offers a wide range of real estate to its buyers, where they can find the concept of modern and stylish houses.
  • Investment value: The region has a high investment value with its potential. This gives you the chance to make a profit by recovering the cost you have invested in the short term.
  • Opportunity to live in a holiday resort: Alanya is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey and offers lots of fun things for both locals and foreigners.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Oba?

You can find a list below of the property features in Oba.

  • Amazing landscape
  • Huge gardens and recreation areas across to the city
  • Safe Playgrounds for children
  • 24/7 Security
  • Restaurant / Cafe
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Turkish bath
  • Fitness and GYM
  • Swimming Pool
  • Stylish and modern properties
  • Turkish citizenship
  • Indoor Car Parking
  • Cinema
  • Investment potential

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Oba?

Oba is part of a region with great opportunities to buy real estate. The opportunities offered by the region to those who are considering buying real estate are as follows.

  • Turkish citizenship
  • Residence permit,
  • Wide options that suitable for all tastes
  • Services and opportunities offered by the region
  • Urban transformation
  • Restaurants & Turkish Cuisine
  • Great view

What are the Property Types and Options in Oba?

Oba district offers you a great option to find real estate that suits your taste and needs with its many real estate opportunities. Housing diversity in the region is as follows:

  • Spacious apartments: 1+1.2+1.3+1.4+1.4+2.5+1.5+2.6+1.6+2 apartments,
  • Duplex apartments: Duplex apartments with usage advantages,
  • Villas with gardens and pools: Stylish and practical modern villas.
  • Detached houses with gardens: Peaceful, quiet, detached houses with wide areas of use.

Who are the Properties in Oba Suitable For?

Properties located in Oba, Alanya area are suitable for the following people.

  • Newly married couples
  • Investors
  • Freelance Workers
  • Single people
  • Large and nuclear families
  • Retirees

What are the Living Standards Like in Oba?

Oba District is one of the neighborhoods of Alanya. This famous holiday town is frequented by both local and foreign tourists during the summer months. Oba is located in the west of Tosmur, and when viewed as a building and planning area, it is more developed and larger than Tosmur. There are many areas of activity you can do in the Oba holiday resort. Another advantage of being a small town is that you can reach everywhere within walking distance. The sea is clean and with the blue flag registered. It is affordable compared to other resorts and you can enjoy your holiday easily.

What Are The Other Counties That Have Properties Similar to Oba?

All resorts in Alanya are popular summer resorts. However, the following regions with their own characteristics show similar features to the Oba district:

  • Mahmutlar: Mahmutlar is one of the neighborhoods of Alanya and is a tourism-oriented town with many nice hotels and restaurants.
  • Kargicak: Kargicak is a county in the Alanya district. This district which offers a quality standard of living has developed thanks to tourism.

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