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experience luxury life in seafront apartments RG-594
Price $143,497

Seafront Apartments For Sale in Kestel, Antalya - Rg-594

spectacular complex with proximity to sea in alanya RG-591
Price $41,766

Spectacular Complex With Proximity To Sea In Alanya - Rg-591

apartments for sale within walking distance to the beach RG-587
Price $77,000

Apartments For Sale in Kestel, Antalya Close To Beach - Rg-587

luxury-project-with-sea-view-apartments-in-kestel RG-586
Price $113,000

2 Bedroom Sea View Apartments For Sale in Antalya - Rg-586

unique design apartments in alanya kestel RG-568
Price $155,000

1 Bedroom Alanya Apartments For Sale - Rg-568

exclusive sea view villas in alanya kestel RG-565
Price $514,000

Exclusive Sea View Villas in Alanya, Kestel - Rg-565

alanya sea view apartments with affordable prices RG-538
Price $45,000

Sea View Apartments For Sale in Alanya, Antalya - Rg-538

new-residency in alanya at first sea line RG-535

Direct Sea View Apartment In Alanya, Turkey - Rg-535

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new-residency in alanya at first sea line RG-535
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Direct Sea View Apartment In Alanya, Turkey - Rg-535

Things to Consider While Buying Property in Kestel

Kestel is a small and quiet neighborhood in the Alanya district of Antalya. The neighborhood is located about ten kilometers from the center of the Alanya district. In addition, the neighborhood is 30 kilometers from Gazipasa International Airport. The neighborhood is sunny most of the year. Kargicak beach and Kestel beach are located in the neighborhood. The Kestel neighborhood is located to the east of Dim Creek. The region has developed due to tourism. An organic bazaar is established by farmers one day a week in Kestel. There are tourist hotels in the neighborhood. Kestel is a developing county. There are options such as a picnic area, a spa, restaurants, and pubs for social events in the district. There are services for basic needs such as big markets, a mosque, an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school in the neighborhood. Multiple bus lines will provide transportation to the neighborhood. The Alaaddin Keykubat University campus is located here. In other words, various activities are carried out during the year in student dormitories and campuses. There is a Russian school called Classica-m in the neighborhood The school organizes a wide range of educational and social activities.

What are the Price Ranges of Properties Located in Kestel?

The average price of housing units in the district is $ 2565 per m2.

The price of an average house (100m2) is 256.000 dollars.

Min Max unit price: 300 USD – 4800 USD

Average gross area (m2): 100

How are the Prices of Properties in Kestel Determined?

Real estate prices in the Kestel neighborhood vary depending on the proximity of houses to the sea, services close to houses, the size of houses (m2), the number of rooms, views, and the quality of the materials from which the houses are made.

What are the Benefits of Buying a Property in Kestel?

The benefits of buying property in Kestel are stated below.

  • Turkish citizenship and residence permit: Housing investment in the region allows obtaining Turkish citizenship and residence permit. A housing investment worth at least $ 250,000 allows foreign residents to obtain a residence permit and Turkish citizenship.
  • Value for Money: Tourism regions are in great demand in Turkey, so they are valuable. Tourism is one of the sectors that is developing every year in the country. Therefore, home investments are popular.
  • Living costs: Living costs are partly higher because Alanya is a tourist region. But this difference is not very big compared to other regions. So we can say that living costs are affordable.
  • Return to İnvestment: Renting houses in tourist areas of this type is a good return option. Since the area is a luxury living area, demand and return are more. That’s why investing in a house in the neighborhood can bring good profits to the investor.

What are the Features of Properties Located in Kestel?

You can find a list below of the property features in Kestel.

  • High-quality materials.
  • Balconies
  • Shops
  • Car park
  • Swimming pool
  • Children park
  • Sauna
  • Spa
  • Mountain views

What are the Reasons to Buy Property in Kestel?

Kestel neighborhood is one of the leading tourism neighborhoods of Alanya. Kestel is very developed in terms of social events. The reasons for buying real estate from Kestel are listed below.

  • Luxury facilities
  • Turkish citizenship
  • Hotels, shops, and restaurants
  • Services available in the region
  • Kestel coast
  • Kargıcak beach
  • Close to Gazipasa Internatıonal Airpot

What are the Property Types and Options in Kestel?

Property types and options in Kestel can be found below.

  • 1+1.2+1,3+1,4+1,4+2,5+1,5+2,6+1,6+2 flats and dublex apartment options.
  • Commercial types
  • Villas with private balconies and gardens

Who are the Properties in Kestel Suitable For?

Buying a property in Alanya Kestel is a nice option for people who want to live in a tourist region and like to go swimming almost every season. Kestel, which is sunny most of the year, is ideal for people who like sunny weather.

There is a large foreign population in Kestel. The local and foreign populations get along well with each other. That is why Kestel is the reason for the preference for foreign citizens. In Kestel there are house options with different numbers of rooms for people living alone and for families. In addition, buying a house in Kestel can also be considered as an investment Tourism is vital in Kestel, where there are several magnificent hotels close to each other. That is, if the residences purchased here are rented out during the tourist seasons, significant profits can be made.

What are the living standards like in Kestel?

The living standards in the neighborhood are of high quality. In general, living standards in Kestel, Alanya are well and the neighborhood and the region improve their quality with the investments they receive due to tourism.

What are the Other Counties that have Properties Similar to Kestel?

  • Tosmur: Tosmur is a neighborhood in the district of Alanya, Antalya Province, Turkey. The neighborhood is located west of Dim Creek. Tosmur, which has beautiful hotels from each other, has a Tosmur beach.
  • Oba: Oba is one of the neighborhoods of Alanya. The neighborhood is almost as big as Kestel when viewed as a structure and planning. There are beautiful hotels in the neighborhood and Alanya Education and Research Hospital. Oba creek going through the neighborhood.
  • Mahmutlar: Mahmutlar is one of the neighborhoods of Alanya. It is located further from the center than Kestel and is located to the east of Kestel. The neighborhood was established with a focus on tourism. It contains the Mahmutlar coast. There are many beautiful hotels and restaurants in the neighborhood.
  • Kargicak: Kargicak is a neighborhood of Antalya city in the Alanya district. The neighborhood is located in the east of the Mahmutlar neighborhood. Kargicak neighborhood, like other neighborhoods, is home to a lot of hotels. The district, where there is a quality standard of living, has developed thanks to tourism.

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