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Property management is the most important thing after buying a property in a foreign country. Many investors who are considering entering the Turkish real estate market are unsure of how to proceed, some of them are taking the approach to invest individually, but the others find the process hard and not secure, so instead of that, they are choosing to partner with a specialized real estate investment management company that offers important advantages over individual work.

Real estate investment management can provide investors with access to markets that they find difficult to find or enter, provide high-quality management and distinctive advice, and provide joint investment options to facilitate new investors in what companies with full experience do. The high return on investments you can guarantee it by starting with the right property management!

Here are some of what Realty Group® offers to clients in real estate management:

  • After finishing the project, we will provide our investors with the most appropriate support through our investment management services by reselling or renting your properties if you wish, and we will give you the most profitable offers for high ROI.
  • We will not only provide the appropriate tenant for your properties, but we will follow up on all and related matters on your behalf, and we are sufficient to keep you fully informed of that.
  • In addition, we have some projects that provide our investors with a rental guarantee or resale guarantee immediately after purchasing the property.
  • We will direct you to the best and most favorable offers that suit your budget and bring you the best profits.
  • There are many options that we use to serve our clients in Realty Group®, one of which, for example, is the concept of hotel apartments, which is now widespread in new projects, especially in Istanbul.
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