Properties for Sale in Izmir

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Properties for Sale in Izmir

Izmir, has an important place in the Properties sector in Turkey for sale. In addition, housing project prices in Izmir, apartments for sale, office village campaigns, delivery dates, payment plans, places, three-dimensional views, floor and status plans and contact information can be found on the Realyt Group website.

You can find any information about housing projects prices, house for sale, office villa campaigns, delivery date, payment plan, locations, 3 dimentional views in Izmir from Realty Group website.

About Izmir

In Realty Group Izmir website, there are many knowledge about transportation, economy, special analysis for real estate investors and so on. In Izmir, projects for investment are very popular.

In Izmir, there are almost 4 million 223 thousands of people is living. It is the 3rd biggest city in Turkey and this city is important for foreign trade because the 2nd biggest port in Turkey is in Izmir. There are many international companies in Izmir specilized in different professions. Because Izmir is succesful for international trade with its seaway, blockroad and airway options.

 Transportation in Izmir

Izmir is an equipped city and has various options about transportation. With public transportation, people can easily arrive any place.

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Izmir Construction Sector

Every year avarage 100 thousands people immigrate to Izmir. For that reason, each day the need for new housing projects are raising and so that, construction industry is so active in Izmir.

You can visit housing projects website to see all projects in Turkey.


Izmir Region Report

In Izmir house for sale prices raised 0.28% in previous month and avarage unit price for metersquare is 3.031 TL and avarage depreciation time is 19 years.

So that, according to region reports and real estate index, in 2018 avarage price is shown between 227.345 TL and 378.900 TL.

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Housing for Sale Price The Most Raised Distincts in Izmir

When we take a look at the annual avarage, from December 2018 Narlıdere, Urla, Foça, Güzelbahçe and Menemen  have the most raised prices in Izmir.

Housing for Sale Price The Most Decreased Distincts in Izmir

When we take a look at the annual avarage, from December 2018 Beydağ, Kiraz, Kınık, Karaburun and Aliağa have the most decreased prices in Izmir.

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 The Fastest Money Making Distincts in Izmir

When we give importance to depreciation time, from December 2018 Çeşme, Kiraz, Menderes, Narlıdere and Güzelbahçe  are the fastest money making areas in Izmir.

The Slowest Money Making Distincts in Izmir

When we give importance to depreciation time, from December 2018 Beydağ, Konak, Çiğli, Aliağa and  Karabağlar are the slowest money making areas in Izmir.

Properties for Sale Price in the Distincts of Izmir

DistinctsDecember 2018Annual AvarageDepreciationChange

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