Properties for Sale in Fethiye

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Properties for Sale in Fethiye

Fethiye, has an important place in the Properties sector in Turkey for sale. In addition, housing project prices in Fethiye, apartments for sale, office village campaigns, delivery dates, payment plans, places, three-dimensional views, floor and status plans and contact information can be found on the Realyt Group website.

Fethiye is a fascinating district of Mugla where is situated between Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. That characteristics make Fethiye more precis. During summer season many people want to come Fethiye and spend their time on gorgeous beaches and natural beauties.

Fethiye has great facilities and therefore people want to settle there for in temporary or permanent way. For gaining clear features about housing or offices in Fethiye you should take an advice from Realty Group that is given by experts. Locations, payment plans, 3D slide of facilities and surroundings, sketch of building will be shown the customers in turn.

Properties for Sale in Fethiye

Realty Group has a special details about Fethiye housing system deeply and from all sides. A

Fethiye has new brand projects for build an apartment, residential, villas or any buildings. For living or investment there you can take an office with good location with reasonable prices. People give an attention to Fethiye due to fascinating locations and facilities that the city has. New brand housing and offices are available in Fethiye center.

Fethiye has the largest areas in Mugla which has 12 different districts and one of them is Fethiye. The district has developed tourism facilities with charming luxury hotels and beaches. Fethiye’s soil size is 3.059 square meter and city is surrounded with Antalya from east side, Mediterranean Sea from the west side and Denizli from north side of the city.

Transportation in Fethiye

Fethiye has Dalaman Airport which is uses for both military and civilian purposes. Airport is 55 km away from Fethiye. Other facilities for transportation in Fethiye are developed bus network and taxis.Boat journey is arranged during summer season to Rhodes Island direction. Also some boat tours are held during summer season to Kaş, Marmaris and Bodrum directions.

Report for Fethiye in Mugla Zone

Fethiye is one of the special region in Aegean province. In order to have developed life standard people eager to settle Fethiye. Therefore housing prices increased with %1.05 rate during last one month. Depreciation time in Fethiye is about 22 years and each square meter prices in an apartment is averagely 2.766 TL.

Average hosing for sale prices in Fethiye about between 207.482 TL to 345.800 TL for 100 square meter sized apartment.

Most Valued Houses in Fethiye Neighborhoods

Çiftlik, Yeşilüzümlü, Tuzla, Taşyaka, Yeni neighborhoods are most valued areas according to in last one year record.

Earning Too Fast in Fethiye Neighborhoods with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Fethiye are Gökçeovacık, Kargı, Yeşilüzümlü, Ölüdeniz, Kayaköy neighborhoods in turn.

Mugla Fethiye’de En Geç Kazandıran Mahalleler

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Bursa are Söğütlü, Nif, Faralya, Karacaören, Karaağaç neighborhoods in turn.

Properties Prices for Sale in Fethiye Districts

Neighborhood December 2018 Annual Average Depreciation Change
Akarca 3.210 ₺/sq/m 3.200 ₺/ sq/m 28 years % 11,61
Babataşı 3.441 ₺/ sq/m 2.829 ₺/ sq/m 27 Years % 19,9
Cami 2.278 ₺/ sq/m 27 years % 00.00
Cumhuriyet 3.338 ₺/ sq/m 22 Years % 00.00
Çamköy 2.138 ₺/ sq/m 33 Years % 00.00
Çiftlik 4.187 ₺/ sq/m 3.335 ₺/ sq/m 38 Years % 41,31
Göcek 7.568 ₺/ sq/m 5.906 ₺/ sq/m 53 Years % 00.00
Karagedik 4.786 ₺/ sq/m 4.720 ₺/ sq/m 70 Years % 12,96
Ölüdeniz 5.401 ₺/ sq/m 4.444 ₺/ sq/m 77 Years % 00.00
Taşyaka 2.768 ₺/ sq/m 2.511 ₺/ sq/m 26 Years % 21,4
Tuzla 3.076 ₺/ sq/m 2.930 ₺/ sq/m 28 Years % 22,89
Yanıklar 3.823 ₺/ sq/m 41 Years % 00.00
Yeni 2.448 ₺/ sq/m 2.285 ₺/ sq/m 23 Years % 20,71
Yeşilüzümlü 4.780 ₺/ sq/m 4.569 ₺/m2 sq/m 97 Years % 37,04

Property for sale in Mugla

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