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We at Realty Group® work with a wide base of private investors, homeowners, and senior developers with credibility and expertise, as well as our portfolio that contains more than 200 projects in 7 major cities across Turkey and the world.

This is what makes us confident that we can provide your requirements in purchasing a property you dream of in order to live or invest, and it does not matter if you are looking to buy real estate in Turkey with installments or in cash, all options are available for you!

Our professional real estate consultants are ready to provide you the following best services:

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and secure your stay comfortably, then arrange an appointment to see the projects or areas suitable for you
  • A detailed explanation about Turkey and the city you are interested to buy your property in and provide you with all the information you need to know, answer any question related to buying real estate, and make comparing to choose the best
  • Prepare a field visit to the selected projects according to your request and suitable for your budget and other needs
  • After visiting the projects, our consultants give you their advice to ensure that you choose the best for you, and they conduct with you the process of reserving the property of your choice or signing the contract
  • Complete the sale procedures by notarized the sale contract to save your rights or obtaining the Title Deed after completing the sale
  • We wish you good luck with your choice and we transfer you to our after-sales department, to continue the necessary full services after purchasing the property
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