What are Realty Group’s Online Sales Services?

If you are going to buy a property for the first time in Turkey or want a real estate expert to take care of you and the transactions with the property you will buy, Realty Group’s online consultancy service will be ready for your wishes. With the expert and experienced real estate agents within the Realty group, it will be possible for you to have houses that meet the criteria that suit you in the city you want, and in the location, you wish to in Turkey, no matter where you live in the world hence to guarantee you hassle-free real estate ownership. This online consultation service of Realty Group® not only encourages you to buy a property but also enables you to get the highest quality service you need by being with you at every stage. In addition to commercial real estate, home purchase, rental, Property Law, rental agreements, investment in Turkey or other countries, and ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, we will provide you with the most appropriate advice. All your questions will be answered safely and thoughtfully by the professional team of our brand.

What are the Advantages of Online Sales Services?

The Advantages of Online Sales Services are listed below.

  • The opportunity to reach the best and safest specially designed architectural craftsmanship and technology with guaranteed reliable real estate.
  • Getting a high level of service from another country.
  • Realty Group’s experienced advisors with multi-language from that are here to help you 24/7 with Arabic, English, Russian, Farsi, French, Chinese, and many other languages.
  • You can reach our professional members from the website help section and WhatsApp line.
  • We are protecting your personal information from any problems, so your privacy and safety are one of the priorities while working.

Who Can Get Realty Group’s Online Sales Services?

People who have questions about real estate and want to consult to get information, people who want to invest but do not know how to invest in another country, people who want help with the steps to be taken in buying a real estate, and finally real estate rental, people who need support in matters such as sales will find answers to all their questions understandably by experienced and talented Realty Group’s advisors with this helpline.

Is Realty Group Online Sales Services Paid?

As Realty Group real estate, whether you reside in Turkey or abroad, you can contact us on our help and support line without consulting fee. In this sense, you can contact us and consult our expert team on the subject you want.

Thanks to this consultancy opportunity, you can contact a team that will help you regardless of your location, business, and budget, without paying any cost.

What Does Realty Group Online Sales Service Include?

What realty group Online sales service covers is listed below.

  • Online Sale: Thanks to this service, you can catch special offers on the units with extra special discount rates. By eliminating additional travel costs, you can take advantage of a limited number of offers.
  • Turkish Citizenship by Investment Process and Guide: Since Turkey is an intercontinental country with a strategic location and experiences all 4 seasons throughout the year, it is considered an important tourism destination. In this sense, many foreign nationals want to obtain citizenship, if you are one of these people, Realty Group is ready to help you in all your citizenship process.
  • Property Management: Property management is the most important step after purchasing a property in a foreign country. In this sense, Realty Group will support you with its expert team and offers significant advantages over individual work.
  • Legal Services: The expert real estate team will make it easy for you to handle your transactions by providing legal advice that allows you to move forward on a legal basis that guarantees your rights at every step.

What are Online Sales Steps?

Here are the steps of online sales.

  • ïResearch which city you want to get a house 
  • ïFind a reliable agent.
  • ïTalk to your agent about the property you like and build a good rapport about its past.
  • ïVisit Turkey.
  • ïGo on a Turkey property inspection trip.
  • ïNegotiate the price and terms of purchase.
  • ïBuy the house.

Is the Project Selected in Realty Group Changed Later?

Of course, like every project, it might change and innovate over time and will try to offer you a better service. In this sense, we think that the change will be positive and we are working for it.

It will continue to serve both our domestic and foreign customers in projects that are rapidly running out, as it is a period in which Turkey has increased its economic investments in the field of construction and tourism.

How to Sign Contract Papers in Realty Group Online Sales Service?

Previously, if a sale or purchase was to take place or face-to-face, you have to go to a real estate agent’s office to sign a pile of papers, but have you ever thought about how these signatures will be made when shopping online? This step, which brings along many troubles, has now been solved with the help of electronic signatures. Sends purchase and sale agreements, offer letters, refinancing documents, and other real estate documents that you have or will make with the real estate agency. These days, as part of any real estate transaction, you have the opportunity to receive documents via email to sign.

In this way, paperwork is handled easily without using your miles.

How to Pay in Realty Group Online Sales Service?

It is possible to shop and make large payments from one end of the world to the other through banks, all you need is that the bank in the other country has an agreement with your bank and that people have accounts that can provide money flow. As for the subject of taxation, the VAT rate for every product purchased from Turkey is 18%, which is equally valid for foreigners and Turkish people.

To which Bank Account Should the Payment be Made?

As a legal institution, we try to fulfill the legal processes and pay our taxes in full, so we serve as the same company with two different banks for credit card payments and money transfer transactions. The banks from which we receive this payment are Vakifbank and Garanti BBVA, and you can make transfer payments 24/7. Please contact us for detailed information.

Is the Payment in Installments in Online Sales?

Installment payment options vary according to the projects. In this sense, as the projects differ, you can contact our real estate agents to obtain clear information and choose to invest accordingly. Our team is ready to give you information to assist you in any way possible.

faster response to your requests and needs. Not to mention that it is customer-oriented and supports you in every process.

In addition, professional real estate agencies provide you with investment consultancy and immigration services and high-quality service in a fast effective way around the world.

Is Realty Group Online Sales Service Safe?

Realty Group real estate company, with its professional team, has been providing real estate investment consultancy services since 2009 with its sales network spread throughout Turkey and its wide real estate portfolio. This team, which is specialized in its business and has a successful working life in its field, builds its work on innovative and reliable foundations as a new breath in Turkey’s real estate sector. In this process, by using more effective and efficient ways, it tries to keep up with the period and find a faster response to your requests and needs. Not to mention that it is customer-oriented and supports you in every process.

What Does Realty Group Guarantee for Online Sales?

Superior service and customer satisfaction are the two pillars of our brand. In this sense, Realty Group guarantees to provide you with superior service at every stage with its experienced team and keeps your satisfaction at the top. All legal phases will be planned by your wishes and desires, and you will be able to realize your investment safely.

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