More than one billion times Istanbul transportation was used

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More than one billion times Istanbul transportation was used

The Greater Istanbul Municipality announced its intention to make new applications for public transport during this year 2020, due to the increase in which the Istanbul transportation network was used during 2019, This was in a statement of the municipality, through which it pointed to the qualitative leap in public transportation networks, in terms of their development and increased use.

More than one billion times Istanbul transportation was used in 2019

The municipality has mentioned how often public transportation is used in city, And has noticed an increase over the past year by 10%, as it exceeded one billion times, and confirmed that new applications will be implemented on transport networks.

Istanbul is characterized by a large transportation network, by land and sea, and it considered modern compared to the major tourist cities, As it includes a large number of means of transportation, which makes the transportation process in Istanbul easier for foreign tourists as well as citizens.

Istanbul municipality provides a variety of public transportation, such as the tramway, metro, subway, and trains, as well as ferries for maritime transport, which is one of the most important means of transportation as it is constantly transported to the city.

Also, there are buses and tourist taxis owned by private companies operating in tourism or other matters.

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Istanbul municipality meets a special transportation card that is used in all public transportation. This card is sold through packing machines or through commercial kiosks for a price of 20 Turkish liras and can be filled continuously.

This video will help you to know how to get a Istanbul card

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