The number of those who say (My house is small but smart) will increase!

The number of those who say (My house is small but smart) will increase!

Technology is with us at every moment of our life … What about homes? Smart homes are growing in popularity. Especially as we see more demand for smart homes in Europe, also much more likely to take place in Turkey.

European developers are shaping housing production according to the smart home trend. It will no longer be the reason to choose “smart homes” for those who want to buy home.

Reality group address the subject in the article about the developments in smart homes.

What is a Smart Home?

Smart home will not be luxury, it will be from basics,

Here are the striking lines of the article titled ”European Developers Turned to Smart Houses

As consumers have more and more technology into their lives, homes have become smarter. At present, many people bring technology to their homes with their own facilities, but European developers are closely following the developments.

In upcoming years, when you visit a house to buy or rent, the benefits offered include a refrigerator, an automatic cat feeder, and many smart home appliances with voice commands or signs that tell you when the milk is over. According to reality group; globally, smart home technology is expected to rise from $ 35.7 billion to $ 150.6 billion over the next five years.

In Germany, where Arthur D. Little and the internet association Eco are consulted, the smart home market will grow by $ 4.89 billion by 2022.

technologies are considered as luxury for the time being, this will soon change, and smart homes will become more common.

In Germany, because the housing supply cannot meet the demand sufficiently, we do not need to offer extra benefits to the buyer, but we see that smart home technologies are offered as extra benefit in other markets. For example, Brexit offers free extras to buyers, including smart technologies, because of the contraction in luxury home sales in the UK.

Smaller house, more technology!

According to our housing investment advisors, the reason for the increase in smart homes is that more and more people will have space constraints due to more people moving to smaller houses in cities. Watching TV in a window pane may sound futuristic right now. However, according to experts, in the case of less walls in the house, alternative methods for home entertainment systems will be used wisely.

The number of people using applications to control central heating systems or air conditioners from outside their homes is increasing day by day. Controlling energy use through smart devices does not only offer convenience and cost advantage, it is also important in combating climate change.

Who will buy and rent houses this year?

If there are devices that can talk to each other, users can now manage multiple devices with these smart home assistants. ”Turn on the air conditioner for a minute,“ Change the temperature of the house to 23 ° 8, “Turn off the lights,” Turn on the blinds, ”” I want to listen to some music or Set up a meeting for tomorrow 8 ın, “Hold the cake for 45 minutes,“ House It is possible to make life easier by asking questions like so What is the traffic situation?  “How is the weather?

Homes smart or network connections

Of course, there are no difficulties to be overcome. For example, to make the houses really smart, network connections need to be made much better. If the user is unable to control in some way, it doesn’t matter how smart the technology is in the four walls.

Yes, in the near future, heaters and other household appliances will be managed by the applications in our mobile phones or by voice commands. But in order for a smart house to function properly, all different systems need to be able to communicate among themselves, which is much harder than it is thought. For this reason, the European Commission’s Joint Research Center (JRC) designed a laboratory-house in Petten, the Netherlands, to assess how smart devices can communicate among themselves. The aim of the research laboratory is to measure the interoperability of smart devices.

While the work in this area continues rapidly, it is not surprising that developers are interested in this issue.

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