Land Registry Turkey Office will open in 10 countries

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Land Registry Turkey Office will open in 10 countries

To facilitate real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey, a total of 12 Land Registry Office will be opened in 10 countries.

Works began on the first Turkish Land Registry Office in Berlin. Soon Turkey will open offices in the Netherlands, England, and Russia.

The Turkish government is seeking to facilitate and increase real estate sales, and it will establish 12 Land Registry Office in 10 different countries.

In recent years, the buyer and seller had to go to the real estate and carry out the purchase operation at the Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre.

Now the Turkish government will eliminate these complications with the opening of Land Registry Office in different countries.

Thus, buyers and sellers of real estate may be in different places and foreigners wishing to buy real estate will not have to come to Turkey.

This office will reduce the bureaucracy, and citizens will do their transactions easier.

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Work started in the Berlin office

According to the Sabah newspaper, among the Land Registry Office to be opened abroad, pilot implementation has begun in Berlin office.

Turkish citizens living in Germany and foreigners wishing to buy property in Turkey can do real estate transactions through the Land Registry and Cadastre Office established at the Turkish Consulate in Berlin.

In addition to the purchase procedures, people can make transfer, mortgage, swap, donation transactions, title deed registration, title deed registration sample, and requesting reasonable information in this office.

The number of Turkish and foreign nationals buying property in other countries will be considered in the opening of the representation office.

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Real estate sales to foreigners will reach 40 thousand

Foreigners bought 32 thousand properties in Turkey in the first 9 months of 2019.

By the end of the year, this number is expected to reach 40 thousand properties, and sales revenue will reach 35 billion TL.

Countries in which Land Registry Office will be opened

Turkiye plans to open Land registry representatives in Germany, the United Kingdom, Greece, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Belgium, Qatar, and in two of Turkish republics.

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