Kemerburgaz is the largest urban forest in Istanbul

كيميربورغاز, اسطنبول, تركيا

Kemerburgaz is the largest urban forest in Istanbul

Kemerburgaz International Urban Forest, which is built on a very large area, will be opened on October 29, the anniversary of the Republic Day of Turkey.

Here are 7 things people should know about Kemerburgaz International City Forest

  1. About 1 million 500 thousand square meters of the city park will start serving Istanbul residents on 29 October Republic Day, while the total area of ​​the forest is 5 million 526 thousand square meters.
  2. Kemerburgaz Forest has already achieved the title of “Istanbul’s largest urban forest”.
  3. Kemerburgaz International Urban Forest, which was implemented in Eyüpsultan Kemerburgaz, is one of the projects that bring Istanbul back to green color.
  4. It is located to the north of Alibeyköy Dam Lake.
  5. The project includes cruising, adventure, education and sports areas that compose a rest area where residents and visitors of Istanbul can have fun.
  6. The forest, where over 8 thousand trees have been planted, is characterized by its proximity to the city center and it will be accessible for everyone.
  7. In Kemerburgaz International City Forest, there are children’s club, football field, scout camp, kite workshop, handicraft sales unit, pony stall, cattle and sheep and stables.

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