Istanbul Weather

istanbul weather

Istanbul Weather

Istanbul is a beautiful city; people do not want to leave once they are in. It is a city of magical beauty with many crowds and chaos but you cannot stay apart. Istanbul has not lost anything of value and beauty in every period of history and is still beautiful. Istanbul is a unique world city with its sea, air, nature, history and cultural richness.

However, the weather of Istanbul is very changable in every season. Sometimes when the ferry crosses to the shore, a strong wind suddenly appears. Sometimes the bright sky is suddenly covered with gray clouds. Immediately after the sun, which surprise you with its usual brightness. So don’t be surprised when you see umbrellas in Istanbul in sunny weather. The atmosphere of Istanbul surprised them.

About Istanbul

Istanbul, Every Seasons is Beautiful!

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The weather in Istanbul is more variable in winter. Sometimes it rains for days, you think the sky is pierced. Sometimes it doesn’t rain or snow for months in winter, and I wonder if the clouds are going down to Istanbul. Istanbul is a mysterious city.

Therefore, the weather in Istanbul changes rapidly like this. In winter, sometimes the colour of the sky is pink for days. It will snow and Istanbul will be spoiled.

Then one morning when you wake up, Istanbul’s weather has changed. The flaking snow is like a huge white cover spread all over the city. The snow that covers every part of the city makes Istanbul even more beautiful. Snow-covered trees, historical sites, pigeons and sparrows flying trying to find food in mosque courtyards.

Another beauty of Istanbul in winter is to throw bagels from the ferry to seagulls while passing by the ferry to Üsküdar and Kadıköy.

city’s numerous beauties are worth seeing at such times. For example, in the middle of the sea, the Maiden’s Tower is one of these beauties that silently salutes all the passengers passing by the ferries every day. So, regardless of the weather in Istanbul; its beauty is always different.

Istanbul is the Meeting Point of Asia and Europe!

حالة الطقس في اسطنبول, istanbul weather, Turkey weather, weather
Boshporus Bridge

Istanbul as a city-owned industry, tourism, manufacturing, universities, Turkey’s busiest in terms of geographic location and young population, but also the largest.

Istanbul has a population that is more crowded than many other countries in terms of its population. Both Turkey’s people from all the region, eager to come to a city where they want to live well.

What makes Istanbul so privileged is perhaps its nature, historical past, seas, cultural richness or a climate that is beautiful in every season.

one side of Istanbul is extending to Asia and the other to Europe. The city of Istanbul is located at the point where both continents meet and have territories in Asia and Europe. The imposing Bosphorus which connects Black Sea and Marmara Sea; brings Asia and Europe together. On the other hand, half of Istanbul is located in Europe and the other half in Asia.

Beyoglu (Istanbul)

Istanbul Weather

الثلج في اسطنبول,حالة الطقس في اسطنبول, istanbul weather, Turkey weather, weather
Snow in Sultan Ahmet

The average annual temperature in Istanbul is generally 15 degrees. On the other hand, 40% of the rainfall occurs in winter and 20% in spring.

When the weather in the city is evaluated, it is known that although there is very little rainfall in the summer months, the rainfall is more in the autumn season. In short words, Istanbul has a hot and dry summers, while the winters are rainy and warm.

In the city, summer months are usually not hot due to weather conditions that affect the region during the winter months.

During the summer and winter seasons throughout the city, there is no large temperature difference between day and night.

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