Iranian Khodro company invests in Turkey

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 Iranian Khodro company invests in Turkey

Every year thousands of Iranians come to Van for tourism on summer vacation in Turkey and now Iran decides to invest in Van.

After German automotive giant Volkswagen decided to build a factory in Manisa, Iranian minibus and truck manufacturer Khodro Company has announced that it will also invest in Van.

Iranian investors have moved their investments to Turkey, to reduce the effects of economic sanctions imposed on them.

Khodro, one of the Middle East’s largest automaker, can overcome sanctions against it by invest in Turkey. The vehicles produced will be Turkish patented.

Upon his arrival in Van, Farshad Moqimi the CEO of the company met with Mehmet Emin Bilmez (Governor and Deputy Mayor of Municipality), Mehmet Aslan, (Chairman of Van Organized Industrial Zone), Necdet Takva, (Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Halil İbrahim (Secretary-General of the Eastern Anatolian Development Agency), and business representatives in the city.

Later, Farshad Meqimi met with officials of the General Directorate of Development Agencies and Presidency Investment Office and explained that they had decided to establish a car factory in Van.

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The factory will cost $ 200 million

The factory will be constructed in the Van Industrial Zone on a 50-hectare area, and it is expected to employ about a thousand people in the first phase.

Mehmet Aslan Chairman of Van Organized Industrial Zone said that Iranian investors were moving to Turkey because they could not sell their products to Europe market due to economic sanctions.

“The Iranians want to benefit from the strategic location, logistics, infrastructure, and regional incentives of the industrial zone.

Their goal is to build a large 50-hectare factory in our province for 150-200 million dollars,” Mehmet Aslan said.

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