Foreign investments in Turkey tend to rise

investment in turkey

Foreign investments in Turkey tend to rise

Foreign investments in Turkey tend to rise

E (Global Trends Expert) Company Chairman Aydin Vulture, talked about the possibilities of foreign investment in Turkey, and said that the latest developments in the market is a result of the drop in interest rates and this is for us to evaluate.

How will the real estate sales to foreigners in Turkey progress?

– Even in the period of high interest rates, the tendency of foreigners to our country has never stopped.

Even in the lowest period, real estate property sales to foreigners reached satisfactory figures.

However, as in every market, there are pauses in this sector from time to time. Sometimes houses stock is in excess of the need.

We can understand the disadvantages of this from the difficulties experienced by companies producing houses  to the market.

Companies that strive for our country and face the challenges together with each others can survive in the market.

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How did the last interest rate cut benefit?

I would like to draw attention to the Central Bank Governor Murat Uysal’s inflation statement.

Progress has been made on price stability, Interest rates fell, people’s credit supply boomed.

Mobility in the domestic market, of course, increased the appetite of foreign investors.

Our customers who came to our country in the previous months, visited the houses and left undecided, started to return in recent weeks.

The government’s decision on interest made us very hopeful.

But, as I said at the beginning, companies that do not intimidate when the market is worse, struggle against inflation and produce added value for our country should not be depressed.

We adopt this as a principle. Interest rates dropped, foreigners began to come again, but we will work harder.

We will make more efforts to promote our country.

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