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How To Opening Shop in Turkey

How to Open Shop in Turkey

Opening a shop is one of the advantageous ways to earn money in Turkey. 

The shop is a workplace where the shopkeepers sell products and services. Foreigners should comply with the provisions of the legislation regarding the establishment and operation of their shops in Turkey.

Before starting preparations to open a shop by converting capital into an investment, you need to research the best options. Following the right investments, the foreigners can get productive results and significant profits. These are listed below:

1. Buying A Pre-Opened Store in Turkey

Buying a pre-opened store in Turkey is one of the most profitable business ideas. Because the sales process has been experienced before, these data can be taken into account while planning. Moreover, the paperwork will be less.

2. Buying A Franchise For A Store in Turkey

Franchising is a business model that enables the marketing of the company’s products and services according to the rules of the franchise agreement signed in advance under the name of an already established brand.

3. Opening a Store From Scratch in Turkey

When opening a business from the very beginning, the position of the business in the market and the social, economic, and cultural situation of the region should be considered. In this way, you can move in the right direction and make effective choices. you will need to make a business choice in this direction. You can review the most beautiful shop names.

Among the business areas and sectors that have developed and become more popular in recent years, the best options for opening a new workplace are as follows:

Organic products, cleaning industry, glassware, automotive industry, photography, perfumery and, cosmetics industry, digital publishing, transport – freight.

How to Open a Store from Scratch in Turkey

In this section, you will find how to open a shop for foreign citizens and how to open a business step by step. You will find the shop opening ideas you need and the things you need to do, both in terms of financing and business ideas. So, these are the 6 steps  for opening a store from scratch in Turkey are listed below;

1. Choose a Place

If you have decided for opening a shop in Turkey, the first thing to do is of course to choose a place. According to the trade you will do, you can choose a place in a central place or close to the means of transportation. If you want to pay a more suitable rent, it will be to your advantage to open a shop in the neighborhoods.

2. Get a Work Permit from the Ministry of Labor

Under Law No. 6735, foreign citizens who will open a shop must obtain a work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security from scratch.

3. Get Tax Number

According to Article 5 of the Regulation on Business and Working Licenses published in the Official Gazette dated 10.08.2005 and numbered 25902, foreigners interested in an opening shop in Turkey must get a tax number.

4. Acquire Company Registration Certificate

If foreigners want to open a workplace and work on their name and account, they must complete the procedures of the shops in question before delivering them to the relevant authorities. The first of these transactions is the publication of the workplace in the trade registry or chamber of trades registry gazette. Following those, they will get a company registration certificate.

5. Submit Your Application to the Commercial Organization in the City you Live in

Following the completion of the certification and tax number, the foreign persons must apply to the commercial organization in the city they live in Turkey.

6. Take Your Documents to the Municipality

Following the evaluation of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, foreigners who get a work permit must apply to the relevant municipalities with these permits and request a business license.

What is the Cost of Opening a Store in Turkey?

How much money it will cost to open a business in Turkey is relative. For example, while an average of 50,000 TRY / 3,377 USD capital is sufficient to open a grocery store in the neighborhood, shop rent, air money, etc. However, opening the same shop in the center of the city might cause spending 100,000 TRY / 6,755 USD.

The applications and expenses made to the official authorities to open a business are not as high as it is thought. For example, official document expenses for a grocery store can cost around 500 TRY / 34 USD. Of course, these expenses include cash registers, pos machines, etc. There are no expenses. We recommend that you do your capital calculation well before opening your business.

What Should Be Considered When Opening a Store in Turkey?

There are some points that foreigners who want to open a new business should pay attention to be successful. First of all, it is necessary to take the right steps. For instance;

  • Research and planning should be done regarding the field of activity of the shop. With planning, the summary of the business, the analysis of the market, the marketing and sales management style, you can arrange product range and financial information.
  • It is necessary to attend training about the job and its maintenance. Thus, it will be possible to broaden a wide perspective by getting ideas from different communities and support groups.
  • The workplace should be guaranteed in many respects. Location and security are extremely important for a new shop.
  • Financing is also significant. Thus, substantial support can be provided for small businesses. In particular, tax-exempt bonds are among the financial resources given to private enterprises by the state.
  • License and tax number and necessary documents should be ready. Because the lack of documents or permissions that may occur can lead to big problems.

Can a Foreigner Open a Business in Turkey?

Yes, a foreigner can open a business in Turkey. Opening shop and issuing working licenses in Turkey are made by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security. This ministry also gives temporary work permits to foreigners who are business owners or partners. For the benefit to open a business in Turkey, you can check our What are the Benefits of Establishing a Business in Turkey? article.

The relevant municipalities issue business and work permits for foreigners. They also take into account the periods specified in the temporary work permit.

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