How to get Married in Turkey for Foreigners?

Turkey is a world famous country with its authentic atmosphere and beautiful places. It is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. Connecting Europe and Asia, this unique country is built on a highly spiritual land that is home to the oldest civilizations. That’s why it has the most intriguing history and culture.

Therefore, getting married in Turkey, which offers magnificent landscapes with different country gardens, beaches, mountains, luxurious palaces as wedding venues, can be a dream for many foreigners. Also, for those who want to plan a wedding in this beautiful country, there are lots of places in Turkey where you can spend a wonderful honeymoon right after your wedding. So, this article is for you if you are interested in learning about how to marry in Turkey.

How Does a Foreigner Marry a Turk?

If a Turkish citizen and a foreign citizen want to get married in the Republic of Turkey, they must apply to the Competent Turkish authorities. Let’s not forget that only civil marriage is legal in Turkey. In other words, unlike in some other countries, the marriage is performed by a registrar, not by a clergyman. In case the couple to be married requests, a ceremony can be organized according to the religion they belong to in addition to the civil wedding ceremony. However, there is no legal basis for religious marriage in Turkey.

While getting married in Turkey to a Turkish citizen, the person who does not have Turkish citizenship must obtain a document from the competent authorities in his/her home country showing that he/she is eligible to marry. Then, this document must be submitted to the competent authorities in the marriage application.


How Do Two Foreigners Get Married in Turkey?

As we mentioned above, Turkey is a country where foreigners often want to have their wedding, thanks to many areas and various wedding venues. However, those who want to have a wedding in Turkey must have completed some steps for wedding application.

Those who wish to get married in Turkey must present their marriage certificate issued by the appropriate Civil Status Registry of their home country to the authorities of the Republic of Turkey. So, they can prove that they can legally marry. In addition, if the couple to be married has the same nationality, they are free to choose to get married at the registry offices in Turkey and the Embassies / Consulates of their own countries.

Also keep in mind that the marriage application will be automatically cancelled if people do not provide the documentation regarding their marital status from their hometown in order to get married in Turkey. Besides that, if you are wondering how much it costs to get married in Turkey, the fee is around 500 TL to 1000 TL. (50-100 USD)


What Are The Terms Of Marriage in Turkey?

If you are thinking about how to get married in Turkey, let us tell you about a few requirements that you have to meet. Firstly, we need to mention that only civil marriage is legal in Turkey. You may have any religious ceremony as you wish but the civil one is applied to the law of Turkish Republic. Thus, the religious service has no legal standing in Turkey. If the laws of your home country prohibit you from marrying anyone or any other person, you cannot get the documents required by the Turkish marriage law to get married from the authorities in your home country, so you cannot marry in Turkey.

Is a Health Report Required to Get Married in Turkey?

According to Turkish Civil Law, those who are asking how to get married in Turkey need to get a required file for an official marriage application, so both the prospective bride and groom must obtain it from a health center or a state hospital before applying. This document is a special health document required only during the marriage process. The main purpose of this document is to detect sexually transmitted or non-transmitted diseases that the spouses are not aware of.

In this way, the pre-detection of infectious diseases that the spouses are carriers of can be made, and it is of great importance to take pre-marital precautions for these diseases or to detect problems such as blood incompatibility beforehand if any.

Why do you need a Blood test to get Married in Turkey?

The blood sample taken in the medical examination report is necessary for the blood group of the couple applying for marriage and for HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and Syphilis testing, thus informing the authorities whether this couple should take any precautions for marriage. It is very important to understand, for both the child to be born and the partner whether the people who want to get married carry a contagious disease or not. Foreigners getting married in Turkey are also required to have these tests done in a state hospital.

What are the Documents Required for Marriage in Turkey?

Couples planning for marriage are subjected to a couple of tests today, so they can submit their application to the marriage office after completing related documents which are required for marriage procedures in Turkey. The documents you will need in your marriage application are listed below;

  • If you are a foreigner, your birth certificate and passport must be translated into Turkish and notarized in Turkey or by the Turkish Embassy. If you are Turkish citizen, your identity document will be adequate for the application.
  • Turkish petition for the marriage ceremony submitted by the prospective groom and the bride to the municipality
  • Six passport-size photographs of the groom and bride
  • Health certificate obtained from a state health institution, health center or state hospital
  • Accommodation certificate

In addition, if the couple to be married does not live in Turkey, it should be clearly stated where they will stay during the ceremony and when they will leave the country.

Where to Apply for Marriage in Turkey?

Since Turkey is a state of law, the only valid form of marriage by law is the marriages made according to Turkish civil law. Those who will apply for marriage should apply to the municipal marriage office in the city where they will get married.

For foreigners who want to know how to get married in Turkey, first of all, they need to decide on the city where they will get married. After completing the remaining necessary procedures and documents, they can apply to the marriage office by paying a certain fee.

Where is the Wedding Ceremony Held in Turkey?

Turkey is a perfect country for weddings and celebrations. There are many special areas where you can get married in this magnificent country that experiences all four seasons. If you wish, you can get married in a more formal ceremony at the consulate or marriage office, or if you are planning a more private celebration, you can rent a place. There are many places you can rent for this celebration, from palaces to private beaches, country gardens, boats, and indoor wedding halls.

Is the Wedding Ceremony Free in Turkey?

The Republic of Turkey is a state of law dependent on laws. Therefore, it is obligatory for those who want to get married to submit a declaration of eligibility for marriage in Turkey when applying for marriage. After collecting the other documents mentioned above, couples who plan to get married should submit their application to the marriage office. However, a certain fee must be paid for this application. For this reason, marriage in the Republic of Turkey is not free, but marriages can be held in the wedding hall of the municipalities for a very reasonable price.

What are the Rules of Marriage in Turkey?

In order for people to get married in the Republic of Turkey, it must be legally determined that there is no obstacle to marriage at certain stages. As soon as the couple applies for marriage authorities determine whether they comply with the marriage criteria or not. These criteria are listed below.

  • Any declaration of marriage is not valid between the parent and descendant, between siblings, uncle, aunt, and nephew, and between the adopter and the adopted child, or between the descendants and spouse of one of them and the other.
  • A married person cannot apply for marriage again without completing the divorce process.
  • If the legal waiting period has not expired for the woman after the divorce, she cannot apply for marriage again.
  • People with mental disorders cannot apply for marriage.

How much would it Cost to get Married in Turkey?

How much does it cost to get married in Turkey? It depends. Why? Let’s explain. Turkey, as a paradise of possibilities, is where you can find lots of different options for your wedding.

First of all there is a  fee to be paid for marriage is the fee for the application to the marriage office. This fee changes every year and is between 500 and 1000 TL (50-100 USD).

For those who do not want to overspend, consulates or marriage halls of the marriage offices provide free service. However, those who want to celebrate this special day in a more special place should pay a alittle bit more. If you want to have a wedding in a stylish place, approximately 60.000 TL (6000 USD) can be spent.

Is second Marriage Legal in Turkey?

Polygamy is clearly prohibited under the civil law of the Republic of Turkey and is considered a crime that will lead to imprisonment. Thus, it is not a legal act in Turkey. Therefore, people who want to marry another person should divorce their current partner. In addition, it is forbidden for the divorcee to apply for marriage for 300 days after the divorce. This law is designed entirely to protect women’s rights.

Is it Possible to get a Residence Permit by Getting Married in Turkey?

People married to Turkish citizens can apply for family permit residence, depending on foreigners and international protection law. In addition, not only foreigners who are married to a Turkish citizen, but also foreigners with a legal residence permit in Turkey, refugees, and foreigners married to foreigners with secondary protection can apply for this residence permit.

Besides that, the children who have resided in Turkey for at least 3 years with a family residence permit and have reached the age of majority, can convert their family residence permit into a short-term residence permit upon request. To learn much more detail about this topic, you can also read the article “How to Get a Residence Permit in Turkey?”

How many Days should we Arrive in Turkey to get Married as Foreigners?

Foreigners who prefer Turkey for this special occasion should come to Turkey from their own country approximately one month before the planned wedding day. As there are a number of procedures to be completed and consular documents to be prepared before the application, they will be able to handle their arrangement more easily if they arrive around one month ago.

Since the wedding dates are also notified to the prospective groom and bride according to the available dates determined by the municipality of the wedding officers, the earlier they can complete the process before the wedding, the easier it will be for them.

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