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how to buy a house in turkey

How to Buy a House in Turkey

If you are a non-resident seeking to buy a house in Turkey, there are a few things you should know before proceeding. This article will show you all you need to know about legal procedures and the important features of Turkey.

Due to its amazing culture, history, natural beauty, and climate, Turkey has long been a desired and preferred destination for many people. As a Mediterranean country, it offers numerous fascinating coasts and areas where everyone wants to reside. 

What are the Features of Houses in Turkey?

Turkish history dates back to the history of Central Asia through Asia, all the way to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. That distinct culture has an impact and reflection on the architecture of the houses. From the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic style, there are several types of homes. Turkish homes often feature the following characteristics.

  • The shape of the original room: The room is the most essential feature of a Turkish home. Its features have remained mostly unchanged.
  • Plan design: The most distinctive plan styles are those with projections and outside or open couches. The distinct feature of these floor plans is the independence of the room is divided from the others by couch extensions.
  • Buildings with several stories: Plan styles with center couches evolved throughout time.  Most residences have at least two stories. The upper level is the primary living space and shows floor plan specifics. The ground floor is often fortified with a high, substantial stone wall. The top-level has a view of the street.
  • Roof forms: The roof has a basic form with no indents or expansions and is sloped on all four sides. The eaves are both broad and horizontal.
  • Building: The timber frame with in-filling material or lathe and plaster is the most basic form of construction.

All of these traits are shared by all houses, regardless of their owners’ socioeconomic position. This home style is analogous to a seal that Turkish culture has imprinted wherever it has been established. It is immediately distinguishable from dwellings of other civilizations.

The room, on the other hand, is the most essential unit in any Turkish home. In each chamber, you may relax, recline, bathe, dine, and even cook. All of the rooms share the same features. The size may fluctuate, but the basic qualities remain constant. These are all about a way of life that hasn’t altered much throughout time. As a result, the room has stayed unchanged.

The layout of a Turkish house is established by arranging the rooms around a sofa. The room is a living unit, with the same shape, size, and features from one to the next. The sofa, on the other hand, may vary in all of its many characteristics. As a result, the sofa in the room is often used to define the house’s style.

When it comes to Turkish home construction, the major building material is wood, and the main building method is typically timber frame. Timber frame building is consistent with Anatolia’s and Thrace’s forest cover, and it is also preferred since these areas are seismically faulted.

Furthermore, this technology allowed for fast building, which fit the demands of an ever-expanding civilization that was constantly on the move. The features of wood construction are also relatively basic for the same reason; simple joints and nailed bindings were favored over complex joint details.

What are the Steps to Buy House in Turkey?

When you decide to buy a house in Turkey, there are several procedures you must complete. You can follow these steps to locate your ideal home in this beautiful Mediterranean country.

1. Research

As the Turkish property market is expanding daily, you need to have an idea. You might watch and read about Turkey to learn about the culture, lifestyle, and home styles.

2. Visit Turkey to Determine Where to Live

First, you must decide where you wish to reside and then purchase a home. You might begin by learning about the locations, culture, and living conditions. In general, international consumers choose Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

For example, you can make research about Izmir, Antalya, Alanya, Kas, and other cities. If you wish to live close to the metropolis of Istanbul as well as the capital city of Ankara, consider the Marmara areas of Bursa and Sakarya.

3. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

As the market expands, there will be more agents available to assist you in finding a home. However, it is critical to locate the proper agent who understands your needs and expectations. As a result, you should look for an experienced representative who is aware of the customer’s requirements.

4. Talk with Real Estate Agent for Your Needs

Spend time chatting with your agent. While it is critical to clear your thoughts and doubts, you must collaborate to create a report outlining the best alternatives for you. It is very important to establish a genuine relationship.

5. Take a Property Inspection Trip in Turkey

You may arrange a property inspection tour to visit and study the locations and properties before making a decision. Realty Group organizes inspection tours to help you understand the fields.

Our real estate experts are ready to assist you with the following excellent services:

  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and secure your comfortable stay, then arrange an appointment to see the projects or areas suitable for you. A detailed explanation about Turkey and the city you are interested in buying your property in will be given. You will be provided with all the information you need to know. You will have an answer to any question related to buying real estate, and you will have the chance to compare to choose the best.
  • Organize a field visit to the selected projects upon your request and within your budget and other requirements.
  • After visiting the projects, our consultants give you their advice to ensure that you choose the best one for you, and they walk you through the process of reserving the property of your choice or signing the contract. -Complete the sale procedures by notarizing the sale contract to protect your rights or obtaining the Title Deed after the sale.

6. Review the House Options

To make a good decision, you must carefully consider all of your options. You may consult with your realtor and research the property, the location, and the neighborhood to learn about their amenities, advantages, and drawbacks. Make sure that you are completely happy with your decision.

7. Bargain

Turkish people like negotiating. You can bargain over the price of the home with the help of your agent.

8. The Property will be Held in Reserve and the Price will be Fixed

After you make your decision, the property will be held in reserve and the price will be fixed by what you agreed upon.

Property reservations in Turkey cost about US$1,130 and are non-refundable. As a reservation deposit, this sum is provided to the vendor.

9. Appoint a Solicitor to Complete the Transaction on Your Behalf Using a Power of Attorney

The simplest approach to buying a home in Turkey is to give power of attorney to a Turkish solicitor to complete the transaction on your behalf. This saves you time and eliminates the need for you to be in the nation during the sales process.

10. Checking the Property One Last Time

After signing the contracts, you should wait a few weeks before proceeding with the purchase. If you choose one, your designated solicitor will conduct all essential examinations on your behalf.

11. You will be Given the Title Deed

The final step is to register Turkish tapu, often known as a title deed. After all of the paperwork is completed, both parties must follow out their contractual responsibilities. You will be given legal paperwork proving that you have a new house in Turkey.

Is Buying a House in Turkey Safe?

Yes, buying a house in Turkey is safe. The first thing you should do is select a competent firm with reputable lawyers. A professional real estate business provides competent lawyers, which is especially important when purchasing a home in another country. Although Turkish law does not force purchasers or sellers to hire a lawyer. As procedures and regulations change from time to time, in each case of a new property, the lawyer will do formal checks to guarantee your investment is safeguarded on paper.

Is Turkey Cheap to Live?

Yes, Turkey is cheap to live in. The cost of living in Turkey varies from place to place, but not much, especially in the case of real estate pricing. Renting in Istanbul, for example, is twice as expensive as it is in Adana. Restaurant dinners in Ankara or Istanbul will likely be more expensive than in other cities.

You can add 20% to the typical overall cost of living if you’re going to buy a house in a metropolis like Istanbul Turkey, but other expenditures such as utilities, food shopping, and transportation will be similar.

In terms of the exchange rate of Turkish liras, foreigners earning dollars and euros will find Turkey much more affordable.

Can You Be a Turkish Citizen by Buying House in Turkey?

Yes, you certainly can. Due to the Turkish government’s new regulations on getting Turkish citizenship, it is now much easier to obtain it for you and your family by purchasing one or more homes worth at least US$250,000.

Who can Buy Property in Turkey?

Aside from five countries (Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria, and Cuba), any global citizen can purchase property in Turkey. Some nations, such as Iran and Palestine, need authorization from the interior ministry before making a purchase.

Where Should You Buy House in Turkey?

In Turkey, especially in Istanbul Property, there are many excellent places to buy a home. Here is a list of the best cities to live in in Turkey.

  1. Izmir
  2. Istanbul
  3. Antalya
  4. Alanya
  5. Bursa
  6. Sakarya
  7. Bodrum

What are the Best Real Estate Agents in Turkey?

There are plenty of real estate agents available in Turkey. You can find these agents below.

  • Skyturk Property: Sky Property was started to help businesses and people who want to buy or invest in real estate in Turkey get help from experts. Sky Property is a well-known real estate investment company with a well-known staff. Furthermore, our services are known for their trustworthiness, specialization, and high quality, among other things.
  • Intro Property: At Intro Property Istanbul, their main goal is to provide honest and straightforward legal and real-estate consulting services. They do this by getting to know their clients’ needs and finding projects from the most trusted developers in Turkey, as well as after-sale services, like renting your home or selling it, to getting residency in Turkey.
  • Ultra Property: With its experienced management staff, youthful, dynamic, and professional workforce, Ultra Property is a local firm established to give the most guaranteed projects in Turkey at the best pricing and finest quality service.
  • Realty Group: Realty Group has been the most professional real estate market leader in Turkey since 2009. We have the expertise, knowledge, and most importantly, enthusiasm to guide you through the correct decision of your property, whether you are buying, selling, investing, property management, finance, after-sale services, or gaining Turkish Citizenship. With over +11 years of experience and a reputation built on customer satisfaction, we are proud to say that over 73 percent of our new client base comes from referral clients who have not only achieved success through us but also had a hassle-free and stress-free experience buying properties in Turkey. Realty Group is the home of passionate, motivated, and highly qualified sales specialists who are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. Due to our independence and involvement in the real estate market, we can expand our serviceability and marketing options to our customers. We like what we do, which is why we strive to be active and inventive in our approach to real estate. We welcome new technology and are constantly looking for more effective and efficient methods to perform our business. At Realty Group, we want you to be happy with your choice of real estate advisor, therefore we are devoted to exceeding your expectations in every element of our business.
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