How to Buy a House in Turkey


How to Buy a House in Turkey

How to Buy a House in Turkey

If you are looking for a house to buy in Turkey as a nonresident, there are some important things that you should know before take an action. In this article, you will be provided with the information that you need to know from legal procedures to significant aspects of Turkey.

Turkey has been a desirable and favored destination for many of you because of its spectacular culture, history, natural beauty, and climate. As a Mediterranean country, it has got many dreamy shores and places that everyone wants to live in. It might seem tough to live or move in a completely different country especially regarding the culture and language differences and questions on safety. You can find detailed information about Turkey in this article about your concerns.

What are the Features of Houses in Turkey?

The history of Turkish people has spread from Central Asia to Asia, right up to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. That different culture has a reflection and influence on the design of the houses. There are diverse kinds of houses from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic. Turkish houses generally have these characteristics:

Original room shape: The room is the most important component of the Turkish house. Its characteristics have rarely changed.

Plan Layout: The most characteristic plan types are those with outer or open sofas, using projections. The authentic aspect of these plan types is the independent nature of the room, which instead of being adjacent is separated from the others with extensions of the sofa. Plan types with central sofas emerged in the periods.

Multi-storeyed buildings: Most houses have at least two storeys. The upper storey is the main living area and reveals details about the floor plan. The ground floor generally has a high, solid stone wall, almost like a fortification. The upper floor extends over the street.

Roof Forms: The roof is pitched on all four sides and has a simple form, avoiding indents or extensions. The eaves are wide and horizontal.

Construction: The basic system of construction is the timber frame with in-filling material or lathe and plaster.

All these characteristics are the same for all houses, regardless of the social class of their owners. This house type can be compared to a seal that Turkish culture has stamped wherever it has settled. It can immediately be distinguished from houses belonging to other cultures.

On the other hand, the room is the most important unit in every Turkish house. It is possible to sit, recline, wash, eat and even cook in each room. All rooms have similar characteristics. The size may change, but fundamental characteristics do not. These are strictly related to a way of life that has not changed much over time. Consequently, the room has also remained the same.

The plan of the Turkish house is formed with the arrangement of the rooms around a sofa. The room is a living unit, the form, size, and characteristics of which are basically the same from one to the other. On the other hand, the sofa may vary in all its different aspects. This is why the house type is usually defined by the sofa within it.

Turkish house plan types were first classified by S. H .Eldem. The most significant of these, in the proper order of development, are Outer sofa, inner sofa, and central sofa types.

Plan Types with Outer Sofa: This is one of the oldest types of Turkish house, of which there are many beautiful examples. Although they exhibit a lot of variety, there is still very little symmetry. The sofa is exposed to the outside world with no wall to hide it away. It is an excellent reflection of the Turkish way of life, with very intimate relations with nature and the transition from nomadic life in tents to permanent settlements.

Inner and Central Sofa types: These emerged in the 18th century, but it was in the 19th century that they were most widely employed. The population increase in the cities resulted in smaller plots with higher values, which consequently led to a denser and inward-looking floor plan. The desire for a more comfortable way of life without being exposed to dust and cold, and the need to use the sofa all year round were among the social reasons for preferring this type.

When it comes to construction of the Turkish houses, the main building material in Turkish houses is wood, and the main building method is generally timber frame. Timber frame construction is compatible with the forest cover of Anatolia and the Thrace region and is also preferable because these regions are within seismic fault zones. Furthermore, this method enabled quick construction and therefore suited the needs of an ever-expanding society, continuously on the move. For the same reason, the details of wood construction are very simple; simple joints and nailed bindings were preferred over complicated joint details.

Timber frame construction also allowed more windows, building projections, and wider eaves. This provided control over climatic conditions and enabled the building to breathe in humid climates which, in turn, helped prevent condensation and moisture in the rooms.

What are the Steps to Buy House in Turkey?

There are very important steps to follow when you decide to buy a house in Turkey. Follow these steps and find your dream house Turkey, the dreamy Mediterranean country.

1. Research

The Turkish property market is growing day by day so you need to be very careful about the options you come across.

You might watch and read about Turkey to see the culture and lifestyle as well as the house types.

2. Visit Turkey to Determine Where to Live

First, you need to determine the region where you want to live and buy a house. You may start with reading about the regions and their cultures. Generally, the Aegean and Mediterranean sides of Turkey are highly favored by foreign customers. You can check Izmir, Antalya, Alanya, Kas etc. If you want to be close to the metropolitan city, Istanbul, and the capital city, Ankara you can check the Marmara regions such as Bursa and Sakarya.

You can watch vlogs on YouTube to understand better about the region.

3. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

As the market is growing, you can find many agents to help you find houses. Yet, it is important to find the right agent to understand your requests and expectations. So, you should find an experienced agent who is aware of the customer’s desires.

If you think that the agent talks to you as if he or she memorizes some text about sales and you don’t think they are sincere, they are not the right ones for you.

4. Talk with Real Estate Agent for Your Needs

Invest your time talking with your agent. Because especially for a foreign customer, it is very important to erase all kinds of question marks in your mind. You need to work together to prepare a report listing the best options for you. It is very important to make a sincere relationship.

5. Take a Property Inspection Trip in Turkey

You can find a property inspection trip to see and analyze the regions and properties before you take an action. We, as Realty Group, organize inspection trips for you to understand the fields.

You can find the detailed information about inspection trips below:

Our professional real estate consultants are ready to provide you the following best services:

-Transfer from the airport to the hotel and secure your stay comfortably, then arrange an appointment to see the projects or areas suitable for you

-A detailed explanation about Turkey and the city you are interested to buy your property in and provide you with all the information you need to know, answer any question related to buying real estate, and make comparing to choose the best

-Prepare a field visit to the selected projects according to your request and suitable for your budget and other needs

-After visiting the projects, our consultants give you their advice to ensure that you choose the best for you, and they conduct with you the process of reserving the property of your choice or signing the contract

-Complete the sale procedures by notarized the sale contract to save your rights or obtaining the Title Deed after completing the sale

-We wish you good luck with your choice and we transfer you to our after-sales department, to continue the necessary full services after purchasing the property

6. Review the House Options

You need to explore every option carefully in order to make a great choice. You can talk with your agent and make researches about the house, the region, the area about their facilities, pros, and cons. Make sure that you are really satisfied with your choice.

7. Bargain

Turkish people love bargaining. You can bargain about the price of the house with the consultancy of your agent.

8. The Property will be Held in Reserve and the Price will be Frozen

After you make your choice, the property will be held in reserve and the price will be frozen as you discussed. The cost of reservation of property in Turkey is around 1,000€ and it is non-refundable. This amount is given to the seller as a reservation deposit.

9. Appoint a Solicitor to Complete the Transaction on Your Behalf Using a Power of Attorney

The easiest way to buy a property in Turkey is to grant power of attorney to a solicitor in Turkey to conclude the deal on behalf of you. By doing so, you both save time and it is not necessary for you to be in the country through the sales process.

10. Checking the Property One Last Time

After signing the contracts, you should wait a couple of weeks to complete the purchasing process. If you appoint one, your appointed solicitor makes all the necessary checks for you.

11. You will be Given the Title Deed

The final step is to register Turkish tapu or title deed. Once all the paperwork is done, both sides must carry out the contractual obligations. You will get a legal document indicating that you have a new home in Turkey.


Is Buying a House in Turkey Safe?

Yes, it is.

The first thing you should do is to find a professional company having reliable lawyers. A professional real estate company gives buyers greater peace of mind, which is significant, especially when buying a house abroad.

Turkish law doesn’t require buyers or sellers to use a lawyer, but we strongly recommend you do. Whenever we take on a new property, the lawyer will carry out official checks to ensure your investment is guarded on paper because things can change from day to day.

Is Turkey Cheap to Live?

Yes, it is.

However costs within Turkey do differ from place to place, but not by a huge amount other than as regards real estate prices. For instance, renting in Istanbul costs nearly double what it does in Adana. The cost of restaurant meals in Ankara or Istanbul will also probably be higher than in other cities. Overall, you can probably add 20% to the average cost total cost of living if you’re heading for Istanbul, but other costs such as utilities, your food shop, and transport will probably be pretty similar.

Also regarding the exchange rate of Turkish liras, the foreigners who earn dollars and euros will find Turkey much cheaper.

Can You Be a Turkish Citizen by Buying House in Turkey?

Yes, you can.

By the Turkish Government’s new laws related to obtaining Turkish Citizenship, it becomes so easy to gain it for you and your family by buying one or many properties with a total not less than 250.000 USD!

Who can Buy Property in Turkey?

Apart from five countries (Syria, Armenia, North Korea, Nigeria, and Cuba), every world citizen can buy property in Turkey.

Some countries such as Iran and Palestina must obtain permission from the interior ministry before purchasing.

Where Should You Buy House in Turkey?

There are great spots to buy a house in Turkey. You can check the most favored destinations in Turkey below:








What are the Best Real Estate Agents in Turkey?

Realty Group: Since 2009, Realty Group ® has been the most professional real estate market leader based in Turkey. Buying, selling, investing, property management, finance, after-sale services until achieving Turkish Citizenship, we have the experience, knowledge, and most importantly, passion to lead you through the right decision of your property.

With more than +11 years of a reputation built on customer satisfaction, we’re proud to say that over 73% of our new client base comes from reference clients that have not only experienced success through us but also enjoyed a hassle and stress-free experience in buying properties in Turkey.

Realty Group ® is the home for enthusiastic, dedicated, and highly qualified sales professionals who are committed to providing a service above and beyond the expectations of our clients. Our independence and being heavily involved in the real estate market gives us the flexibility to increase our serviceability and marketing opportunities to our clients.

We love what we do, that’s why we are continually striving to be dynamic and innovative in our approach to real estate. We embrace new technologies and actively pursue more effective and efficient ways of doing our work.

At Realty Group ®, we want you to be proud of your choice of real estate guider, therefore we are committed to delivering a service above and beyond your expectations in every aspect of our business.

AntalyaHomes: Antalya Homes ® is a registered brand of Tekçe Overseas Gayrimenkul AŞ, which is established in 2004. They are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in all regions where the offices are located including Lara (Antalya), Konyaaltı (Antalya), Alanya, Göztepe (Istanbul), Cevizlibağ (Istanbul), Bursa, and Trabzon.

SpotBlue: Spot Blue International Property is based in London, UK. We offer a first-class service to clients whether they are purchasing land or property in the UK or in one of the international locations. It was established in 2003, primarily specializing in Turkey which was the main property market before branching out to countries such as Spain, UK, the USA, and Portugal amongst others.

TurkeyHomes: Founded by Tolga Ertukel, who has more than 20 years of experience in selling Turkish property to a global audience, Turkey Homes has a head office in London and with branches in Istanbul, Fethiye, Bodrum, and many other regions in Turkey. The company has worked with many overseas buyers to help them find their dream home by offering a comprehensive property buying service from start to finish.

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