Property in Turkey

Property in Turkey

Today’s Turkish real estate is not only apartment for holidays or luxury flats in abroad, but it is also the instrument to save your finance and multiply your investment. If you are planning to buy property in Turkey and get stable income from rental, you have to deal with the professionals like we are as Realty Group. Each year investors from other countries are buying properties here and gathering 11-18 percentage of income, and not lost even from reselling it.  Only country with the stable economy could provide it.

The unique details in the real estate market in Turkey you could find whatever you are searching with the flexible price, payment plan and location. The whole reconstruction industry in Turkey are under controlling of Turkish government. It means each building and compound has to be with construction standards which proved by government. Which means your safety, comfort and reliability.

Today we will observe projects in the most crowed cosmopolitan city – Istanbul.

In Istanbul is almost more than 20 million population because of this the construction companies which build compounds trying to provide for residence all good facilities like swimming-pool, Turkish bath, sauna,  gym, areas for football (basketball or volleyball), kids playing area and parking as well. No need to spend your time to go to outside of your compound or pay extra fees to go to sport saloon. All you needs under your feet.

To sum up, would like to remind monthly payments which you need to pay if you buy property in Istanbul (or if someone rent your property):

  • Aidat – monthly payment for all facilities (swimming-pool, Turkish bath, sauna, gym, areas for football (basketball or volleyball), kids playing area, parking and security) which you have in your compound.
  • Water – fee for using water (average is 1 m3 – 1 euro)
  • Electricity
  • Gas  – using only for heating system. Expenses for it around 5 euro in summer and in winter time 50 euro
  • Internet
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