National income contribution of the real estate sector in Turkey


National income contribution of the real estate sector in Turkey


The increase in national income varies depending on the success and growth of the sectors. The growth of a sector is one of the most important factors affecting the change of economic balances in the country. In Turkey, from the moment it began to spread of urbanization it is experiencing noticeable changes. The increase in demand for urbanization has affected the increase in the number of houses. The real estate sector, which is an important factor in economic growth and has caused significant gains for our country, has increased the interest of foreign investors to our country with the increase in employment as well as the innovations made in housing and in many fields.

Why is the real estate industry so important?

The “Real Estate Sector” comes first among the areas that affect the economic balance of a means; the progress of this sector increases the mobility of all other large and small areas that support the economic budget, especially in tourism and textiles. For example, the investments which made in the construction area in the Mediterranean region are the factors that affects the increase of tourism value of the region. Due to the increase in the number of tourists coming to our country each year, the revival of tourism in Turkey and to meet the demand of them, new hotels, villas and facilities are being built and each year more tourists continue to choose Turkey. Therefore, the real estate sector in Turkey is very important and is one of the most deserving areas to be developed.

Sales of Real Estate in Turkey


Foreigners in Turkey who wants to establish a business or taking residency to live their rest of life here is actually a plus for the country. Because capital owners also mean people who contribute to the country’s economy, and the increase of these people also affects the developments in the economy to reach higher levels. In terms of the innovations made in the real estate sector and the privileges offered in the results of having a serious potential of Turkey in the last few years, it is possible to understand the volume of foreign investment. So in summary; The increase of the investments in Turkey, effects the formation of the economic balance of the world that is also a major role of Turkey. Therefore, this issue is an important situation both for our country and for the whole world.

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