Buy Property in Turkey

Buy Property in Turkey

Since the amendment of Turkish laws of ownership to allow foreigners to own properties without restrictions and limitations, Turkey became an attractive destination for many foreign investors who want to open companies in a country with low taxes compared to other European countries, or for those looking for another home, especially after issuing the law allowing foreigners to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing 250.000$ in real estate.

Turkey is currently considered as one of the most developed countries, which offers abundant opportunities in a wide variety of sectors where it has a competitive edge. It is moving forward in strengthening and expanding its economy with lucrative opportunities in many sectors, has a continuous reform process and liberal investment climate. Turkey contains all the elements that make it able to always tip the scales in its favor, its stunning scenery, nature, climate, infrastructure, and many others factors in addition to the strong desire for progress and success, all of which made the real estate market in Turkey a primary destination for everyone who is thinking to invest, relocate, or even just own a summer home.

Although purchasing of properties in Turkey is a good investment opportunity, a lot of things must be clarified before starting acquisition process, because not all real estate in Turkey can become profitable for you.
In the beginning, you should determine the main goal of buying an apartment in Turkey, for living or shifting with family can be considered big spacious apartments or villas with private garden and swimming pool, but for investment better to choose small units in areas with high demand where you can easily give it to rent or resell, in addition, shops or commercial offices, instead of lands of all kinds, can bring you higher rental income and guarantees.All of this should be considered while choosing best option which will make your money work on you and ensure the desired results from owning of the property.

In general, choosing a property in Turkey is not easy due to the diversity of options and areas to purchase, that’s why the first step should be finding a professional real estate expert with a good reputation to be your reliable guide for that. You should search for and choose carefully a company with years of experience on the market that deserve to serve you in the ownership decision. The one, which knows strongest market players and provides you with full services, including legal issues, during the buying process and beyond, until obtaining Turkish citizenship. In this case, you will successfully reach your goal which is to own the best property in Turkey.

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