Asian and Arab investors aspire to shopping centers

مستثمرون في تركيا، تركيا، مستثمرين، استثمار

Asian and Arab investors aspire to shopping centers

The Turkish economy has withstood all the attacks on it and has begun to attract foreign investors. Arab and Asian investors have stepped up negotiations to invest in shopping centers.

Foreign investors have recently become more interested in investing in shopping malls.

Investors will be changed soon

According to Daily Sabah, Pınar Çelik reported that the shopping centers are now the focus of interest of Arab, Chinese and Korean investors.

Tarkan Ander, Country Director of the shopping center rental and management company JLL, said that in the first quarter of 2020, there would be a serious change in mall investors. “In the coming period we will see some shopping malls being bought by investors,” he said.

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Investors are looking for cheap shopping malls

Murad İzci, co-founder of shopping center leasing and management company KDM, said that investors from Gulf countries intensively negotiated to purchase shopping malls.

İzci added that until now no final purchase had been made.

“Foreign investors want to buy cheap shopping centers and some shopping centers will be sold soon,” he said.

 Increased demand for stores

Tarkan Ander explained that sales of international brands that rent large stores increased by 30%.

“Demand for stores has returned after a period of interruption and foreign brands are seeking to open branches in metropolitan cities. In 2020 we will see this very clearly,” he said.

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