Do you want to open a bank account in Kuwait Turk Bank ?

Do you want to open a bank account in Kuwait Turk Bank ?

Do you want to open a bank account in Kuwait Turk Bank?

Kuwait Turk bank is one of the largest banks in Turkey as a foreign company in Turkey,it is an Islamic bank does not deal with interest or interest deposits, and does not deduct administrative fees on the current account regardless of the type of currency and you can visit the site of the Kuwaiti Turkish Bank to follow the full details there.

How can I open a bank account in Kuwait Turk bank?

There are many cases and each investor is a special case, through this article we will review one of the biggest known cases:

Any foreigner based in Turkey who wishes to open a bank account in Turkey must contact the IRS or tax department to obtain his / her own tax number.

Subject to the conditions that require the person a formal address to live in a clear and explicit where they photograph the first page of the passport and accompanied with the request for a tax number, and will be given directly by the staff of the Tax Authority

I do not have a residence in Turkey. Can I open an account at the Turkish-Kuwaiti bank?

There is not much difference, you will translate the passport with care to attach the personal address in your home country

After completing the process of obtaining the tax number from the IRS, we go to the bank, knowing that the Turkish-Kuwaiti Bank is preferred by many foreigners or investors in Turkey. Some other banks require a residence in Turkey.

I have all the required papers, when can I start?

You can find the nearest branch of the Kuwaiti-Turkish Bank and take a number at the door. After sitting at the employee’s desk, you will ask him to open a personal account with the tax number and to translate the personal passport containing the address.

After the end of the account opening phase, apply for a free Nite Plus card and it will be delivered immediately after signing the application form.

Then ask for the opening of the Internet banking service and will be given to you in a sealed envelope with an explanation of how to activate the Nakilat Plus and Internet calling card by calling the bank number, then you can request the two parts of your account and it is presented to you by the employee with attention to be sealed envelope where The password for your account via the bank’s website is located inside the envelope under the shaded section, and no one asks you to open it. Even after completing the process, you can destroy the envelope in a secure manner, as documents contains complete information for your bank account:

1- Your bank account number, which is composed of seven digits.

2- Your global bank account used in foreign remittances (outside Kuwait Turkish Bank) and international, which is composed of 26 fields and ends with (01).

3- The name of the account holder corresponding to the passport.

4-The account holder’s address that was appended when the account was opened.

5- The account type and in this case is a current account it is in Turkish Lira.

6-Account opening date.

We note the importance of the two parts, so it must be kept in a safe place and not share information with anyone.

How do I activate the Paking Internet and the Ticket Plus card at the Kuwait-Turkish Bank?

First, you will call 4440123 from your mobile number registered with the bank. The answering machine will give you the appropriate language and ask you to choose. After that, you will be referred to the employee. You will then request activation of the online activation of your account first, He has (the date of birth – the full name – the card number) so you prefer to have the information completely, after confirming your data will activate the feature and then ask him to activate the card and turn you to the automated answer to follow the activation of the card by entering the PIN code of 4 boxes Twice with attention For only three attempts, after completion, your ATM card will be ready to use

Net Plus Mahe Card?

The card contains:

1- The 16-digit card number

2- Card validity

3-The full name as stated in the contract

4-digit number indicating the branch number of the bank to which the account was opened.

5-The bank’s account number

6- A number of 4 digits.

7 – A number of 3 fields that you are required to enter when you buy online (CVS)

You can then use the ATM devices of the Kuwaiti-Turkish Bank in a number of procedures (deposit money, withdraw money, money transfer, etc.)

We are at Realty Group have no connection with the Turkish-Kuwait Bank and this article is for the general interest and may change in some procedures or transactions in the future, we try to help provide information to our customers and our followers.


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