Bosnia Residence

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Buy residence in Bosnia

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Bosnia Residence  

One of the precious and important country in Balkan zone is Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wealthy and important land that was hosted many old and precious civilizations over centuries. Capital city of Bosnia is Sarajevo city that has dense forest and charming beauty and nature. West part of the country is leaned to Adriatic Sea. Cute and fascinating country also located between Kosovo, Serbia and Croatia in Balkan.

Ones Bosnia land was ruled by Yugoslavia Government and today have their independence. Cultural richness and natural beauties gives people courage to by a Bosnia Residence. For settlement or investment reasons to buying Real Estate in Bosnia, can be acceptable. After bought, new life style and wealth cultural richness will be face you day by day.

Having a Bosnia Residence rules become soften. In order to encourage for new investment attempt, government consciously made the rules simple for every buyers. As a Turkish citizen, you won’t need visa paper and people that is citizen of Bosnia will be hospitable.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is hosted different cultures. Serbian, Croatian and Bosnian languages are spoken in the country at the same time. Despite some conspiracy during 1990’s today peace is dominant in region.

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