Best-selling districts of real estate in Ankara

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Best-selling districts of real estate in Ankara

The capital Ankara is one of the cities where real estate sales have increased recently.

In this city, where the heart of politics beats, new property projects are being built every day and they add wealth to various parts of the city.

The real estate index has risen 5.95% in the last 12 months.

Where have most properties in Ankara been sold in recent years?

Ankara is the second-most populous city in Turkey, and according to the latest information from the Census of Population Ankara’s population was 5 million 346 thousand 518 people.

This number was spread in 25 districts, and it is increasing day by day.

Therefore, the need for property in Ankara is increasing.

Ankara also ranks second in terms of property sales.

According to the Statistical Report of Real Estate Sales, which is announced by the Turkish Statistical Center every month, thousands of houses were sold in Ankara, ranking second after Istanbul.

New real estate projects played a major role in these huge sales.

Keçiören is the largest municipality in Ankara

According to data of last year, Keçiören and Çankaya were the districts where the largest number of properties were sold in Ankara.

These two districts attract attention due to the increasing number of real estate projects.

According to data from 2017, Keçiören district ranked first with 25 thousand 400 properties sold followed by Çankaya with 20 thousand 848 properties.

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Although the real estate index in Keçiören and Çankaya was quite different, there was no significant difference in property sales between these two districts.

According to the data of the real estate index, the price per square meter in the last 12 months in Keçiören was 1511 TL, while the price of Çankaya was 2481 TL.

Aslo according to 2016 data, the municipality of Keçiören was the most populous municipality of the capital Ankara.

According to the latest data, the district, which had a population of 903 thousand 565, was also very rich in real estate projects and apartments for sale.

It is likely that the high population and the average real estate index compared to the city of Ankara, in general, makes Keçiören highly preferred.

Çankaya is the center of Turkey’s political life

which is known as the heart of political life in Turkey, is also one of the most beautiful areas of the city.

Çankaya, whose population can reach up to two million during the day, is also rich in high school and university.

This allows the district to increase its real estate index and turn it into a region rich in housing projects.

These are the reasons why too many houses were sold in Çankaya.

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