Best Holiday Spots In Turkey


Best Holiday Spots In Turkey

Best Holiday Spots In Turkey

Turkey is one of the most visited nations in the world and welcomes over 35 million people annually. It is a pleasant, attractive country that is rich in culture. Turkey has suitable lodging alternatives for all budgets, from motels to all-inclusive resorts, from trendy boutique hotels to luxury facilities. In addition, Turkey is located in a particularly unique location because it boasts various tourist places.

Anatolia (often known as the Asian side of the nation) has numerous distinct civilizations. For people who appreciate the historical and cultural holidays, Turkey preserves remnants of these many civilizations and many historical locations. With over 8400 kilometers of coastline and activities ranging from ruins exploration to white water rafting to Black Sea mountain climbing, Turkey delights every holidaymaker with its diverse selection of activities and attractions for water and sea enthusiasts.

What Part of Turkey is Best for a Holiday?

Whether you are a beach lover, a cultural fan, or enjoy parties, a resort for everybody in Turkey. Here are the most significant places for all kinds of holidays in Turkish:

  • Outdoor kinds best: With the 10-kilometer golden beach, luxury hotels, and proximity to Antalya Airport (within 30 minutes), Belek is a smart bet on a fly and flop trip and an activity break even better.
  • Cultural vultures best: Bodrum is a stylish resort town and is a site where you will witness classic whitewashed buildings, blue-spired minarets, and wooden gulet boats anchored in the port. With a fascinating blend of ancient and contemporary.
  • Best for beach enthusiasts: Oludeniz, it is impossible to imagine a more beautiful location than Oludeniz’s Blue Lagoon (90 minutes from Dalaman Airport), and it would be tempting to spend a whole vacation here.
  • Best for night owls: Gumbet, people on the shore are perfect for an early evening beverage, and there are tunes to please every mood, from hip hop and home to traditional Euro-disco music.
  • The best for the fantastic: Lara Beach, frequently called the Turkish answer to Las Vegas, is the most glittering coastal resort in Antalya.

Which Places are the Best for Sea Vacation?

A sea holiday is a beach tour, and it’s a traditional concept for a family, couple, and even solitary holiday.

There’s a universal attraction to something about the lounge on the beach, the sun, and the sound of surfing. The beach is the spot to start dancing, drink and eat a bit too much all night. This is a list of the most critical sites for seafarers to enjoy water-based activities of all kinds.

1. Bodrum Peninsula 

From 2020 to 2020, it has 32,801 inhabitants and has a surface area of 656,06 km2. It takes 50 minutes by boat to get to Kos from Bodrum, with at least three companies providing services many times a day.


Bodrum weather is typically quite good in winter; in summer it is averaged at 15°C (59°F) and average 34°C (93°F), although with highly sunny periods, summers are hot and bright, and the winter is pleasant and humid. The overall cost of living in Bodrum is roughly $459, with an average rental of about $292 a month for one-bedroom flats in the town center and around $46 per month for utilities. Other expenditures will be about $213, covering one person’s markets, transportation, restaurants and sport,s and recreation. Therefore, one of the main questions currently is “What can you do in Bodrum?”

On the Bodrum Peninsula, you may take a day’s boat ride, and every coastal spot on the Bodrum Peninsula provides a range of day cruises, and you only need to pick the perfect one. Go down to your local boat port (before 10 am or after 6 pm) and locate one of the smaller and freestanding boats that will accommodate a maximum of 10-12 persons and provide a gentle wind and sailing trip to the Aegean Sea. You will undoubtedly have a relaxed and exciting day and enjoy it much better than on busier trips.

All the tourist centers offer day excursions. A day excursion to Ephesus is one of the most popular activities. It is a three-hour drive, and there is an excursion that will bring you back and forth in a day, allowing you the opportunity to visit this ancient Greek site 1/2 day. Suppose you want to explore old ruins a little closer to the Peninsula of Bodrum. Discover the Turkish Bath (Hamam) since most larger hotels provide Turkish Bath facilities as part of their spa services. There are also other separate Turkish baths, including Bodrum Hamam and Rayola Hamam.

The culinary experience is incredible. The meal is nutritious and well-known for its classic Mediterranean flavors. Plants such as chicory, radish leaves, bull mallow are preparation of vegetable meals. Su boregi), stuffed zucchini blossom (kabak cicegi dolmasi), smoked eggplant combined with yogurt (kopoglu mezesi), gypsy salad (cingene salatasi), purslane salad with yogurt, bitter orange marmalade, and pickled cucumbers, among others.

2. Patara Beach

It is 20 kilometers long, 50 meters broad, and never crowded. It’s 20 kilometers long. Because there are just a few hundred tourist beds in the interior hamlet from the beach. Seventeen kilometers west of Kalkan, along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, is Patara beach and the historic town of Patara is not as far from the beach.

Patara Beach

If you travel down the way to the beach of Patara, you will encounter the magic sea and its costs combined with the historical significance of the city. The lovely white, fine sand of the beach of Patara and the blue water shine in the sun; the tradition says that the sand has exceptional healing properties. Many activities can also be enjoyed, such as:

The horse safari trip that allows you to ride a horse on the beach is a lot of fun, especially if you want to ride in the desert.

Patara beach is also ideal for water sports like kayaking, canoeing, paragliding, and scuba diving.

If you are a walking aficionado, you will enjoy doing activities in Turkey. One of them is only a 20-minute walk from the beach. There are the Taurus Mountains, with pure and fresh air overlooking the mountain and a wonderful stroll to the hills. Kaputas beach may be accessed by boat, while famous beaches like Oludeniz, Saklikent, and Kas are accessible by local public transport services called dolmus. The hamlet of Gelemis is near the beach, and individuals who spend their vacation in that area usually opt to stay in Glamis village. The village also offers a variety of local eateries and sophisticated restaurants. In addition, there are several nightclubs and bars in the vicinity so that you won’t have the chance to be bored at night.

3. Cesme Peninsula 

The district of Cesme in the province of Izmir, located (80 km) to the west of Anatolia, is the most extreme area, with 2601 km2. Cesme is a lovely tourist destination in Izmir. Consequently, economic activity in this region is dependent on tourism. The location draws a lot of people in the summer months; the natural beauty of the fountain is the reason. Cesme is also known as the Aegean Perle, and this beauty has converted into solid financial revenue.

Cesme Peninsula

The hotels that opened in the summer months gave business chances for many young people. In the summer, the jobless young people in the region carry out these activities, whether animated or other, thus much work is offered in the area. You will enjoy seeing if you appreciate the historical sites:

Cesme Fortress: The castle, constructed by Beyazit II in 1508, is rectangular and provides a splendid picture on three sides with six towers and ditches.

Caravan route: Caravansary lends to Cesme, a distinguishing characteristic erected by Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent in 1528. The caravan, utilized in the history of mainly foreign traders, now functions as a 45-room motel.

  • Cesme Museum. Museum.
  • Eritrea (Idler).

Or you can perform some sporting activities like:

  • Hunting: Cesme is also an excellent area for hunters.
  • Caravan camping: The campgrounds on the bays of the port of Buyuk and in the port of Pasa offer excellent and fun camping alternatives.
  • Marina: the South of Çeşme peninsula is one of the notable yacht routes in Turkey and Cesme-Kuşadası is the most developed region of infrastructure for yacht tourism.
  • The mysterious world of diving and underwater: Cesme boasts distinct places for amateur and professional aficionados

Cesme Islands and diving sports:

  • Yatak Island. Yatak Island.
  • Esek Island. Esek Island.

4. Konyaalti Beach 

It is one of Antalya Province’s two main beaches, the other being Lara Beach. It is located on the city’s western side and runs for 7 kilometers from the cliffs to the Beydaglari Mountains.

Antalya is the biggest city on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast and the eighth-largest city in the country, with a metropolitan area population of more than one million people.

Konyaalti Beach

It is the Mediterranean climate of Antalya, with warm and dry summers, moderate and wet winters, and an average of 300 sunny days a year. February is the coldest month in which temperatures may dip to around six °C, while July is the hottest month in which highs can reach about 34 °C. In summary, the summer weather is hot and dry while in winter it is warm and wet. However, there are, on average, 300 sunny days a year. Besides its beautiful beaches, Antalya offers many significant landmarks, fascinating history, and a spectacular art scene. Kalaici is the Old Quarter and has lots of narrow and winding streets that are fun to explore, and old city walls surround the area. You will find lots of souvenir shops and restaurants in the northern part of the Old Quarter and head towards the Kilincarslan district if you want to experience the charm of Kalaici in a quiet location. If you have historical interests, you’re interested in some places like:

  • The Roman Emperor Yivli Minare Saat Kulesi’s Hadrian Gate
  • Yat Limani Kesik Minare Tower and the Home of Ataturk

Karaalioglu Park is another excellent spot to visit and rest for a bit. At the top, there are also a hotel, a revolving restaurant, and a nightclub, primarily for private gatherings. Finally, taking a picturesque boat around the region is pleasant. You can take a boat from the port, but you may haggle hard for the price, and when ships are complete or near, they depart. In Antalya, the average price for a pair is TRY 446 ($51). So, a one-week vacation to Antalya costs an average of TRY6,455 ($738). These typical travel rates are collected from previous travelers to help you plan your budget for travel.

5. Belek

Belek is the city with its municipality in the Serik district of the Antalya Province of Turkey, the local population in low and high seasons ranges between 750 and 10,000. It is an excellent year-round tourist location, and the most fair weather is in May, September, and April.


Belek is a relatively tolerant town, and it is best not to leave valuables in the car while you are in Belek; they can be stolen. Tourists may feel secure with varied skin color, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. The cost of living in Belek is significantly greater than the typical city; hotels are cheaper than holiday rentals, and luxury holiday rentals in Belek are more expensive due to the very high cost for the property. Whether it’s storm shopping or getting acquainted with local food, Belek has lots of entertaining activities. This town has numerous fascinating attractions which keep your journey schedule and feet on track. Regardless of your hobbies, this location offers something for you.

If you are a globetrotter, you may see Appends Theater, arguably the main attraction in Belek, erected in the 2nd century by architect Zenon. You may also explore the walls of the city and the Hadrian Gate, historical relics of the magnificent Roman architecture. In addition, Belek offers you a large selection of adventure activities such as windsurfing, skiing, sailing, rafting, climbing, and hunting. So Belek is just a location for you in Turkey if you’re a sports enthusiast.

 Which Places are The Best For Cultural Vacations?

  Here are some suggestions for having a wonderful historical experience:

1. Istanbul 

The town is on the Bosphorus Strait with more than 15 million inhabitants in Europe and Asia, accounting for 19% of Turkey’s population. Istanbul is Europe’s most famous city and the fifteenth biggest on the globe. More than 13,4 million international visitors arrived in Istanbul in 2018, 8 years after it was appointed the European Capital of Culture, formerly the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires capital, Turkey’s largest metropolis. Istanbul is negligible over the Bosphorus, connecting Asia and Europe, making it the only municipality on two continents globally.



The old town is where most of the city’s historical landmarks like Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the Topkapi Palace can be located. The New City area, which is noted for its contemporary attractions, sky-scrapers, and retail centers, is also an essential part of Istanbul. Beyoglu and Galata are renowned nightlife and entertainment areas while the Bosphorus region houses stunning palaces; a cruise in Bosphorus is a great activity. The cruise given by the state-run business Sehir Hatlari is one of the most acceptable alternatives. The trip takes 90 minutes, or you may enjoy a non-stop2-hour cruise. There are three daily departures during the peak season, but it is still advisable to come early. Tickets may be purchased near Eminonu Terminal east of Galata Bridge. Mansions on the waterfront and urban parks. While in Istanbul, Hamams, or Turkish Baths, are excellent locations to explore. Most neighborhoods have at least one Hamam, but they vary in cleanliness and quality. Smoking a hookah or water pipe is another common pastime. Near the Grand Bazaar, there are several spots where you may smoke a hookah.

Istanbul is not a particularly costly town. However, for the travelers, here are a few suggestions of the typical person spent one day.

Lodging: €19 per day

Transport: €6 a day

Food: 18 euros per day

Operations: €6 per day

The average daily cost of traveling in Turkey is €48 per day.

2. Bursa 

Bursa is the fourth most populated town in Turkey and the second most populous in the Marmara region. The majority of Turkish car manufacture is carried out at Bursa.


As a large city you may enjoy a lot of activities and places:

  • Bursa Teleferik Ride: The Bursa Teleferik is the world’s longest cable car.
  • Shops and sightseeing at the Central Bazar, Cumalikızik Alleys
  • The Tomb of Muradiye Bursa was the initial capital of the Ottoman Empire, which houses the tombs of some of the early sultans and families of the empire.
  • Uludag skiing is Turkey’s busiest winter ski area, with easy access to both Istanbul and Bursa.
  • Konya (Home base of Sufis Mevlevi) is the most renowned city to witness the whirlwind dervishes; Bursa has an active cultural center Mevlevi and one of the most famous exhibitions.

Prices for essential items on the budget are lower in Bursa than in the US. For example, for shopping in Bursa, you have to pay 2,59 times less than in the United States. The average cost of lodging in Bursa varies from EUR 14 (TRY 147) at a hotel to EUR 28 (TRY 294) at a 3-star hotel. The price per night in a luxury Bursa hotel is around EUR 59. (617 TRY). And it’s good on the security side. Overall risk can be deemed medium since passengers had problems, but it was their fault in most situations. Stay alert to your things and be aware of your surroundings.

3. Izmir 

Izmir is a metropolitan city near the west edge of Anatolia and, after Istanbul and Ankara, the third-largest city in Turkey. It is also the second-largest city on the Aegean Sea after Athens. So if you go to Izmir, don’t simply spend time seeing the sites and chilling in the lovely city center.


Here are the most visited places in Izmir:

Izmir Agora: Izmir Agora, for the majority of citizens, is only part of the everyday environment. The remnants of a Romano-Greek marketplace take you back to when Izmir was a significant stop on the Silk Road within the Agora Garden.

Ephesus: the ancient Roman town of Ephesus was once a top-rated stop on the Silk Road and is today one of Izmir’s most popular places, attracting over two million people a year.

Pergamon acropolis: The former Greek town of the Pergamon Acropolis, a center of authority in the 2nd century BC, is situated high on the hilltop overlooking the current city of Bergama.

Hierapolis-Pamukkale: This Greek-Roman spa town is at the top of many passengers’ bucket lists due to its white travertine terraces that wind their way down the hillside past natural hot springs.

Also, you can enjoy:

  • Market Kemaraltı
  • Bergama Sirince Back Street Village

One of the most significant activities you can do is explore Pırlanta’s red coastline seas, where strong winds and big waves pound the shore at least six months a year t. Thus is a favorite destination for surfers worldwide.

4. Nevsehir (Cappadocia)

Cappadocia is the capital district of the province of Nevsehir in Turkey’s Central Anatolia region. The section has a total population of 117,890 and 82,110 in the capital area of Nevsehir. The site is 535 km2 (207 m2), and the city is situated at the highest feet. (4,016 ft).


Cappadocia is famed for its fairy-tale landscape, caves, fantastic rock formations, and, of course, hundreds of hot air balloons that float in the sky every morning at sunrise. There are also so many excellent hiking tours in Cappadocia that it takes you at least a week to visit all of the region’s many hiking paths.

There are many activities you are interested in, for example

  • Flying in a dawn hot air balloon
  • You may walk through the Red Valley and watch the sunset.
  • The Goreme Open-Air Museum is one of Cappadocia’s most famous attractions and historic landmarks, featuring an audio tour that takes you through the old paintings.
  • From ages ago, churches and cave dwellings.
  • There is an unusual lake named LAKE TUZ, which may also be enjoyed at UCHISAR CASTLE (he pink Salt Lake); the beauty of Cappadocia is that it only grows more and more gorgeous, while it is a fairy-tale place in the summer. It is a wonderfully hypocritical sight when it snows in Cappadocia.

5. Denizli (Pamukkale)

The location is known for its carbonate-mineral mineral left by thermal spring water, located in the Inner Aegean region of Turkey on the River Menderes valley, with a favorable environment for most of the year. The locality of Denizli in Turkish means “cotton castle.”


Pamukkale, along with Hierapolis, is a World Heritage Site and was declared a World Heritage Site in 1988. Due to its prominence and natural beauty, it is a tourist destination. The most well-preserved structures belong to the ancient city of Hierapolis, which prospered and culminated, under the control of the Roman Empire, in the second and third century A.D. The city, however, was destroyed by an earthquake in 60 AD; and the remains of the Byzantine city walls, the ruins of the octogonal St Philip’s Church of Martyrs, and the first-century Ark of Honor of Emperor Domitian complete the journey into the past accompanied at every turn by the fantastic “Cotton Castle.” In the purest sense, Pamukkale has been a wonder, particularly in the last 20 years, when growing numbers of Turks and international visitors have started to revisit the resorts. Today, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Pergamum, Sardis, and Aphrodisia are the most visited sites in southern Turkey. National conservation laws have legally protected Denizli Pamukkale, according to UNESCO. Although there is no particular legislation for planning the protection of World Heritage sites, it is a safe location. People in this city are often quite polite and friendly, although standard precautions should be exercised.

Denizli is significant for agriculture and trade, but not so much for tourism – and certainly not for the sea, except that the famed Pamukkale hot-spring spa resort, which is long overdue, is located just 18 kilometers to the northeast.

Here are some locations you may visit:

  • Travertines Theater Hierapolis
  • Laodikeia Aphrodisias
  • Caravanserais near Pamukkale Karahayit Hot Springs, Pamukkale Antique pool.
  • Under the springs is a little bath, where you can bathe till the content of your heart. This is a fantastic spot to relax tired muscles and take an hour or two off the road.

Is It Possible To Live In Holiday Cities In Turkey?

To conclude, Turkey proves to be one of the most attractive holiday locations worldwide day by day. In Turkey, you may find the holidays you always wanted. In addition to being a highly safe country, the people are friendly and courteous. Here are some more reasons for choosing Turkey as your future place to live:

  • You can enjoy a reasonable quality of life with medium to low incomes
  • Cheap maintenance expenses and low yearly tax
  • The Mediterranean climate is inexpensive and excellent quality healthcare for everyone
  • Transportation and logistics in Turkey are highly accessible
  • The diverse entertainment you may perform satisfies all kinds of individuals
  • Turkey provides impressive dining experiences that blend East and West. Along with favorable living conditions, investing in property is highly lucrative and highly financially.

So bottom-line in Turkey,  you can be on vacation your whole life! How nice would it be!!!!


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