Best 5 Banks in Real estate Loans In Turkey!

Best 5 Banks in Real estate Loans In Turkey!

Best 5 Banks in Real estate Loans In Turkey!

After the Central Bank’s interest rate cut, expected real estate loans interest rate cuts after.

5 banks in Turkey were included in the interest rate cuts that started by of Ziraat Bank.
It is expected that the number of banks participating in the campaign will increase and that private banks will be included.


Ziraat Bank, HalkBank, VakıfBank, provides housing loans with an interest rate of 0.99%. So, which bank uses this interest rate. Here are the details …


Ziraat Bank reduced the interest rates on real estate loans up to 500.000 liras, down to 0.99 %  per month by pulling less than 1 % for a maximum maturity of 180 months.

The amount of bank loans between 500.000 TL to 1 million TL monthly interest rate for housing loans up to 180 months to 1.19 % .

In addition, if the loan is used for housing with 1 million TL and above, the interest rate for a maximum maturity of 180 months was determined as 1.39 %.


Halk bank, revealed that the interest rates for housing loans will be up to 500.000 TL, for a maximum 180-month maturity by pulling below 1 % to 0.99 % per month.

500,000 TL to 1 million TL is the bank’s monthly interest rate for real estate loans will be up to 180 months.

If the loan is used for houses which worth more than 1 million TL or more, the interest rate will be applied as 1.39 % for a maximum period of 180 months.


Vakıf bank housing loan interest rate moved up to 500,000 TL for 180 months with a limit of 0.99 %.

The Bank reduced the consumer loan interest rate to 1.49 %.

The housing project loan interest rate was 0.79 %.

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Ziraat KATILIM in Turkey gives up to 250,000 TL as a house finance, for a maximum of 180 months maturity under 1 % by pulling down from 0.99 % monthly.

The Bank give loans by lending 250,000 TL to 500,000 TL as housing financing rate of 180 months.

The housing finance rate between 500 thousand liras and 1 million liras is 1.29 % up to 180 months period.


Vakif KATILIM gives up to, 180 months period lending out 250,000 TL in the maturity rate of 0.99% monthly profit rate pulled.

According to the statement made by Vakıf Bank, the rate is 1.19 % for the amounts between 250,000 TL and 500,000 TL.

1.29% for the amount of 500,000 TL up to 1 million
For the amounts of 1 million TL, 1.39% was determined.


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