Albayrak announced that the target is reducing inflation in Turkey to 5%

الوزير التركي, بيرق

Albayrak announced that the target is reducing inflation in Turkey to 5%

The Turkish Statistical Institute announced that according to the data of September, inflation fell after 26 months to a single-digit number and recorded 9.26%.

 “We will win in the end”

Albayrak said in a statement when participating in aPara program, “Growth is indispensable in Turkey.

We have completed a huge step in the fight against inflation. Our new goal is to sustain these gains and decrease inflation to 5% step by step.

In 2022 we will see inflation of less than 5%. We will work day and night, and eventually we will win. ”

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The following messages were made in Albayrak’s statements:

Our goal is that inflation levels at the end of the year will be 12% according to the New Economic Program and I hope it will be lower.

We have managed the monetary and fiscal policies implemented last year in a very sensitive and coordinated manner during the whole balancing period.

We are much stronger than possible internal and external fluctuations in the next four years.

In the coming period we will see our own preparations and packages which will facilitate doing business and planning tax more evenly depending on income level.

Regarding to dollarization, steps that will positively affect to liras will be seen in the coming period.

With the effect of effective Treasury management in 2019 budget, in turkey we will complete the year under interest expenditures.

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