What are Realty Group After Sales Services?

As Realty Group, the scope of the service we offer continues even after our customers own real estate. After our comprehensive services are provided by our expert real estate consultants, we also maintain our after-sales services by prioritizing customer satisfaction. In addition to standard processes such as after-sales process, flat delivery organization, follow-up of the transactions within the scope of the contractor’s commitment, project management; It also provides support in official matters, especially the transfer of title deeds, the support provided in obtaining a residence permit in Turkey, and the citizenship process of the Republic of Turkey, which is carried out by lawyers specialized in citizenship issues. After-sales services covering all these processes are among the services provided to ensure customer satisfaction.

What are the Advantages of After Sales Services?

After choosing the real estate of your dreams from among the wide range of real estate owned by Realty Group, the service we provide does not end here. After the realization of the sales transactions, the second phase of the services we offer begins. At this stage, the advantages of our after-sales services can be listed as follows:

  • Support provided in the process of applying for a residence permit after purchasing a residence in Turkey,
  • The convenience provided in the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship through lawyers within our company who are specialized in citizenship issues,
  • To have furniture and home decorations at the best prices by the best companies that suit your taste,
  • By keeping in touch with you about the regular progress of your payments and installments, you will be benefited by preventing possible setbacks in the payment process,
  • If the construction process of the real estate you have purchased has not been completed, support is provided until the project is fully ready by regularly sharing up-to-date photos and videos of the project with you.
  • In case of a possible resale or lease of your property, support is provided to ensure that this process regarding your property is properly managed. Through our expert team, we are assisted in managing this process as soon as possible and in the most profitable way for you.

How to Get Realty Group After Sales Services?

If you choose among the wide product range of Realty Group while owning real estate, you can benefit from the after-sales service provided by a qualified expert consultant staff provided by the company. Our expert staff, who will support you with the principle of a solution-oriented, provides you with 24/7 support through the call center with a service approach that adopts customer satisfaction. You can benefit from our real estate after-sales service by contacting our consultants via our relevant call center numbers.

Who Can Get Realty Group’s After Sales Services?

Realty Group, with its real estate consultancy service, provides consultancy services to investors from many regions of the world and people who are considering owning a house. Our company, which serves people from many segments and nationalities with its wide range of real estate, provides services to its customers to their dreams and expectations of owning real estate. At this point, the only criterion to benefit from the after-sales service provided is that the real estate in question has been purchased through Realty Group.

Is Realty Group After Sales Services Paid?

No extra fees are charged from our customers for after-sales services. The after-sales service is considered by our company as a continuation of the sale, and the sales and after-sales services are considered as a whole.

What Does Realty Group After Sales Service Include?

The service provided by the real estate consultant during the real estate purchase or rental process does not end with the signing of the sales or rental agreements. Because some needs may arise after the signature is signed. These needs start from the selection of furniture to the maintenance needs of the real estate you buy; In the case of deferred payment, it constitutes a wide range from payment follow-up to the acquisition of the right of citizenship and residence permit. Realty Group provides service with an expert staff that will support you even after sales in such matters that require attention, knowledge, and experience.

In this direction, the quality of the after-sales services we offer to our customers who choose the real estate to be purchased from among the options offered by our company can be listed as follows;

  • Property management support to be provided in many areas from routine maintenance of the real estate you own to your purchase-sale, rental or investment-oriented moves,
  • Legal support to be provided for the promotion of the official process for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Support provided for obtaining a residence permit within the borders of the Republic of Turkey,
  • Support in purchasing furniture and other products necessary for your home,
  • Design and decoration service that will be shaped in line with individual tastes,
  • Carrying out insurance transactions for the belongings in the house, Follow-up of annual real estate taxes,
  • Follow-up on your real estate related invoices,
  • Housing cleaning and maintenance,
  • Support services related to maintenance, repair, and repair issues that will take place in the residence.

All these privileged services are offered to our customers who join our wide real estate network within the Realty Group.

1. Property Management:

Property management is provided by Realty Group after-sale;  It is a service that means that the real estate we sell is managed by our real estate experts on behalf of the owner, and we ensure that various transactions related to the property are carried out. This service is provided to our clients at no charge by our property managers. The main goal of our property managers specializing in property management is to make real estate acquired for investment the most profitable investment possible for their owners.

We provide property management services with these qualifications within the scope of after-sales service to real estate owners who want to earn passive income and do not have the time and opportunity for the said transaction. This service provided preserves the value of the real estate investment. In line with this service, our property managers follow all processes related to leasing instead of the owner. The property manager, who manages the entire life cycle of the real estate you own through us, provides this service to real estate owners completely professionally.

2. Turkish Citizenship

As Realty Group, we provide support to our customers who own real estate through our company for all transactions in the process of acquiring Turkish Citizenship through our lawyers specializing in citizenship issues. Applying for citizenship is a broad subject and is a process that requires knowledge and experience in terms of transactions. At this point, our law firm is ready to provide you with all the support you need.

3. Help with the Application for Residence Permit in Turkey

Realty Group, which has a law firm specialized in its field; offers a wide range of services to its foreign national customers, from obtaining a residence permit in Turkey to solving problems arising from visa violations and citizenship procedures.

Our consultants, working in harmony with each other, adopt the goals and ideals of our customers as their own, and always work for the best results and customer satisfaction in this direction. As Realty Group, we take care to use the argument we have obtained by following the current developments in the sector, combining it with our expertise and experience, most appropriately and effectively to meet the needs of our customers.

4. Open a Bank Account

Within the scope of after-sales consultancy, the step in which the financial dimension of the process is shaped is bank transactions and opening a bank account. In such matters, our consultant team provides all the support you need. The first step of this process is to open a bank account. Our consultant team is ready to assist you at this point to provide support in case of potential problems you may encounter.

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