Touristic city in Turkey and distances between them

المدن السياحية في تركيا

Touristic city in Turkey and distances between them

Every year a large number of tourists visit Turkey because of its beautiful natural and historical values.

Modern roads and transport vehicles in Turkey shorten the distances between the tourist cities.

However, the distances between cities vary slightly according to the nature of the road and the means of transportation.

When you want to see the natural and historical places of Turkey you need to make a tourist map.

That way, you will know the distances between the cities you want to visit and determine your travel route. Good planning of your trip will make you use the time in the best way.

For example, domestic or foreign tourists should be aware that Turkey is composed of different geographical regions.

Thus, tourists can visit cities close to each other so they will not spend much time on transportation. This allows tourists to discover more places and travel more.

المدن السياحية في تركيا, Istanbul, Galata Tower,
Istanbul – Galata

Tourist Cities in Turkey

Everybody loves to travel, but traveling bores everyone for some reason.

When you go on a trip in the country or abroad, making a plan for your trip will reduce the time you spend on the road and give you more time to visit the attractions.

Turkey welcomes many tourists from all over the world every year.

Tourists coming to big cities like Istanbul, Antalya, and Izmir see Turkey’s historical and cultural heritage as well as the sea, sun, and sand.

In the summer months, foreign tourists, who mostly prefer Aegean and Mediterranean cities, wish to have a pleasant holiday in a short period of time.

They pay close attention to the distance between places with historical and natural beauties.

Good time planning and distance between tourist areas are important for anyone with a limited holiday time.

Before making any trip, it is important to know the distances between the places you are going to visit since you will not enjoy visiting places far away from each other in a short time.

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Distances between the Tourist Cities in Turkey

The natural beauty and cultural and historical richness of Turkish cities vary depending on the geographical region in which they are located.

While you can enjoy the sun and sand on the Aegean coast, you can see all shades of green with peaceful natural beauties in the cities of the Black Sea region.

In Istanbul, you can find historical places belonging to many different civilizations, the world-known Bosphorus and many wonderful natural areas.

Of course, every city in Turkey has privileged features from other cities.

كم تبعد يالوا عن اسطنبول, اسطنبول الى يالوا, من اسطنبول إلى يالوا, istanbul to yalova
Istanbul to Yalova

Distance Between Istanbul and Yalova Cities is 176 km

Yalova is a small city that surprises visitors and reminds them of Istanbul with its historic mansions and buildings, green nature, and long coastline.

Some of the places you can visit in Yalova city are as follows: Yalova Earthquake Monument, Yalova Coast, Falling Water Waterfall, Black Church, Tigem Beach, Cinarcik Sand Beach, Walking Pavilion, Gokcedere Dam and Thermal Baths.

من اسطنبول إلى ابانت, بحيرة أبانت, istanbul to abant
Istanbul to Abant

Distance from Istanbul to Abant 277 km

Located near the Mudurnu district of ​​Bolu city, Abant has a different natural beauty every season thanks to its lake.

In addition to the lake covering an area of ​​125 hectares in total, Abant has great places to visit.

These include Güzeldere Waterfall, Akkaya Travertines, Abant Natural Park, Abant Village Market, Örmeci Plateau, Samandere Waterfall Natural Monument, and Sinekli Plateau.

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من اسطنبول إلى صبنجة, بحيرة صبنجة, سابانجا, بحيرة سابانجا,Istanbul to sabanca
Istanbul to Sabanca

Distance Istanbul – Sapanca 136 km

Sapanca, which is famous for its nature, is a beautiful tourist route for everyone.

it is located in Sakarya near Istanbul, Eskisehir, Izmit, and Bursa.

Sapanca Lake is a natural masterpiece where you can enjoy hiking.

Skiing in Kartepe Ski Center, eat fish and have breakfast in Maşukiye village also very enjoyed.

Places to visit in Sapanca include Kırkpınar, Rahime Sultan Mosque, Maşukiye, Kartepe, Kuzuluk Hot Springs, Sapanca Lake, Hasan Fehmi Pasha Mosque, Mosque Cedid Mosque, Vecihi Gate, Rustempaşa Mosque, and Byzantine Sarcophagi.

من بورصة إلى يالوا,Bursa to Yalova
Bursa to Yalova

Distance from Bursa to Yalova 69 km

Yalova, a small seaside town near Istanbul, has a lot of beautiful places to visit.

For example, Armutlu Thermal Springs, Bad Godesberg Park, Yaveran Pavilion, Dipsiz Lake, Erikli and Delmece Highlands, Karaca Arboretum, and Hersekzade Ahmet Pasha Mosque.

كم تبعد انطاليا عن اسطنبول, istanbul to antalya
Istanbul to Antalya

Distance from Istanbul to Antalya 718 km

Antalya city has many tourist attractions. If you want to visit Antalya or spend your holiday in it, you should plan before going to this city.

Because you will have a lot of options to visit and see during your stay in Antalya.

Except sea, sun, and sand, here are some places to visit in Antalya Hadrian’s Gate, Kurşunlu Waterfall, Konyaaltı Beach, Yivli Minaret, Köprülü Canyon, Düden Waterfall, Aspendos Antique Theater and Termessos Antique City.

Also; Antalya Archeology Museum, Kaleici, Perge Ancient City, Manavgat Waterfall, Saklikent Ski Center, Murat Pasha Mosque and Phaselis Ancient City.

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من اسطنبول إلى طرابزون,Trabzon to Istanbul
Trabzon to Istanbul

Distance from Istanbul to Trabzon 1065 km

Trabzon is one of the oldest port city in Anatolia. This city deserves a visit with its historical and natural beauties.

During your visit to Trabzon, you can visit the following places: Uzungol, Boztepe, Sumela Monastery, Trabzon Castle, Hagia Sophia Museum, Trabzon Museum, Ataturk Pavilion, Cal Cave, Bedesten, St. Anna’s Church, Altindere Valley National Park, and Peristera Monastery.

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