About Yalova

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About Yalova

It is thought that civilizations in Yalova started in neolithic age (B.C 8000-5500). It is believed that first civilization founded in Yalova is Bithynians in 7th century. In 74 B.C. Yalova administered by Roman Empire.

Later on, Yalova turnt to a Turkish land by Gazi Abdurrahman who is an Ottoman commander in 1326.

يالوفا, يالوفا تركيا, يالوفا في الشتاء,
City Center Yalova

Social Life in Yalova

the city  was seperated from Istanbul and took the title of city in 1995. Basic livelihood resources are  agriculture like kiwi, greenhouse; industry in chemistry, paper, shipbuilding.

The most spreading livelihood resource is industry in this city.

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يالوفا, يالوفا تركيا, يالوفا في الشتاء,, خريطة يالوفا, Yalova Map,
Yalova Map

Geographic Structures of Districts in Yalova

Altınova: Many agriculturel activities can be done in this district. The ground is appropriate for plenty of plants to raise.

Also floriculture is an important sector for this district.

Armutlu: The great parts of the land covered by forests and mountains. It has marine connection with İstanbul and Mudanya.

Çınarcık: It is a touristic center and the south and the west side of the distinct covered by forests.

Çiftlikköy: It is closed to Yalova city center and located in south of Marmara Sea.

Termal: The distinct get its name from thermal waters in Samanlı Valley.


It is a small city and its population is 251.203 people. According to its area, the population density is high. Male population form the 49% of the population and female populatiin form the 51% of general population in this city.

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الطبيعة,يالوفا, يالوفا تركيا, يالوفا في الشتاء,, خريطة يالوفا, Nature in Yalova
Nature in Yalova

The Vegetation and Climate 

Yalova has the smallest surface in Turkey as a city. The terrain coated with mountains. The vegetation is mostle maquis and foresrts.

The forests cover 58% of the all city surface. the forests mostly contain cranberry, oak, beech and chestnut trees.

The climate named as macro-climate because the climate is the combination of Medditerrenian, Blacksea and Continental climate.

Socio-cultural Structure 

immigrate from many other cities so that socio-cultural structure is cosmopolitan and various. There are so many people from differen socio-economoic status. Yalova has many cultural and art associations and that gives the city to chance to develop art and culture.

يالوفا, يالوفا تركيا, يالوفا في الشتاء,, خريطة يالوفا, مركز يالوفا, city center yalova
Square of Yalova


From this city, people can reach Bursa and Kocaeli with highway and reach Istanbul with hihway or seaway.

In addition, Marina gives a chance to have great time the visitors from Istanbul.

In it’s position, the port is a station caming from Aegean and Blacksea ships.

يالوفا, يالوفا تركيا, يالوفا في الشتاء,, خريطة يالوفا, جامعة يالوفا,Yalova University
Yalova University


the University has many departments like Engineering, Law, Economic and Edministrative Sciences, Social Sciences Institute, Science institute and Art and Design departments.

That developes the city’s socio-cultural elements.

يالوفا, يالوفا تركيا, يالوفا في الشتاء,, خريطة يالوفا, جامعة يالوفا, مشفى يالوفا, Hospital of Yalova
Hospital of Yalova

Health Care in Yalova

In this State Hospital contains many health care opportunities for the patients. In each distincts health care services gives care for its patients constantly.

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