About Trabzon

مناخ طرابزون, الطقس في طرابزون, طرابزون, تركيا

About Trabzon

Trabzon has a great background for our national history. We can say the city has about history of 4 thousand years.

it was conquered by Sultan Mehmed in 1461 after that event city has a great role for the country.

Trabzon is a beautiful city that reach forth from the Black Sea. and it name’s is come from old Greek word that was “trapezes”.

A historic paper which is written by a Greek commander, Anabasis is tell about Trabzon with the name of Trapezes in BC.4 century. The meaning of the Trapezes in Greek is table also.

Trabzon is taken by Muslims in 8. Century after their arrival to Anatolian for the first time.

After Muslims, Trabzon was ruled by Georgian, Iranian and East Rome Empire respectively.

In 1461 the city was controlled by Sultan Mehmet who took the Istanbul also.

Trabzon had a great role for the Turks for centuries and city hosted Yavuz Sultan Selim when his young time and he was also a governor the city.

Atatürk also visited the city in couple of variety times.

Geographical Conditions

Trabzon is surrounded by Black Sea from north direction, Gümüşhane from west direction, Rize from east direction, Giresun from the west direction.

it has a fascinating beauty and it attracts you when see it for the first time.  Trabzon is located into a structure of couple different mountains.

Trabzon is covered by dense forest. City has always rain and as a natural result, many different kind of trees can be seen in Trabzon forests.

Trabzon has green tones from each side almost in every season. The famous shape of forest are generally occurs with Alder, Daphne, Arbutus, Pine, Hornbeam, Beech, Spruce trees.

Trabzon has different kind of natural shapes that was occurred in natural manner.

Foldere Valley is the one of the valley that occurred in west part pf the city.

Solaklı Valley and Değirmendere Valleys are the other big valley shaping in the city.

Uzungöl is a natural beauty that should be seen during Trabzon visit. Uzungöl is a long and thin structure of lake that is located in a valley’s base.

Green tones and blue tones get together and have a great mixture. Balıklı Lake, Aygır Lake and Kara Lake is the other lake formation in the city.


Climate Conditions

Trabzon has generally warm air for all season. Because of the Black Sea city has warm and damp air.

Inner part of the city effects from the formation of mountain therefore inner parts has Anatolian Continental Climate.

This is affected on way of precipitation and dense rain in coastal part of city convert into snow in the inner part.

Trabzon has different natural shapes that is formatted on top of mountains. The lakes is good examples of that theory.

Glacial lakes is occurred on top of mountains. Trabzon has a rugged area that make harden to live and plant in the city.

Many farmland is situated on irregular fields. Trabzon has mass tea production thank to its climate and fertile soils.

طرابزون, تركيا, طقس طرابزون, تركيا طرابزون

Demographic Situation in Trabzon

Trabzon is one the big city in Turkey. Trabzon is made up from 18 different districts. Also big city has 692 different neighborhood.

Trabzon is the capital city of the region. The population of the Trabzon city is 786.326. Males and females are divided equally.

Trabzon has big facilities for its and regions people demands. Universities, hospitals and any other things are helpful for the regions people.

Karadeniz Technical University is the head facility for the education in city.

17 different faculty and about 60 thousand students are available in this institution. 634 schools for different stages are available also in Trabzon city.

مشافي طرابزون, طرابزون, تركيا, السياحة في طرابزون

Health Care

Trabzon has an important role in region for health care system with 18 different public hospitals and 3 private hospitals.


Economy in Trabzon

Trabzon is a developed trade and agriculture system. The natural beauty of city also adds a price with tourism facilities.

The huge export products are tea, hazelnut, fruit and vegetables in Trabzon.

Public stores that have an activity on processing of food, forest products, chemical products, metal industry gives employment for residents of region also.

Trabzon has different kind of Industry Facilities that names are Arsin OSB (Organized Industrial Zone), Beşikdüzü and Şinik OSB.

Thousands of people is employed by in that institutions. Trabzon has limited farmland and only %21 percent of its soil is suitable for agricultural activities.

Tea and hazelnut production are in first in Trabzon. Raising cattle in the city is an another possibility.

Last one is for make a living in Trabzon is the fishing.”Hamsi” is a famous fish kind all over the country and lots of them is hunted in Trabzon.


Historical and Cultural Places

Trabzon is hosted so many different and he cultures therefore many residues are now available for the visitors.

Each different civilization has an signature on Trabzon structure.

The famous Monastery are Sumela, Vezalon, Kuştul, Kaymaklı, and Kızlar. Hagia Sofia, Atatürk Pavilion, and Cevdet Sunay Museums are popular for visitors.

Wood made mansions that reflect the architectural way of Ottoman are Memişoğlu, Nemlizede and Çakırağa.

One of the famous and historic mosques are Ortahisar Fatih – Yeni Cuma – İskender Paşa – Ahi Evren Dede – Hızırbey – Çarşı – Erdoğdu Bey and Tavanlı.

Fountain that shows the domestic art are Abdullah Pasha and Abdülhamit. Famous Turkish baths are Pasha and Meydan.

These constructions are attracts the people and they are visited for all year long.

طرابزون, تركيا, العيش في طرابزون, عقارات طرابزون

Places to Visit

Many construction and natural structure is available in Trabzon.

People can see green and blue tones in city and realize the pure oxygen in mountains and almost in city center.

Uzungöl is the favorite one for nature lovers and many luxury hotels are available around the lake.

Trabzon has plateau that is suitable for settlement during summer season. Fascinating beauty of plateau you can explore the city’s pure beauty.

One of the famous plateau in Trabzon are Harmantepe, Hıdırnebi, Kuruçam  Mavura – Sisdağı, Sazalan, Kiraz, Sultanmurat and Erikbeli.

Çal Köy cave is another destination for nature lovers.

Annual Averages about Houses That Placed 

Annual Gross Area 155 S/m
Annual Gross Price 1.729 ₺/s/m
Annual Price 267.995
Depreciation 28 years

Dispersion According to Number of Room 

Construction     Area         Unit Price        Price Depreciation
1+1 76 s/m 2.057 ₺/s/m 156.332 19 years
2+1 105 s/m 1.524 ₺/ s/m 160.020 23 years
3+1 155 s/m 1.728 ₺/ s/m 267.840 29 years

Houses for Sale in Trabzon

District December 2018  Annual Average Depreciation  Change
Akçaabat 1.808 ₺/s/m 1.708 ₺/ s/m 31 Years % 8,07
Araklı 1.606 ₺/ s/m 1.507 ₺/ s/m 31 Years % 00.00
Arsin 1.518 ₺/ s/m 1.511 ₺/ s/m 31 Years % 00.00
Beşikdüzü 1.283 ₺/ s/m 1.297 ₺/ s/m 29 Years % 6,56
Çarşıbaşı 1.093 ₺/ s/m 20 Years % 00.00
Yomra 1.843 ₺/ s/m 1.779 ₺/ s/m 28 Years % 9,38
Vakfıkebir 1.570 ₺/ s/m 1.505 ₺/ s/m 31 Years % 28,90
Tonya 1.029 ₺/ s/m Years % 00.00
Sürmene 1.833 ₺/ s/m 1.773 ₺/ s/m 31 Years % 00.00
Ortahisar 1.834 ₺/ s/m 1.760 ₺/ s/m 27 Years % 10,88

House for Sale Prices in Trabzon

Average houses are built in 155 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices increased with the percent of %10.78.

Average Depreciation Time is 28 years 

Unit price for each square in Fethiye is 1.729 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 28 years.

Most Valued Houses in Trabzon

Vakfıkebir, Of, Ortahisar, Yomra, Akçaabat neighborhoods are most valued areas according to in last one year record.

Most Lost Valued Houses in Trabzon

Düzköy, Çarşıbaşı, Tonya, Sürmene, Maçka neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

Earnings Too Fast in Trabzon with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Trabzon are Maçka, Akçaabat, Araklı, Arsin, Of neighborhoods in turn.

Earnings Too Slow in Trabzon with Houses

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Trabzon are Düzköy, Tonya, Çarşıbaşı, Ortahisar, Yomra neighborhoods in turn.

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