About Sakarya

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About Sakarya

About Sakarya


Sakarya-Adapazarı is one of the most important cities in Turkey because of its rapid development. It is also rich in regional culture and has a lot of scenic beauty. Its sea sceneries, beaches, lakes, rivers, wolds, and thermal springs are worth to see. There are Ottoman period sites which contain traditional living such as Taraklı and Geyve. Also, there are historical artifacts from Byzantium and Ottoman periods. The acreage of Sakarya is 482,109.70 hectare and the population is 917.373 people. In addition, provincial traffic number of Sakarya is 54.

The History of Sakarya

The Sakarya province, which is conquered in 13. century by Turks, immigrated in 18. and 19. century from Caucasia and Balkans. In 1989, as the last migration of the century, immigrants came from Bulgaria. Nowadays, the intersection of transport routes Sakarya is continuing to international migrating. Sakarya has a developing industry. The Sakarya province is the brightest star of Marmara region. It is surrounded by Düzce from the east, Bolu from the southeast, Bilecik from the south, Kocaeli from the west, and the Black Sea from the north. It appertained to Kocaeli for long years as Adapazarı. On 22nd June 1954, it was separated from Kocaeli province and named as ‘Sakarya’.

The Adapazarı province consists of Kaynarca and Söğütlü counties on the north, Kandıra on the northwest, Kocaeli on the west, Serdivan and Arifiye on the southwest, Erenler on south and southeast, Akyazı and Hendek on the east. Centuries before now, Adapazarı was a market village area. In 1573, it was a village that named ‘Ada’. In 1646, it was a township. In 1658, it was a village which appertains to Akyazı. In 1742, it was a township. In 1837, it was a small town.

Transportation to Sakarya

سكان سكاريا

In Kınalı, the highway is connected to Greece and Bulgaria. Here is the distance from the cities of Sakarya province by road: 797 km to Adana, 583 km to Antalya, 102 km to Bilecik, 158 km to Bursa, 188 km to Eskişehir, 148 km to İstanbul, 933 km to Trabzon, 306 km to Ankara, 114 km to Bilecik, 486 km to İzmir, 79 km to Düzce, 708 km to Muğla, 179 km to Zonguldak, and 37 km to Kocaeli.

There are 7 stations in railway which is 65 km length within provincial borders. The railway which connects İstanbul to Ankara and other Anatolia provinces is pass over Sakarya. This railway is parallel to D-100 road from Haydarpaşa to 10 km east of İzmit. It splits from D-100 road in Derbent and arrives Arifiye station as following the south shore of Sapanca Lake. After Arifiye station, it ends in Adapazarı Railway Station. The main railway which bends to the south is reaching Ankara as following Arifiye-Eskişehir road. The distance between Adapazarı and İstanbul by railway is 141 km and between Ankara is 436 km. If airway transportation is preferred, the nearest airport is İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport with 110 km distance. Also, İstanbul Atatürk Airport is 170 km away from Sakarya.

Properties for sale in Sakarya

Sakarya Actual

Adapazarı is center of Akyazı, Geyve, Hendek and Karasu counties. It is also named Sakarya. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality provides comprehensive services in the field of innovative, modern projects and urbanism in all counties. Sakarya has 16 counties. These counties; Adapazarı, Akyazı, Arifiye, Erenler, Ferizli, Geyve, Hendek, Karapürçek, Karasu, Kaynarca, Kocaali, Pamukova, Sapanca, Serdivan, Söğütlü, and Taraklı.

Sakarya plays an important role in transportation as national and international. Important roads such as D-100 (E-5) road, TEM road, and D-25 road. There is Kınalı-İstanbul-Sakarya-Ankara road that begins in Edirne. In addition, this road has international importance.

Counties of Sakarya

The Sakarya region is located in the Classical Period of the Ottoman Empire and the Ottoman Census in 1831 in the Kocaeli Livan of the Algerian-i Bahr-i Sefid Province. In 1846 State Annual Document, Kocaeli Livan is connected to Kastamonu Province. With 1867 Vilayet Law, Kocaeli Livan which Adapazarı is connected, was connected Hüdavendigâr province. Adapazarı was separated from Kocaeli on 22nd June 1954 and has been the center county of Sakarya province.

There are Kaynarca and Söğütlü counties in the north of Adapazarı. There are also Kocaeli-Kandıra in the northwest, Kocaeli in the west, Serdivan and Arifiye in the southwest, Erenler in the south and southeast, and Akyazı and Hendek in the east of Adapazarı.

Tourism can generate income in less time by spending fewer resources and bazaar in the country or city in other economic industries. A large number of entries natural, historic and less dependence on foreign cultural nature. Marmara Region, Eastern Marmara Region, located in Sakarya region and in the southeast part of the province. In the east, there are Hendek and Mudurnu districts, Erenler and Karapürçek districts in the west, Adapazarı district in the northwest, Bolu-Göynük district in the south and Taraklı district in the southwest.

Akyazı district is named after Akova. Another meaning of “yazı” word is “ova”. In other words, Akova means Akyazı. Akyazı joined the Ottoman lands in 1303 by one of the commanders of Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Konuralp.

Arifiye is approximately 8 km away from Adapazari city center and connects to Dörtyol via an asphalt road and from here to Adapazarı. In addition, D-100 State Highway, TEM Anatolian Highway and Bilecik-Eskişehir road to reach other cities. Arifiye district Adapazarı district in the north, Serdivan district in the northwest, Sapanca district in the west, Geyve district in the south, Erenler district is located in the east.

Sapanca district, is located in the northeast of the Marmara Region. The distance to the city center is 17 km. In the north of the district is the Sapanca Lake, the Serdivan district, the east of Arifiye district, Geyve district in the south and Pamukova district in the southeast. It is located geographically in the south between Samanlı Mountains and Sapanca Lake.

Pamukova district center; it is surrounded by high hills north and south of the plain. The distance to the city center is 46 km. Pamukova, Geyve district in the east, Sapanca and Kocaeli-Izmit districts in the north, Bursa-Iznik district in the west, Bilecik-Osmaneli district in the south is surrounded.

Hendek district is located at the foot of the Çam mountain at the north-east end of the Sakarya plain. Distance to the City Center is 36 Km. The town is surrounded by the township Kocaali and Karasu, Akyazı district from the south and southwest, Adapazarı district from the west, the districts of Ferizli and Söğütlü from the northwest, and Düzce-Gümüşova and Düzce-Gölyaka districts in the east. Hendek became a district of the province on December 1, 1954 when Sakarya became a province after the Republic.

Villas for sale in Sakarya

Natural Beauties of Sakarya

The tourism values of the province of Sakarya will be transferred to the Geographical Information Systems and will enable the accurate understanding of the relationship between the values and qualities of tourism and human and nature, and will enable the implementation of new ideas, actions, and projects that will guide the tourism of Sakarya province. The city of Sakarya is a private city that has the characteristics of tourism, rural areas, youth, and women, and encourages the local people to have cultural values, natural and cultural assets, and give new functions to old buildings.

Tourism is also a communication tool for different cultures and peoples. Thus, the world creates understanding, tolerance, friendship among the people of the country and helps to make peace permanent. Sakarya, infrastructure and superstructure investments for the development of tourism are contributing to regional employment while aiming to increase the quality of life of local people. Sakarya has many important natural wonders and promenade areas and highland areas.

  • Acarlar Longoz
  • Acelle Wold
  • İnönü Wold
  • Çiğdem Wold
  • Belengerme Wold
  • Davlumbaz Wold
  • Dikmen Wold
  • Doğançay Waterfall
  • Güzlek Wold
  • Harkköy Canyon
  • Hasan Fakı Pond
  • Karagöl Wold
  • Karasu Yeni Mahalle
  • Küçük Akgöl
  • Küçükboğaz Lake
  • Keremali Wold
  • Kurtköy Dam Lake
  • Maden Stream and Waterfall
  • Mecidiye Waterfall
  • Mollaköy Ponds
  • Poyrazlar Lake
  • Reisler Okçular Lake
  • Saklıgöl
  • Soğucak Waterfall
  • Soğucak Wold
  • Sultanpınar Wold
  • Turnalı Wold
  • Yanık Wold

Historical Artifacts of Sakarya

  • Ağa Mosque
  • Adliye Castle
  • Harmantepe Castle
  • Hasan Fehmi Paşa Mosque
  • I. Bayezid Bridge
  • Justinianus Bridge
  • Paşalar Castle
  • Rahime Sultan Mosque
  • Sakarya Martyrdom
  • Sinan Bey Zawiya
  • Seyifler Castle
  • Taraklı Plane-Tree
  • Uzun Çarşı
  • Vecihi Kapısı
  • Yunus Paşa Mosque

Culture-Art Venues of Sakarya

There are so many venues in Sakarya which contain various activities at different times.

  • Ada AVM Cinema
  • Adapazarı Cultural Center
  • Faik Baysal Library
  • Ofis Art Center
  • Sakarya Art Gallery
  • Serdivan AVM Cinema
  • Yenikent Cultural Center
  • Ziya Taşkent Concert Hall

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