About Mugla

About Muğla

About Mugla

Muğla is a fascinating city which is located between Mediterranean and Aegean Zones.  Muğla has natural beauty and residues from old times are all effect people deeply. Muğla is one of the oldest habitat in ancient Caria Zone in Anatolia. Many civilization was built and they left so many residues from their times. Beaches, luxury hotels and other facilities make the Muğla one of the popular city of Turkey. 

History of Muğla There is no definite evidence that proves when is the first settlement was done in Muğla. The definite claim about Muğla history start from Hittite civilization. They were named Muğla as “Lugga”. Most settlement was seen in inner Caria part of Muğla. Caria civilization was belong to Hittites so we can deduct that first settlement can go until BC.2000. That makes the Muğla one of the oldest city in the Anatolian history. Caria name was also used for definition of Muğla. So fertile soil, good climate conditions and ports that give a chance to trade and any other things made the city very important for civilizations. Muğla was taken control into Great Alexander, Rome and Ottoman Empire respectively. II. Murat who is father of Conqueror Sultan Mehmet, was firstly controlled the city rule in 1424. From that time Muğla has always great role for government and people want to live there. Location Muğla is located between Mediterranean and Aegean Zone. Big part of the city was situated on Aegean Zone and the other little part is in Mediterranean Zone.  Muğla is so luck with having coast to two big different Sea. This is give a privilege to city residents with chance of catching plenty of fish and so beautiful beaches to swim and sunset at the same time. Coastal length of Muğla city is about 1500 square meter. Climate Conditions Two kind of climate features can be seen in Muğla. Altitude determines the climate in city. Therefore altitude level is 800 meter and under has Original Mediterranean Climate and other hugely height parts have Mediterranean Mountain style Climate. Muğla is hot and dry for summer season while winter season is warm and rainy. Rainy days is too much and about over 1000 mm rain is seen in a year. Transportation Muğla has well organized and developed transportation network. Dalaman/Milas Airport is used for both civilian and military purposes.

City has also Bodrum airport which is located in Bodrum district of the city. 3 different Airport has so many different flights which organize different part of world. Muğla city has 9 different ports that uses for both trade and tourism purposes. Bodrum, Turgut Reis, Yalıkavak, Mantarburnu, Güllük and Datça ports are the famous ones. These facilities use for boat tours, transportation aims and for fishing purposes. Muğla has a developed bus terminal where too many journey is arranged there to İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara and the other neighbors. Managerial Situation Muğla city has 13 different district which are n popular for tourism facilities. Muğla is changed as “Big Managerial City” in 2012 therefore status of city and share of economic investment which come from government. Muğla’s districts are Bodrum, Dalaman, Datça, Fethiye, Kavaklıdere, Köyceğiz, Marmaris, Menteşe, Milas, Ortaca, Seydikemer, Ula and Yatağan. Economic Conditions Tourism and agricultural activities are the main occupations for Muğla people. Industry investment are in low level in Muğla. Tourism Muğla have world famous brand of tourism. Bodrum, Marmaris and Fethiye are the popular destination for the people who lives around the all part of world. Milas, Akkaya, Ölüdeniz and Sedir İsland are also another destination for tourism lovers. Muğla has world famous destinations and luxury hotels. Above 3600 hotelsand other facilities are ready for serving people with good standards. Muğla has about 1500 km of coastal length which is mostly near to Aegean Sea. Tourism in Muğla is a great employment facility for region people. Over 3 million visitation revive the city for each summer season until and of spring. People who is situated in Muğla can have different kind of activities like swimming, or hanging out all historical places etc. Agriculture Muğla has abundant fertile soil which is planted for two times over a season. Both effect with fertile soils and suitable climate conditions give an opportunity to harvest variety. Beekeeping is developed in Muğla and city can be one of the big and famous honey producers. In Turkey for Pine Honey requirements are done with Muğla’s mass honey production. Olive produce requirements is the second big part of Turkey compensate with Muğla producing.  Citrus produsing in Muğla is also developed.

Industry Wealthy ore bed is available in different part of Muğla. In Fethiye city has rich chromium reserves. Muğla has 3 different thermal reactor where electricity is produced in these facilities.  Letoon Ancient City It is thought that Letoon Ancient City was first built in BC.7 century. City was the center of Lycia for religious. The temple of Artemis, Leto and Apollo who was the important individuals for Lycia people, are in Letoon Ancient city. Letoon Ancient city was situated in Kumluova Neighborhood. The inscription which was wrote in Lycia, Greek languages, is showed now in Muğla Museum. STRATONIKEIA ANCİENT CITY Stratonikeia is situated in Eskihisar Neighborhood and related with the Yatağan District. Kadıkule Hill is the main campus for Stratonikeia Ancient City. City was used and built for the first time by Lycia Civilization. Stratonikeia Ancient City has 2 different wall, one theatre, 2 Rome bathe, 2 Rome Drinking Tap, 1 Legislative Construction and 4 different churches. Also ancient city shows features of Ottoman times. Stone made roads, wooden houses, drinking taps with regional motifs, Şaban Ağa Mosque and Turkish Bathes are still shows the worth of art. You can both have an ancient time breezes and also late time Ottoman architectural features. You can also see two big different civilizations features in the works.

Annual Averages about Houses That Placed in Muğla

Annual Gross Area 110 Sq/m
Annual Gross Price 4.324 ₺/sq/m
Annual Price 475.640
Depreciation 25 years

Dispersion According to Number of Room

Construction Area  Unıt Price Price  Depreciation
1+0 44 m2 5.928 ₺/ sq/ m 260.832 27 yıl
1+1 55 m2 4.213 ₺/ sq/ m 231.715 19 yıl
2+1 85 m2 4.348 ₺/ sq/ m 369.580 23 yıl

House for Sale Prices in Muğla

Districts December 2018  Annual Average Depreciation  Change
Bodrum 6.702 ₺/sq /m 6.235 ₺/ sq /m 27 Years % 23,58  
Dalaman 1.925 ₺/ sq /m 1.795 ₺/ sq /m 23 Years % 27,06  
Datça 4.385 ₺/ sq /m 4.267 ₺/ sq /m 29 Years % 11,15  
Fethiye 3.247 ₺/ sq /m 2.827 ₺/ sq /m 29 Years % 25,51  
Kavaklıdere   1.409 ₺/ sq /m Years % 00.00  
Yatağan 1.981 ₺/ sq /m 2.114 ₺/ sq /m 33 Years % 00.00  
Ula 3.332 ₺/ sq /m 2.940 ₺/ sq /m 25 Years % 00.00  
Seydikemer   2.359 ₺/ sq /m 45 Years % 00.00  
Ortaca 2.270 ₺/ sq /m 1.857 ₺/ sq /m 28 Years % 42,59  
Milas 2.781 ₺/ sq /m 2.706 ₺/ sq /m 31 years % 20,97  

House for Sale Prices in Muğla Average houses are built in 110 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices increased with the percent of %22.42. Average Depreciation Time is 25 years in Muğla Unit price for each square in Fethiye is 4.324 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 25 years. Most Valued Houses in Muğla Ortaca, Marmaris, Dalaman, Fethiye, Köyceğiz neighborhoods are most valued areas according to in last one year record. Most Lost Valued Houses in Muğla Seydikemer, Kavaklıdere, Yatağan, Ula, Datça neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record. Earnings Too Fast in Muğla with Houses The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Marmaris are Seydikemer, Köyceğiz, Yatağan, Milas, Datça neighborhoods in turn. Earnings Too Slow in Muğla with Houses The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Kavaklıdere, Marmaris, Menteşe, Dalaman, Ula neighborhoods in turn.  

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