About Mersin

About Mersin

Mersin is an important city in terms of not only tourism and service but also business because it is an important seaport.


History of Mersin

Mersin is an ancient region named as Cilicia located in south Anatolia.

The name Cilicia was first time shown in assyrian inscriptions in 8th century B.C. It is thought that Mersin is a settlement from Neolithic period.

the kept in different cultures and civilizations, so that there are so many historical and cultural structures.

Plenty of historical artifacts are shown to visitors in Mersin museum, Tarsus museum, Silifke museum, Anamur museum and Narlıkuyu mosaic museum.

In World War I, Mersin being attacked from the Entente Powers and in January 3rd,1922 Mersin saved from invasion. In 1933, Mersin inosculated with İçel and the city’s name turned to İçel.

Geographical Location of Mersin

is in the Mediterrian Region, the south of Anatolia. In the east Adana, in the west Antalya, in the north Konya, Karaman and Niğde are located.

The city seperate from Anatolia with Taurus Mointains. The most part of the city is rugged terrain.

Mersin has both plains and rivers that makes the city arable and many plants can be raised in this city grounds.

Also there are plenty of lakes exist in the city like Lake Keklik, Lake Paradeniz, Lake Kamışlı, Lake Uzungöl and so on.

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Climate of Mersin

is affected from Mediterrenain climate. In summers, the weather is hot and dry and in winters, the weather is warm and wet.

The coast affected from many tipes of winds that came from sea and mountains.

It’s plant cover is maquis and the mountains are full of pinery, spruce and fir trees.

Population in Mersin

the population is 1.705 774 and 40% of the population is under 25. The city covers 2% of Turkey territory.

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Social Life in Mersin

You can find any tipe of touristik visitors like culture, nature, belief, sports etc.

There are so many historical religious places, beautiful seaside, plateaus and these can collect many tourists from all over the world.

Also there are many activities like Mersin International Music Festival and entertaining nightlife is prefered from young population to have a nice time.

In addition, only Heaven-Hell exists in Mersin and this draw interest to tourist all over the world. All benefits of this city makes it a great touristic region.

ميناء مرسين, المنطقة الحرة, تصدير مرسين, استيردا مرسين,

Economy in Mersin

City is developing from many tipes of economic activities.

the Port is an important transfer center between the east and the west side of the world.

Mersin has not only rich soils and industrial activities but also mines and oil rafineries.

Agriculture, trade, mining, international transportation, touristic centers makes that city economicly developed.

السياحة في مرسين, السياحة في تركيا

Tourism in Mersin

There are plenty of museums and protected area in the city.

From neolithic to present many civilizations were founded in this city and for that tourists can find plenty of ruins from different civilizations.

Alahan Monastery, St. Paul Church and St. Paul Well are protected areas from UNESCO.

There are lots of museums like Naval Museum, Atatürk House Museum and many others.

متحف مرسين, العصر الحديدي, العصر البرونزي

Taşucu Amphora Museum

In this musion, visitors can find construction from Iron Age, Bronze Age, all the ancient civilizations like Roman and Byzantine.

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