About Marmaris

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About Marmaris

Marmaris is the most beautiful district of the Muğla city. Marmaris is a tourism center and many people come to visit. Beaches, luxury hotels, historical places and residues come from old civilizations are all in Marmaris city. Let’s talk the city’s about unknown details.

History of Marmaris

In history papers, Marmaris was mentioned about as Physkos where Carian civilization is firstly lived there. Marmaris was firstly hosted people in BC.3000.

World famous historian Herodotus firstly mentioned about Marmaris. Marmaris name was changed continuously over the centuries. In the first era times, Marmaris city was named as “Fiskos”.

Historian Herodotus named the city in his records as Marmarios and the name that was given by historian like today’s name of city. In Ottoman times, Piri Reis who is the great sailor man in Navy of Ottoman Empire, gave the city as the name of “Mermeris”

Marmaris is a place where both agriculture and trade can be done by people thank to its fascinating location. Fertile soil and suitable climate and port’s wealth draw attention to all old civilizations to settle Marmaris.

Geographic Conditions and Transportation

Most part of Marmaris city is covered by dense forest. Forest rate in city structure is %80. Fertile and suitable soil rate is %5 in Marmaris. Marmaris is located in the southwest part of Muğla city. Fethiye is the neighbor from the left side of the city. Coastal length of Marmaris is 451.72 square meter.

Marmaris has a developed transportation network. Dalaman Airport is 90 km away from city center and also İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport can be uses for come to Marmaris city.

Marmaris city is surrounded by huge mountains that are Balan, Karadağ and Ula from all side of the city. Most old structure which is located in city center is Kale Neighborhood. Marmaris is also a big and qualified port city. City is stretches along the Mediterranean Sea.


Dense Pine forest is located in all part of Marmaris. Mediterranean climate condition is seen in Marmaris. Therefore summer season is hot and dry, winter season is warm and also rainy. Marmaris is a natural beauty with green shades every single part of city.  Humidity rate is always high level. With long sunny days, people can swim and sunbathe.

Marmaris Population

According to last official statement, Marmaris population is 91.871. Especially in summer season city population increases massively.


Kale, Marina and İskele part of the Marmaris is called as historic residues. Many people settle Kale surroundings. Also city center has a human density.

Kale and surroundings was built in Ottoman times and first structure is made in 16. Century. Old structure like castle and wooden houses is restored today. Shopping centers, hotels, Inns, night clubs and restaurants are available in city center. In city center Ottoman effect is felt with wooden structures and narrow streets.

  • Marmaris Castle and Museum

For the first time, Evliya Çelebi papers was mentioned about Marmaris Castle where is stationed behind the Marinas in 17. Century. Marmaris Castle was built by Ottoman Empire. Castle provided support to conquer of Rhoades Island by Ottoman’s.

Museum part of the castle has some historical items which are guns, souvenirs, furniture, carpet and rugs. These items are all display the life style of late Ottoman Times.

  • Hafza Sultan Caravanserai

Hafza Sultan Caravanserai was built in 1545 by Ottoman Empire. The structure is important for showing Ottoman cultural features.  In old times Caravanserai was built for accommodation needs of traders. Especially Ottoman architectural mentality based on a making caravanserai and inn for people needs. Caravanserai has 8 different rooms, and is located near to Marmaris Castle. Today Hafza Sultan Caravanserai is belong to private property but it opens for visiting.

  • Bedesten

Bedesten is a special name for today’s bazaar. In Marmaris city has a Bedesten and many shops are available there. Turkish coffee, and hookah is served for the loved ones in Bedesten.

  • Iyilik Cliffs Archaeological Park

İyilik Cliffs is a protected area that is located on a lower part of the hill. Structure was located on 8 thousand and 342 square meter field. Park has some archaeological residues that comes from BC.4 century.

  • Port and Marina

Yacht is a luxury choice for tourism. Marmaris has a modern Marina that is called as Netsel Marina and the biggest one in the Aegean Zone. 720 yacht is for rent to people and yacht tours are regulated by tourism officials.

  • Bazaars

Traditional bazaar structure is available in Marmaris city center. Every Thursday bazaar is set up in modern building. People can get there fresh vegetable, fruits and souvenir. On Sundays, local bazaars are set up also in the same buildings. İçmeler, Beldibi and armutalan regions also have bazaars where carpet and traditional rugs, regional honey, medicinal herb, traditional souvenir is sold in that facilities.

  • Cennet Island (Nimara yarımadası/Yıldız Adası)

Cennet Island is stationed across the Marmaris city. Many boat and vessel come by there and people observe the charming beauty of Cennet peninsula. Cennet is a word in Turkish is meaning of Heaven. So Heaven must be the best one. People also stay there for accommodation.

  • Icmeler

İçmeler is a special waist in Marmaris. Perfect natural features and un spoilt shape of area attracts the people. Between Marmaris and İçmeler direction bus journey is organized orderly. İçmeler has a beautiful beach and nature. Flowers, forest and green tones are available in every corner of the area. İçmeler has no hotels or any facilities and perfect scenery was protected by that way. Tourist who is situated in Marmaris, should to see İçmeler region.

  • Boat Tours

Too many boats are ready for the tour organizations in Marmaris. You can take part in a organization that is arranged by hotels or you can just go on with a boat to charming Sea deeps. İt is the practice and entertainment way to pass a day in Marmaris. After tour boat, boat will be stay in a Island to swim of tourist. Ekinci and Dalyan is the famous destinations for boat tours.

Annual Averages about Houses That Placed in Marmaris

Annual Gross Area 120 Squ/m
Annual Gross Price 3.917 ₺/squ/m
Annual Price 470.040
Depreciation 23 years


Construction Area  Unit Price Price Depreciation
1+1 55 S/m 4.320 ₺/sq/m 237.600 21 years
2+1 90 s/m 4.107 ₺/sq/m 369.630 23 years


Neighborhood December 2018  Annual Average Depreciation  Change
Armutalan 4.264 ₺/sq/m 3.941 ₺/s/m 23 years % 29,21
Beldibi 3.429 ₺/s/m 3.326 ₺/s/m 23 years % 22,25
Çamdibi 3.976 ₺/s/m 3.837 ₺/s/m 30 years % 20,27
Çıldır 4.381 ₺/s/m 4.245 ₺/s/m 23 years % 22,41
Hatipirimi 4.405 ₺/s/m 4.334 ₺/s/m 23 years % 23,39
Turunç 4.989 ₺/ s/m 4.680 ₺/ s/m 27 years % 57,88
Tepe 3.274 ₺/ s/m 3.240 ₺/ s/m 18 years % 14,64
Siteler 4.910 ₺/ s/m 4.312 ₺/ s/m 22 years % 38,31
Selimiye 10.438 ₺/ s/m % 00.00
Sarıana 2.999 ₺/ s/m 3.040 ₺/ s/m 17 years % 4,57

House for Sale Prices

Average houses are built in 120 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices increased with the percent of %27.55.

Average Depreciation Time is 23 years

Unit price for each square in Fethiye is 3.917 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 23 years.

Most Valued Houses

Turunç, Siteler, Armutalan, Kemeraltı, İçmeler neighborhoods are most valued areas according to in last one year record.

Most Lost Valued Houses

Selimiye, Hisarönü, Sarıana, Tepe, Çamdibi neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

Earnings Too Fast in Marmaris with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Marmaris are Çamdibi, Turunç, İçmeler, Çıldır, Hatipirimi neighborhoods in turn.

Earnings Too Slow in Marmaris with Houses

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Marmaris are Selimiye, Hisarönü, Sarıana, Tepe, Kemeraltı neighborhoods in turn.

About Fethiye

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