About Bodrum

about bodrum

About Bodrum

Heredot who is known as ‘the father of history’ was born in Halikarnassos in 484 B.C..By the way, Halikarnassos is the old name of Bodrum. According to Heredot Bodrum city was built by Dor’s. Afterwards Karya’s and Leleg’s were settled in this region. And than in 650 B.C. this region was expanded by Megera people and was named Halikarnassos. In 386 B.C. Pers people came in Bodrum and they received the city under domination by declaring their sovereignty. In 353 B.C. Halikarnassos became the capital of the Karya and it was the most brillant and beautiful periods for the city.

So that the Mausoleum, one of the world’s seven wonders, was built during this period for Kral Mausolos’s remembrance by his wife Artemisia and his sister. In 192 B.C. Bodrum was received under Rome people but there was no improvement in this period. In later years the city was captured from Byzantium in 395 A.C. and from Turkish people in 11th century A.C. Afterwards Byzantium was received the city again during the I. Crusade Wars and also Turkish people received the city again in 14th century. Later, the city was captured from the Knights of Rhodes in 1415 year and it was participated in the Ottoman Empire in 1522 year in Sultan Suleiman period. After the proclamation of the Republic the name of the city was changed to Bodrum. POPULATION OF BODRUM The total population of Bodrum in Mugla city is 164.158 in 2018 year. The total population of men is 83.882 and the total population of women of this city is 80.276. GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION Bodrum is a peninsula that is being in the west of the Mugla and it is surrounded by the Aegean Sea from west, east and north. It is adjacent to the Milas from the east.

Bodrum, one of the 13 town that is belong to Mugla city, is a place for living with its the stone houses that are covered white lime and its indigo blue doors and windows, coves, peaceful and warm people. Bodrum is a suitable place for living in four season of year and also it is the one of the most populer holiday place in Turkey. Generally people tired from the city, prefer coming Bodrum and taking a rest or having holiday by escaping the chaos of city. Although the less population of Bodrum, especially in summer monthes, it is nearly 2 million people because of the domestic and foreign tourists. CLIMATE Bodrum is a peninsula and its climatic characteristics are the combination of the Aegean and Mediterranean climates. Also it has micro climate properties. In summer monthes there is so hot and dry, but in winter monthes there is warm and rainy. Besides, there are no humidity in summer monthes almost. In winter monthes, the humidity is very low.

TRANSPORTATION Bodrum has the advanced transportation facilities due to being world famous holiday resort. Airway: The city’s air transportation is provided from Milas-Bodrum Airport. It is 32 km distance to the city. Highway: Transportation by road is very easy to Bodrum city although it is not being in the major highway junction. There are bus services to neighboring cities, especially firstly to İzmir and then Aydın and Denizli at many hours of the day; to İstanbul, Ankara and Antalya ferquently; and to the most of the city at certain hours. Seaway: There are three big marina and cruise landing wharf in Bodrum. BODRUM CASTLE Bodrum Castle was built between two harbour and on the rocky peninsula that is surrounded by sea on three sides. Bodrum Castle has a wonderful architecture which is far from the classic castle model and it wakes up the sense of admiration while you are climbing up the stairs. In Bodrum Castle, you have different excitements everywhere you visit; you look with envying to the rich arcaeological artifacts with the flash of jewelry and the glasses. Bodrum Castle was built for the named of St. Peter during the 99 years in 15 th century A.C. by the Knights of Rhodes.

The first building area of Halikarnassos is Zephyrion island. While building the castle, the stones and reliefs of the Mausolos Memorial Grave are used for castle walls. In Ottomans periods it was turned to the mosque with adding a minaret to the church inside the castle. Also a small Turkish Hammam was built. The castle that was used as prison in 1595 year, today is organized as a museum. It should not be forgetten the watching the dazzling the view of Bodrum when walking around the castle. Bodrum is so beautiful while watching from the castle. BODRUM UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY MUSEUM Bodrum Underwater Archaelogy Museum is placed in Bodrum Castle and it is accepted as one of the world’s important underwater archaeology museums. Also it is the one of the populer places in Bodrum to be visited and to be seen. There are number of 14 art gallery and these have the world’s richest East Mediterrian amphora collection. Also Yassıada, Devil Stream and Sparrow Harbour sunkens are shown in Bodrum Underwater Archaelogy Museum. The world’s oldest sunken ship remain which is exhibited in the museum, is worth to be seen.

This sunken boat is sunk in 1025 year and it is exhibited in Sparrow Harbour Glass Sunken Saloon. 3 tons of broken and sturdy glass is removed from this sunken boat. Also the world’s biggest Islam Glass Collection is exhibited in this salon. BODRUM SEA MUSEUM It is the first time in 2010 October when there is Bodrum Yacht Festival, 18 Bodrum type of boat models are begun to shown in 144 m2 tent that is pitched in front of the Bodrum Castle. These boats are maden very carefully and conscientiously so they are very valuable. This project which is advanced by the helping of Bodrum Municipality and with the leadership of Bodrum Chammer Of Commerce, is shown as the Promotion Of The Museum Project Exhibition. It is unfolded to the public servis with the organization of the old bedesten building as a museum in 15 October 2011. MAUSOLEION Mausoleion is the grave of King of the Karya. So that it is named with his name. Also lots of sculptures and reliefs which are belong to this grave, are taken away by British in 1857 to the British Museum. Mausoleion, the one of the world’s seven wonders, is very big grave which is combined the Greek architecture with its colons and Egyptian architecture with its pyramid-shaped of roof.

BODRUM BAZAARS Bodrum is one of the habitats where lots of domestic and foreign tourists come every year. It is appreciated with its air, sea, history and also its wonderful life style. For example; in Bodrum handiworks, foods and weavings belonging to region, are produced for sharing with guests. Guests and holiday-makers want to take the Bodrum Sandals when they see them in the bazaar. They are ancient sandals which take the name of Bodrum. In addition to these, glass bead is produced with same technicals for thousand years. And finally Turkish traditional beads are combined with the ancient period techcinals, and it is been an ‘Eye Bead’ and protects from whammy. Bazaars of Bodrum are swarmed with artists who are carpet weavers, wood engravers, weavers and potters and all of them are inspered from colorful beauty of this peninsula.

Bodrum has lots of bazaars each of them is in different days like everywhere in Turkey. You can find authentic presents and also you can take fresh fruits and vegetables which are suitable for the climate. The place of bazaars which are found for every day of week are as noted below: Monday – Türkbükü, Kumbahçe, Güvercinlik Bazaar Tuesday – Centre of Bodrum (Clothing), Yalıkavak (Vegetable), Gölköy Bazaar Wednesday- Gündoğan, Ortakent, Akçaalan Bazaar Thursday – Yalıkavak (Clothing), Akyarlar and Bitez Bazaar Friday – Centre of Bodrum (food), Konacık and Yalı Bazaar Saturday – Turgutreis Bazaar Sunday – Gümbet, Kızılağaç and Mumcular Bazaar Annual Avarages For Housing In Bodrum In Mugla Avarage Gross Area 107  m2 Avarage Unit Price 6.321 ₺/m2 Avarage Price 676.347 ₺ Amortisation/ Time of turnback 27 years The Price Of Houses For Sale In Bodrum In Mugla

Neighborhood December 2018      Annual Avarage Time Of Turnback Change
Akyarlar 6.286 ₺/m2    5.491 ₺/m2   26 years % 33,26  
Bitez 7.501 ₺/m2    7.667 ₺/m2   30 years % 17,31  
Cevat Şakir 4.982 ₺/m2   4.700 ₺/m2   21 years % 11,85  
Cumhuriyet 6.921 ₺/m2   6.094 ₺/m2   27 years % 31,78  
Çarşı 9.999 ₺/m2   8.386 ₺/m2   32 years % 00.00  

The Price Of Houses For Sale In Bodrum In Mugla The prices of the houses which are saled in a year, increased as a ratio % 23.29. Avarage size of the house is 107 square metre. Avarage Time Of Turnback Is 27 Years In Bodrum In Mugla Avarage unit price of the square metre for houses in Bodrum in Mugla is 6.321 TL. The period of turnback and amortisation of houses which have the same properties are nearly 27 years. Neighborhoods Which Have The Most Incresing For House Prices, In Bodrum In Mugla If we look to the avarages of years, we can see that at the end of the 2018 year in December, the neighborhoods which are increased in value. They are Umurca, Akyarlar, Cumhuriyet, Turgutreis and Gümüşlük. Neighborhoods Which Have The Most Decreasing For House Prices, In Bodrum In Mugla If we look to the avarages of years, also we can see that at the end of the 2018 year in December, the neighborhoods which are decreased in value. They are Yalı, Peksimet, Gümbet and Çarşı. Neighborhoods Which Are Earned Faster In Bodrum In Mugla If we take care the amortision periods, also we can see that at the end of the 2018 year in December, the neighborhoods which are earned faster from others are Göltürkbükü, Kumbahçe, Ortakentyahşi, Çarşı and Gündoğan. Neighborhoods Which Are Earned Later In Bodrum In Mugla If we take care the amortision periods, also we can see that at the end of the 2018 year in December, the neighborhoods which are earned later from others are Yakaköy, Gürece, Dereköy, Güvercinlik and Cevat Şakir.

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