About Milas

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About Milas

One of the 13 distincts of Mugla, Milas has beaches, lakes, ancient cities and Turk and Islamic artifacts and it is worth seeing all its features.

History of Milas

Milas has 5 thousand years of history. In ancient times, it was the most important city of Caria Civilization. The name Mylasa has seen for the first time in ancient ages and many civilizations lived in this place. There are lots of cultural heritage from Caria, Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk Empire and Ottoman Empire in this area. This place founded in 1000 B.C. and people from many culture and many belief lived there with peace a long time.

  • Geography of Milas
  • Milas is in the south-west of Anatolia and the second biggest distinct of Mugla.
  • In it’s north, Lake Bafa and Mountain Beşparmak and Çomakdağı exist.
  • In it’s east, Mountain Kurukümes, Akdağ and Mountain Marçalı exist.
  • In it’s south, Gulf Gökova and Datça exist and it’s west Gulf Güllük and Bodrum exist.


Milas has Mediterranian climate that’s why, this place is hot and dry in the summers and warm and rainy in the winters. In the summers the avarage temperature is between Co32 and Co43 however in winters the avarage temperature is between Co12 and Co14. It is very uncommon that the temperature is seen under Co0.

  • Transportation

It is easy to get in Milas with highway from many different cities and distincts. Also there is an airport in the distinct and it is 10 km far from the distinct. In addition, Güllük Scaffolding is an important scaffolding for import and export activities.

  • Touristic and Historical Places

Hecatomnus Mausoleum, is an important artifact because it moved the trails from Hellenistic and Classical Period. Especially, Hecatomnus  Frieze Sarcophagus is worth to see and many historical and cultural elements exist in there.

  • Baltalı Door

This place is the only living peace from the walls in Milas. There is an ax figure in the door that’s why this door is remembered as Baltalı Door.

  • Gümüşkesen Tomb Monument

Gümüşkesen tomb monument is made from grey-white marble and the total height is 8.45 meters.

  • Mosques

Firuzbey Mosque is the most important artifact from Menteşeoğulları. In public it is named as Kurşunlu Mosque because this mosque is covered with plumbic.

Historical Places Near to Milas.

  • Beçin
  • It is an important center for Turkish culture. It was a capital city of Menteşeoğulları Seigniory. There are artifacts from 14th and 15th centuries and it is only 5 km far from Milas.
  • Balık Pazarı
  • In public this place named as fish market and it is an important Tomb Monument from Ancient Rome. The structure was formed four columns in a square and it is a significant temple.
  • Herakleia/ Latmos
  • This place is surrounded with Mauntain Latmos and forests. It is an amazing nature beauty and it is foundation extends up to ancient times.
  • Lake Bafa
  • There are two identical islands in the middle of the lake. This like is surrounded by olive trees and many spicies of fish can live in this lake.
  • Ören-Keramos
  • This place is kind of far from Milas. There are ruins from Keramos Ancient city and they can be visited from tourists.
  • Market Place
  • Every Tuesday, Milas surrounded with colorful bazaar. It is kind of a fishnet wrap that city entirely. It is possible that to find organik fruit and veggies, completely natural harvest from local people. This place so interested with both local and foreign tourists.
  • Trekking Trails
  • There are beautiful walking parks next to Ören and Lake Bafa. This places take interest from ancient times which their creation times.

Annual Avarage Property Costs in Mugla/Milas

Avarage Gross Area110m2
Avarage Unit Price2.824₺/m2
Avarage Price310.640

Distribution by Number of Rooms

Room NumberAreaUnit PricePriceDepreciation

Housing for Sale Prices in Mugla/ Milas Neighbourhoods

Neighbourhood2018 DecemberAnnual AvarageDepreciationChange
  • Housing for Sale Prices in Mugla/Milas

In Milas, Housing for sale prices raised 20,88% in a year. The avarage house wideness is 110 m2.

  • Avarage Depreciation Time in Milas is 33 Years

Avarage unit price in milas is 2.824 TL and the avarage depreciation time is 33 years.

  • Housing for Sale Price The Most Raised Neigbourhoods in Milas

When we take a look at the annual avarage, from December 2018 Boğaziçi, Meşelik, Dörttepe, İsmetpaşa and Burgaz have the most raised prices.

  • Housing for Sale Price The Most Decreased Neighbourhoods in Milas

When we take a look at the annual avarage, from December 2018 Hacıabti, Ören, Güllük, Beçin and Hacı İlyas have the most decreased prices.

  • The Fastest Money Making Neighbourhoods in Milas

When we give importance to depreciation time, from December 2018 İsmet Paşa, Ahmetçavuş-Hayıtlı, Cumhuriyet, Boğaziçi and Güllük are the fastest money making areas.

  • The Slowest Money Making Neighbourhoods in Milas

When we give importance to depreciation time, from December 2018 Meşelik, Dörttepe, Kıyıkışlacık, Bozbük and Ören are the slowest money making areas.

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