About Sisli (Istanbul)

Ihlamur Palace

About Sisli (Istanbul)

Sisli is just one of the fantastic sites in Istanbul. We can call the city center as masterpiece of Istanbul city. Sisli district is located on Europe part of Istanbul. The city center is attraction point of Istanbul city.

Sisli is hosted ancient people and civilizations during old time. Sisli district developed especially during 19th century with wooden housing and pavilions. Today, wooden housing structure is switched with skyscrapers. Sisli district is hosted cultural and natural beauties with different structures.

Ihlamur Palace
Ihlamur Palace

About Sisli

Sisli was hosted many old civilizations and cultures over years. Many old structures and buildings was built in Sisli over years. The masterpieces of Sisli city was built during Ottoman time. Many modern buildings and wooden structures were built and the structures witnessed to history of the time. Sisli and Beyoğlu districts developed together and effected each other. Beyoğlu and Sisli districts both reflect west life style.

During last one century Istanbul city developed unexpectedly. Developing stage of Istanbul mostly seen in Sisli district. As conclusion we can simply say that Istanbul city developed with Sisli and other couple of master districts. Today Sisli is accepted as one of the city center of Istanbul.

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Sisli was also a center for late Ottoman time. Military facilities, state centers, hospital and schools, palace which served to government were built during 18th and 19th century in turn. This effects made the city bigger that the others. New settlements and projects were headed to Sisli city.

Sisli was part of Beyoğlu until 1954 and after that specific time, Sisli was announced as one of the district of the Istanbul city. Today many organizations, job possibilities, cultural and social structures is situated in Sisli district. Day by day the city get enlarged by new investments. Lastly Sisli city is now hosted industry facilities that is related with the chemistry field.

Geographical Features of Sisli District

Sisli district is located on Europe part of Istanbul city. The district has fascinating location and witnesses to Istanbul Bosphorus. Sisli city is situated near to both Bosphorus and Marmara Sea.

Sisli has charming location that is built on Beyoğlu’s wide plateau.

Despite beauty and development of Sisli district, city has low rate of permanent population. Most of the buildings use as office for work purposes in Sisli district. Therefore in day time Sisli get crowded by human density but after day, city getting deserted.

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Istanbul
Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Istanbul

Population Rate of Sisli District

According to last official statement, Sisli population is measured as 274.289. Male and female rates are divided into equally in the city. Despite low population record, especially during work time, Sisli population increases until over 3 million. Shopping centers, industry corporations, places to visit make Sisli district livable.

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Transportation System in Sisli District

Sisli district has developed transportation network which reaches to all different part of city. Railways, Seaway, bus stations, minibuses, taxi are available in city to get anywhere easily. Modern tissue and livable structures reflected into transportation facility. In order to visit everywhere in Istanbul, you can use all transportation facilities.

Atatürk Museum
Atatürk Museum

Places to Visit in Sisli District

  • Sisli Mosque: The mosque is one of the fascinating center of Sisli with historical architecture. Sisli Mosque is located on between Abide-i Hürriyet Street and Halaskar Gazi Street. Both tourist and residents of region visit there intensively.
  • Sisli Atatürk Museum: Atatürk Museum is located on Halaskar Gazi Street in Sisli District. Some items and personal photos which is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, are shown in museum. Museum is activated in 1942.
  • Teşvikiye Mosque: One of the historical structure of Sisli District is, Teşvikiye Mosque which was built by Sultan Abdülmecid in 1854. Masterpiece structure of the Sisli is Teşvikiye Mosque.
  • Aya Dimitri Church: The church was built during Byzantium time in Kurtuluş region of Sisli District. The church stayed solid although having too much centuries.
  • Saint Esprit Cathedral: The cathedral was built by Hillereau named official who was one of the assistant of Pope during 19th century, in 1845. The structure is always open to host its visitors.

Beyoglu (Istanbul)

  • Open Air Theatre: Cultural and for art structures are too much in Sisli city. Open Air Theatre was built in 1947 on Harbiye region. Today some important plays are performed there and too many people has an demand to see the construction.
  • Küçük Farm Park: Küçük Farm Park is located near to Maçka Park and has an record with being the biggest activity center in Istanbul city. This facility is hosted many organizAbout Şişliations like concert for throughout the year.
  • Vali Konağı Street: Vali Konağı Street took its name from a mansion that is located on same street. Many facility like mansion, hotels, restaurants, cafes and entertainment centers are built on the Street.
Kanyon Shopping Mall
Kanyon Shopping Mall
  • Bomonti Beer Factory: First domestic beer firm for Ottoman Empires were opened as the name of Bomonti Beer Factory in 1890. Factory also was give its name to region. In 2015 structure was restored for making a show center.
  • Abide-i Hürriyet Monument: The structure was opened in 1911 and the ceremony for opening was held by Enver Pasha who was a military commander at that time in Ottoman Army.
  • Harbiye Military Museum: 28 different room was placed in museum and 5000 work pieces are shown there in turn. Museum shows historical development of Turkish Military by wonderful pieces.
  • Maçka Democracy Park: The park was constructed in 19th century during Ottoman Time. Maçka Democracy Park is situated near to Küçük Farm Park in Şisli district. Green tones and different plant and tree kinds can be seen in that facility.
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Nature Park: The park is built on Ayazağa neighborhood of Sisli in 2011. Walking areas, Cycling Trail and different kind of animals and trees are situated there.

Turkey, İstanbul, Şişli House statistics you absolutely need to check before giving decision…

Annual Averages for Housing in Şisli District

Annual Gross Area 100 Sq/m
Annual Grose Price 5.536 ₺/sq/m
Annual Price 553.600
Depreciation 25 years

Dispersion According to Number of Rooms

Construction Area Price of Unit Price Depreciation
1+0 50 Sq/m 9.848 ₺/sq/m 492.400 25 Years
1+1 67 Sq/m 5.774 ₺/sq/m 386.858 20 years

Housing for Sale Prices in Sisli District

Neighborhood January 2019  Annual Average Depreciation Change
19 Mayıs 5.280 ₺/sq/m 5.640 ₺/ sq/m 24 years % -3,49
Bozkurt 5.051 ₺/ sq/m 5.118 ₺/ sq/m 23 years % -1,10
Cumhuriyet 8.469 ₺/ sq/m 8.147 ₺/ sq/m 23 years % 8,16
Duatepe 5.048 ₺/ sq/m 5.264 ₺/ sq/m 24 years % -3,20
Ergenekon 5.193 ₺/ sq/m 5.565 ₺/ sq/m 22 years % -9,09
Yayla 4.581 ₺/ sq/m 4.876 ₺/ sq/m 21 years % -7,38
Teşvikiye 11.073 ₺/ sq/m 11.358 ₺/ sq/m 35 years % -8,54
Paşa 4.493 ₺/ sq/m 4.320 ₺/ sq/m 23 years % 10,10
Meşrutiyet 5.929 ₺/ sq/m 6.122 ₺/ sq/m 23 years % -3,11
Merkez 6.406 ₺/ sq/m 6.267 ₺/ sq/m 27 years % 7,38

House for Sale Prices in Sisli

Average houses are built in 100 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices increased with the percent of %0.72.

Maçka Modern Art Gallery
Maçka Modern Art Gallery

Average Depreciation Time is 25 years 

Unit price for each square in Sisli is 5536 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 25 years.

Most Valued Houses in Şisli

Harbiye, Paşa, Cumhuriyet, Merkez, Kaptanpaşa neighborhoods are most valued areas according to in last one year record.

Istanbul Military Museum
Istanbul Military Museum

Most Lost Valued Houses 

Esentepe, Ergenekon, Teşvikiye, Yayla, İzzet Paşa neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

Earnings Too Fast with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation are Harbiye, Esentepe, Kaptanpaşa, Teşvikiye, Halaskargazi neighborhoods in turn.

Earnings Too Slow  with Houses

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation are Kuştepe, Yayla, Mecidiyeköy, Gülbahar, İnönü neighborhoods in turn.

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