About Silivri

About Silivri

Silivri is a district that is located in Istanbul city. The district is 67 km away from Istanbul city center and also situated in Thrace part of Istanbul city. Silivri district is one of the tourism center of Istanbul. Silivri has long and beautiful beaches that is near to Marmara Sea. Many people wants to visit that place due to historical value and beautiful conditions for swim fans. Especially during summer times the city get bigger for population due to intense demand for city beauty. District center is composed of among Alipaşa highway and Muratçeşme region.

Histpory of Silivri District

Silivri is a historical places where many old civilizations had desire to live and ruled there. The city got its importance during Byzantium Time. Many old and ancient works are built at that time. In order to capture Silivri region couple of civilizations attacked the city. As a precaution, “Anastasius” named massive walls were built in order to protect the city from attacks. Ostrogoths and Ottoman Empire is one of the civilizations that attacked to Silivri for settle there.

Some reasons made the city special. First one is good location and having a natural port structure. Until today from old ancient times many civilizations were lived Silivri. In historical papers, Silivri is firstly used as Selymbria and Silivria. Persians, Rome, Macedonians, Byzantium and Ottoman Empire ruled the city in turn.

Silivri had a big history before itself. Many people lived and died there and civilizations were established and collapsed there in time. Today Silivri is one of the Istanbul districts among 39 different ones. The city expanding day by day therefore converted into a huge city.

Geographical Location of Silivri District

Silivri district is located on Marmara Zone and has about 893 square meter area that is situated in west part of Istanbul city. Today the city has developed life style and job possibilities that is effective on people to live there. Silivri has beaches and port that is situated near to Marmara Sea. Both tourism and trade activities are done in city vividly. Silivri district is surrounded by Çorlu district from west side, Büyükçekmece district from the east side, Çatalca from the north side and Marmara Sea from the south side.

Silivri city is composed of wide plains. The city has not any mountains but hills that is maximum 60 meter height. The city has 18 different neighborhood and selimpaşa and Değirmenköy are the biggest one. Silivri has 45 km coastal length to Marmara Sea. People takes advantage of that privilege by using naturally constructed port for trading or fishing and swimming in the Marmara Sea. Silivri city has rivers that is located different part of the city and most of them is ended with pouring into Marmara Sea their water capacity. Gelevri River, Tuzla River and Boğluca River is one of the famous ones.

Populatin in Silivri District

Silivri city has 170.523 human population according to official statement that is announced in 2016. During summer times city population increases because of visitors to city and other reasons. Yogurt Festival is held in city center since 1961. Silivri city also has abundant summerhouses that is used by people who lives in different city or district during summer season.

Climate Conditions in Silivri

Mediterranean Climate and Thrace Climate features are seen in Silivri and most pat of Silivri has warm and rainy days due to low altitude and Sea effect. Winter time is warm and rainy and summer season is hot and dry in Silivri.

Flora Types in Silivri City

North part of Silivri has dense forest places especially in mountain part of area. City center has very little flora structuring. Silivri forest are hosted many different and wild animal and forest has mainly oaks, hornbeams, beech and birch trees. Silivri city has also named as Maki plants that is formed under Mediterranean Climate conditions.

Historical Place and Structures in Silivri District

  • Recep Kaptan Tap
  • Ali Bey Tap
  • Ali Paşa Mosque
  • Çantuğa Greek Church – Çantuğa Rum Kilisesi (Papazın Kilisesi)
  • Murat Çeşme Greek Church – Silivri Murat Çeşme Germiyan Rum Kilisesi
  • Selymbria Castle
  • Alexios Apokaukos Church
  • Fatih Mosque – Alexios Apokaukos Church
  • Beşli Yonca Swimming Pool
  • Gazitepe Piazza,
  • Havuzlu Tap
  • İncirli Çeşme Yoğurthane Buildings
  • Kadıköy Havuzlu Piazza Tap
  • Mimar Sinan Bridge (also known as Sultan Suleiman Bridge)
  • Piri Mehmet Pasha Külliye
  • Selimpaşa Historical Houses
  • Selimpaşa Yeni Mosque – Virgin Mary Church
  • Sarandi Arhiyeni Greek School
  • Selimpaşa İkizli Çeşme Lantern (Fanari) Church
  • Eksarhia Bulgarian Orthodox Church (Seymen Old Mosque)

Places to Visit in Silivri District

Silivri city is have gorgeous places to visit both in city center and other of the city. One of the charming place is beaches of Silivri. Cafes, restaurants, fun fairs, night clubs, luxury hotels are available in Silivri in order to have a great time with your relatives.

Mustang Riding Club: Many horses and natural structured farm is waiting for you. Brief riding courses and you have a riding experience on educated horses with supervisor. Club give a chance to people relaxing and running away from city chaos.

Silivri Castle: Silivri Castle is constructed during Byzantium time in order to protect the city. After taken control of city by Ottomans, Castle was restored by Ottoman Empire. Byzantium Cultural effects are can be easily seen on that structure.

Architect Sinan Bridege: Architect Sinan is world-famous Architect who lived during 16th century in Ottoman Empire region. Especially wonderful and valued mosques, inns, bridges that he had made. He had a bridge that was built in 1568 in Silivri city and today still available in there. Today the bridge was closed to city traffic and taken under protection. The bridge is shows basic Ottoman styles in structures.

Transportation in Silivri District

Silivri city has developed facilities for transportation needs. Bus network and railway are active in Silivri. Boat transportation is also can be use by people to reach anywhere from the seaway. Taxis and minibuses are also available in Silivri. Low rate of population is rebounded to city traffic because there might not be traffic jam in city during in a day long.

Annual Averages for Housing in Silivri District

Annual Gross Area 125 Sq/m
Annual Gross Price 2.304 ₺/sq/m
Annual Price 288.000
Depreciation 27 years

Dispersion According to Number of Rooms

Construction Area Annual Price Price Depreciation
1+1 69 Sq/m 2.417 ₺/sq/m 166.773 23 Years
2+1 95 Sq/m 2.287 ₺/sq/m 217.265 25 years

Housing for Sale Prices in Silivri District

Neighborhood January 2019  Annual Average Depreciation Change
Alibey 2.053 ₺/sq/m 2.104 ₺/ sq/m 25 years % -0,44
Alipaşa 2.541 ₺/ sq/m 2.362 ₺/ sq/m years % 00.00
Balaban 2.022 ₺/ sq/m 2.018 ₺/ sq/m years % 00.00
Cumhuriyet 2.056 ₺/ sq/m 2.115 ₺/ sq/m 27 years % 0,39
Fatih 1.962 ₺/ sq/m 1.997 ₺/ sq/m 23 years % 3,32
Yeni 2.462 ₺/ sq/m 2.448 ₺/ sq/m 27 years % 2,93
Semizkumlar 3.430 ₺/ sq/m 3.312 ₺/ sq/m 27 years % 11,40
Selimpaşa 2.365 ₺/ sq/m 2.308 ₺/ sq/m 25 years % 8,14
Sancaktepe 1.314 ₺/ sq/m 1.333 ₺/ sq/m 26 years % -42,22
Piri Mehmet Paşa 2.203 ₺/ sq/m 2.133 ₺/ sq/m 24 years % 9,44

House for Sale Prices in Silivri

Average houses are built in 125 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices increased with the percent of %2.03.

Average Depreciation Time is 27 years in Silivri

Unit price for each square in Silivri is 2304 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 27 years.

Most Valued Houses in Silivri

Gümüşyaka, Semizkumlar, Piri Mehmet Paşa, Selimpaşa, Mimar Sinan neighborhoods are most valued areas according to in last one year record.

Most Lost Valued Houses in Silivri

Sancaktepe, Alibey, Ortaköy, Kavaklı, İsmetpaşa neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

Earnings Too Fast in Silivri with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Silivri are Gümüşyaka, Mimar Sinan, Yeni, Cumhuriyet, Semizkumlar neighborhoods in turn.

Earnings Too Slow in Silivri with Houses

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Silivri are Ortaköy, Kavaklı, İsmetpaşa, Fevzipaşa, Balaban neighborhoods in turn.

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