Beyoglu Taksim (Istanbul)

Beyoglu Taksim (Istanbul)

Beyoglu (Istanbul) County is one of the most important counties in Istanbul City. It is the centre for regions dining and entertainment businesses.

Beyoglu’s name means “son of the regional patriarch”. It comes from being the living place of regional patriarch. Beyoglu stands on European part of Istanbul.

It is between southern part of Bosporus and Golden Horn.

Beşiktaş County and Bosporus stands on the east of Beyoglu, Golden Horn and Kağıthane is on the west, Şişli County is on the north.

Beyoglu is also next to the Istanbul Port on the south.

County does not have any natural resources, agricultural fields, or forestal areas. Territory of the county is 8.76 square kilometres.

Marmaran Climate is effective on the county.

Beyoglu County was consisted of Centre, Beşiktaş, Şişli, Taksim Districts historically.

Beyoglu County has 45 neighbourhoods and is Istanbul’s Central County.

Galata Tower, برج غلطة, غلطة سراي, Galata
Galata Tower

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Beyoglu (Istanbul) Historical Information

Beyoglu, with its nearly 4.500 years of history, one of the foremost counties of Istanbul. It has a captivating mosaic of different civilizations.

First lasting settlement of Beyoglu goes as far as 2600 years ago. It is possible to find Byzantine, Arabic and Ottoman signs in especially Pera and Galata Districts.

Region was and still is a centre of religion, politics, culture and entertainment.

Thousands of years of civilization and accumulation of culture made Beyoglu into an eye-catching place.

Beyoglu was historically named ‘Pera’ by people of Byzantine Empire. ‘Pera’ means ‘opposite shore’.

Because of Emperor Justinian constructing lots of buildings in Galata District of Beyoglu County, The place was also called ‘Justinia’.

السلطان محمد الفاتح,شارع الاستقلال, Beyoglu (Istanbul), بيوغلو, تقسيم, ساحة تقسيم

Turks named a greater region including ‘Pera’ Beyoglu.

Today a centre for culture, arts, businesses, entertainment and history, Beyoglu County was a region of gardens and fields in Byzantine Empire’s time.

Venetians and Genevans who came to Istanbul with trade purposes, enclosed Beyoglu with walls. Galata Tower we know today was built in 13th Century.

After that Galata which was granted to Genevan Merchants to govern, became a centre of trade.

When Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Istanbul in 1453, he placed people he brought from Anatolia to certain places of Istanbul.

When Pontus Rumanian State in Trabzon was conquered its emperor David Komennos and his family was brought to Istanbul.

Beyoglu istanbul map

People from his line were settled in Tünel district of Beyoglu when they converted to Islam. Sultan Beyazıd the Second had Asmalımescid built in Tünel District.

Famous Galatasaray High School of today was built by İbrahim Paşa during Yavuz Sultan Selim’s reign for palace sanctum boys to be educated.

District it was built on was started to be called Galatasaray because of school’s name.

Foreign Embassies are also mostly stand in this district.

Some of the most famous people lived in Beyoglu are Asaf Halet Çelebi, Muallim Naci, Cemal Reşit Rey, Ekrem Reşit Rey, Halil Paşa, Refik Halit and Ziya Osman Saba.

شارع الاستقلال, Beyoglu (Istanbul), بيوغلو, تقسيم, ساحة تقسيم
Istiklal Street

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Cultural and Social Information

There are lots of historical and cultural sights in the county.

Religious buildings, wells, culture and arts places, each one of them is a piece of art, makes Beyoglu a valuable region. Beyoglu has 2 cinemas, 8 theatres, 76 cafes which also serve alcohol, 554 restaurants which also serves alcohol, 200 cafeterias, 2 night-clubs, 137 cabarets, 39 pavilions, 129 discos, 210 hotels and pensions, 62 internet halls, 22 game spaces, 673 coffeehouses, 673 business buildings, 12 art galleries, 3 wedding halls, 1 amusement park, 10 cultural centres, 13 synagogues, 42 chapels, 96 mosques, 832 foundations and 128 foundation offices.

Beyoglu County also has 4 radios, 5 televisions, 49 bookstores and music markets, also Turkish Radio Television Service Centre exists in the county.

County is the attraction centre of culture, entertainment and business for Istanbul City.

Because of its central position and standards of modern living conditions people are attracted to living in Beyoglu.

Out of 853 hospitals in Turkey and 223 hospitals 7 of them are in Beyoglu County.

Healthcare services are active and easy to access with both public and private health centres.

Population of the County

Beyoglu’s population is 1.77% of Istanbul’s and 0.32% of Turkey’s total population.

Speed of population increase is 0.5% according to governmental data. An average of 28.099 people lives in every square kilometre.

County’s congregation is above country average.

Beyoglu is thickly populated and because of its cosmopolitan life style contains different people with different ways of life.

Istiklal Street and Taksim, Galata, Cihangir, Gümüşsuyu Districts are the places where economic and commercial life is the most vibrant and they are also centres for culture, arts and entertainment.

Especially İstiklal Street is the most famous street for being full of people and lots of different social activities everyday.

Cihangir and Gümüşsuyu Districts are places where intellectual culture flourishes. Writers, actors and journalists frequently live in these districts.

Aside from people, companies and holdings also choose Beyoglu for their offices.

Generally, banks are on Galata District, company headquarters are in Karaköy District, production facilities are centred on Hasköy and Sütlüce districts.

Shipwrights are centred on Haliç (Golden Horn) District.

مباني تقسيم, Beyoglu (Istanbul), تقسيم, ساحة تقسيم, بيوغلو


Because of Beyoglu’s status as central county, transportation to every other part of Istanbul is relatively easy.

There is a tram line connecting Tünel district to İstiklal Street, it is 573 metres of road which takes 90 seconds to travel.

Beyoglu is connected to Eminönü County via Galata Bridge and Fatih County via Atatürk Bridge. Subway route passes underneath Beyoglu.

Beyoglu is connected to Kabataş District via funicular system.

Beyoglu is also connected to Anatolian part of Istanbul via City Boats.

There is also a port at Karaköy District where ships going abroad can dock.

Yearly Averages for Housing in Beyoglu

Average Gross Space 90 m2
Average Unit Pricing 5.345 ₺/m2
Average Prices 481.050
Amortization Period 19 years


Variance by number of rooms

Rooms Space Unit Price Price Amortiztion
1+0 45 m2 8.982 ₺/m2 404.190 26 years
1+1 65 m2 6.720 ₺/m2 436.800 22 years
2+1 85 m2 4.596 ₺/m2 390.660 18 years


Prices of houses for sale by neighbourhoods of Beyoglu County

Neighbourhoods December 2018  Yearly Average Amortization Difference 
Asmalı Mescit 11.248 ₺/m2 10.120 ₺/m2 31 years % 35,03
Bedrettin 5.547 ₺/m2 26 years % 00.00
Bereketzade 9.927 ₺/m2 10.535 ₺/m2 31 years % -8,14
Bostan 4.408 ₺/m2 4.189 ₺/m2 26 years % 00.00
Bülbül ₺/m2 years % 00.00
Yenişehir 3.516 ₺/m 3.525 ₺/m 22 years % 6,03
Yahya Kahya 3.801 ₺/m 3.840 ₺/m 22 years % -6,95
Tomtom 6.467 ₺/m 6.528 ₺/m 23 years % -8,49
Şehit Muhtar 8.937 ₺/m 7.980 ₺/m 31 years % 9,58
Şahkulu 10.417 ₺/m 10.088 ₺/m 31 years % 3,95

Price, amortization and space averages of the Beyoglu County sorted by neighbourhoods.

Average house for sale in Beyoglu has 90 square meters of space.

Price of houses available for purchase went up 4.42% in the last year.

Average unit pricing for houses in Beyoglu is 5.345 TL per square meter.

Average amortization period of houses is 19 years.

By the December 2018 Gümüşsuyu, Asmalı Mescit, Hacımimi, Katipmustafa Çelebi, Pürtelaş and Hasan Efendi are the neighbourhoods with greatest rise in house prices in descending order. While Camiikebir, Çukur, Tomtom, Müeyyetzade and Bereketzade are the neighbourhoods with greatest fall in house prices also in descending order of fall in prices.

Fastest places of amortization and therefore getting your investment back by profits are in descending order Ömer Avni, Gümüşsuyu, Hacımimi, Kocatepe and Müeyyetzade.

Slowest places to gain profits are Bülbül, Evliya Çelebi, İstiklal, Piyalepaşa and Camiikebir being the slowest in all of Beyoglu.

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