About Beylikduzu

about beylikduzu

About Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is a district that is existed west part of the Istanbul city. Istanbul is a fascinating and glorious city in the Turkey with its history and natural beauty. Beylikduzu is accepted as a luck district with being part of Istanbul. Beylikduzu district is developing permanently with the new improvements. City is stationed in the west part of Istanbul and near the Marmara Sea. Huge and beautiful beaches and port make the city most beautiful in Istanbul. Green and natural features give people to spend their life’s in good quality. Dense forest and picnic areas also accessible in the city. That qualities make the city more livable habitat. Therefore population density is in high level.

بيليك دوزو, السكن في بيليك دوزو, اسطنبول, قارات اسطنبول

Population In Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu has a great population compare with its field. According to new official searching, Beylikduzu has approximately three hundred thousand. There is an equality of sharing population between men and women. Beylikduzu is a district with wealthy forest and natural places at the same time. That reason is a good criterion for people for starting to settle there.

History of Beylikduzu

Istanbul is a great city and a melting pot that get together different cultures in the same area. Rome, Byzantium and Ottoman Empire were in Istanbul and they left a huge history behind them. One of the residue is Yarımburgaz Cave that is located in the Başakşehir district. Başakşehir is a neighbor city for the Beylikduzu. Nearest city to Beylikduzu that located in İstanbul are Büyükçekmece and Haramidere districts. The areas have some residues that are thought as they were existed before the year of 40 thousand. Beylikduzu is located between to ancient city that also called as Selymbria and Silivri. The Selymbria city’s history extends to Rome times in the year of BC.600. Many people once lived there and so many resumes to live until today. Beylikduzu effected people many century ago. Because of its fertile soil and also to being near the Sea, gave a chance to people who lived centuries ago, raising product and to trade by the seaway. Therefore many ancient civilization was settled and ruled there. The old name of the city was Bathonea which was called in Rome times. According to archaeological excavation, the scientists think that Beylikduzu area was a habitat 4 thousand year ago. Beylikduzu district has also port that was named as Angurina in Rome times. It can be the oldest port around the world also. Now the area is secured by a law and the port is accepted as protected area by an official law. One of the oldest life evidence from the İstanbul was found in Beylikduzu area. Especially port which was located in Kavaklı place also a reason for hosting many people who lived thousands year ago.

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Historical Places that is Situated in Beylikduzu

  1. Kapıağa (Haramidere) Bridge
  2. Rome Boat-House (Roma Kayıkhanesi)
  3. Malik Agha Drinking Fountain (Malik Ağa Çeşmesi)
  4. Değirmenburnu Lantern
  5. Houses of Greek (Rum Evleri)
  6. Haramidere Mansion of Hunting (Haramidere Av Köşkü)

Climate in Beylikduzu

Many people select to settle Beylikduzu district especially for its good nature and climate conditions. Inner parts of district has Anatolian continental climate conditions because of mountain which block to enter of sea’s warm air into whole city. Sea front part of district has Mediterranean climate. Therefore winter time goes warm and rainy. Summer times is hot and dry. Many people can take advantage of Marmara Sea beaches under sunlight for entire summer season. Beylikduzu district a nature miracle that one part of city can see the snowy days and the others warm days. Because of huge demand for living there, many project are accepted to build a new apartments. Railway and other possibilities connect people the center of İstanbul for couple of time in a day. Whence, people is eager to live there and raise their children there too.

Location of Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu is a district of huge İstanbul city. İstanbul and also Beylikduzu is stand in the north west part of Turkey. If we wanted to learn location of Beylikduzu, we can realize the charming and cute district. Dense forest, natural places to walk and hang out in any time are positive quality of the district. Beylikduzu has 3.738 square/meter area. Beylikduzu has approximately 12.4 square meter coastline length with Marmara Sea. The neighbors of Beylikduzu are, Avcılar is in east side, Esneyurt is in north side and Büyükçekmece is in west side of Beylikduzu.

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Places to Visit in Beylikduzu

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Marmara Park

The people who situated in Istanbul have great opportunity to trip. Beylikduzu is the most favorite one to trip in Istanbul. Therefore anyone can stay in Beylikduzu to see natural beauty and historical places or can go to center of city with bus or trains.

If you have a plan to trip in Beylikduzu that list may be useful:

  1. Life Valley-Beylikduzu Yaşam Vadisi
  2. Beylik Bazaar
  3. Kavaklı Coast Park
  4. TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center (TÜYAP Fuar ve Kongre Merkezi)
  5. Tepecik Çamlık Picnic Area
  6. Piri Reis Park
  7. Atatürk Culture and Art Center 8- Beylikduzu Mall
وادي الحياة اسطنبول, وادي الحياة بيليك دوزو, وادي, الحياة
Beylikduzu Life Valley
  1. Beylikduzu Life Valley The area is made up for different 6 stages. Life valley has 1 thousand square/meter areas. As you understand you can see that facility, hundred oftrees, flowers that were made up from 8 different type. Beylikduzu Life Valley is consisted natural structures and also ceremony field to get together for national days and some facilities like pools to make people comfortable.
  2. Beylik Bazaar When you want to observe ordinary day of local people, you should go to Beylik Bazaar which one of the famous bazaar in İstanbul. Beylik Bazaar have more than 100 shopkeepers who sell local souvenir and also vegetable and fruits.
  3. Kavaklı Coast Park Kavaklı coast is a very famous and ancient place where many people lived and trade there once. Sport activities and cultural and funny organizations also hold there for many times in a year. People also use Kavaklı Coast Park as a relaxing place with perfect and natural air.
  4. TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center TÜYAP Fair center is the biggest fair center in Turkey. Many special and official meetings and presentations are held there different times in a year. Beylikduzu increases its reputation with TÜYAP.
  5. Tepecik Çamlık Picnic Area Many people have a demand for relaxing outside of the dense of city centers. Tepecik Çamlık picnic area gives a possibility to relaxing with nature. Camping, having a picnic with relatives and having a barbecue sounds good for all of us. To catch nature with pure beauty and to graze from city boredom go to Tepecik Çamlık Picnic Area immediately.
  6. Piri Reis Park Bicycle roads and picnic facilities and also coast near the Beylikduzu center with the name of Piri Reis Park.
  7. Atatürk Culture and Art Center Atatürk Culture and Art Center is a huge structure that also interior museum, theater, movie saloon, praying room and baby care center. Center is built on twenty five thousand square meter field.
  8. Shopping Centers Shopping centers are big facilities and many people like to spend their time and money there. Beylikduzu has Beylicium and Perlavista Mall. The malls are visited by many people and you can see very crowded there especially in weekend
Demir country - ديمير كنتري
Houses in Istanbul

Housing For Sale Prices in Istanbul Beylikduzu

Average size of for sale housing is 125 square/meter. The price of houses increased %6.31 percent in last year.

Average Depreciation is 21 Years 

Depreciation in Beylikduzu is 21 years. It can be accept as too long to wait. 2.468 TL is given for each square meter in Beylikduzu.

Houses with the Highest Prices

Most valued houses in Beylikduzu is placed in the Dereağzı, Marmara, Kavaklı and Gürpınar neighborhood.

Houses with the Lowest Prices 

Houses which was built in the neighborhood of Yakuplu, Sahil, Cumhuriyet and Adnan Kahveci were lost their values the most.

The Fastest Value Earning Neighborhood

Adnan Kahveci Gürpınar, Dereağzı Marmara and Sahil houses gain fastest value.

The LatestValue Earning Neighborhood 

Cumhuriyet, Beylikduzu osb, Yakuplu, Büyükşehir and Barış houses gain latest value.

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